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A triple-certified helmet that fits well and looks good! The Movement 3Tech Alpi has alpine-skiing, mountaineering, and biking certifications to meet European and International safety standards. It’s even certified under the American body (ASTM). The only thing more surprising than having a helmet that is certified for basically any outdoor activity is how Movement achieved it all in such a light and compact form factor. The helmet has three sizes available with additional strap adjustment to ensure you get a snug fit. Plenty of venting prevents overheating as the pace increases. Best of all, the 3Tech Alpi helmet simply looks sharp.

  • Three Safety Certifications (alpine skiing, ski mountaineering competition, and biking).
  • DFD: Fast drying, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterials used in the foam and inner helmet.
  • Interchangeable summer and winter padding for warm or cold weather use.
  • Slick goggle-retention strap in the back prevents eyewear-fail.
  • Winter padding has ear flaps for resort skiing (+47g).
  • Passive ventilation keeps you from overheating.
  • Headlamp clip for those early starts or late nights.
  • Meets current ISMF skimo competition standards.

Update 2022/23: This helmet is rocking a new honeycomb ventilation design.

Update 2023/24: Some new colors and tweaked graphics on the same great helmet.

Size Head Circumference
XS / S 20.5 - 22.0" (52-56cm)
Medium 22.0 - 22.8" (56-58cm)
Large 22.8 - 23.6" (58-60cm)
convert to ounces
358g [M]
Certifications CE 1077 (alpine skiing)
EN 12492 (climbing)
EN 1078 (cycling)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   DFD: fast drying, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial material
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, ski touring
Notes Certified to American standards
Bottom Line Awesome triple-certified helmet
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Gary Holmquist
I'm interested in the Movement 3 Tech Alpi Helmet. My head circumference is exactly 58 cm. Which size helmet will fit me the best? When do you expect to have these back in stock in all sizes?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Gary, you could go for either the Medium or Large, depending on what you're wearing underneath the helmet. If you've got a hat or similar layer, the Medium might get a bit tight.
Answer from jbo
FYI Gary, we will be getting a few more larges this week.
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Question from Alex
Hey folks, I have one of these that I love. Alas I have lost the summer liner any chance you have spares or know if Movement can replace them?
Answer from Emmett I

We might be able to find something, shoot us an email at!
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Question from bobbytooslow
Are the honeycomb vent covers easily removable? I know doing that might make it not-certified or whatever, but sweaty people gotta do what they gotta do.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi bobbytooslow, the vent covers are not removeable.
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Question from Holly Weik
How is the ventilation for the honeycomb version compared to the previous model? About the same, less, or more ventilated? Thanks.
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Holly. I tour with the older 3Tech but haven't with the new honeycomb version. Looking at them side by side I'd say they are probably quite comparable for ventilation purposes.
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Question from Dan
Is this helmet more round or oval?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dan,

The Movement 3 Tech Alpi generally favors folks with more of a "round" fit to their head. If you have further helmet questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Steven
Do you expect to get more movement 3tech alpi helments this winter?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Steven. We will definitely be receiving more of this helmet for the upcoming season. If you'd like to be notified when a particular size/color comes back into stock, please send us an email at Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Zach W (downright abused product)
Great helmet. At some point, I noticed that I was leaving my DH helmet at home or in my pack because of weight and efficiency concerns. Bad idea. I bought this because I wanted something that I could put on and take off at the car, every single time.

The certifications seem kind of incremental, but I guess it's nice to have three. I've used this for skiing, climbing, canyoneering, and more.

The headlamp clip is a fantastic feature, and it is essential for me as I do all of my weekday touring at night. I use a Thrunite TH30, and it never moves.
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Jackson B (used product a few times)
Bought this helmet recently, really happy with it because of its triple certification (ski/bike/mountaineering). It gets a bit cold up on windy ridges with the summer foam inserts, but throw a buff on under it and problem solved. Or use the winter insert!..... Lightweight, keep your head safe, and easy elastic band to secure goggles/headlamps. Yeah headlamps with an S, as in multiple headlamps, if you're a true crusher. Love using this helmet for biking too, looks a lot cooler than my old Bell biking helmet!
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BRENNAN B (used product regularly)
This is the first helmet that fits me well. It's nice and lightweight and has great ventilation. Haven't used with the removable ear pads, but I'm sure they do help if you run on the colder side.
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Riff (downright abused product)
I’ve got a season and a half on this helmet now, and I’ve gotten in the habit of using it on every tour. First, fit: I have a small, narrow head so I struggled to find a proper fit. The Sweet Protection touring helmet was was more of a round profile, so I liked this one much better. I use it without the liner, and just use a buff or light beanie underneath. There was still some side to side play, so I glued more foam on the sides to snug it up. The ratcheting dial works well and hasn’t broken. It is the best fit I could find in the category, but I’ll admit it doesn’t feel totally solid; it pushes backward or upward pretty easy. The vents aren’t equipped with closures so wear a wind proof hat throw in the liner. It isn’t a drag to carry due to being pretty light and low profile, but I wouldn’t say it’s quite as confidence inspiring as a Sweet Protection Rocker. However, I think for touring and ski mountaineering, it’s been just fine.
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Cameron H Millard (used product a few times)
I'm enjoying this helmet. It is nice and lightweight but still feels substantial, with reasonable coverage around the back of the head. As a ski mountaineering helmet, I prefer it without the winter liner, but it's nice to know I could use that when necessary. It is well ventilated but with a nice little lip to keep snow from blowing on the top of your goggles. Fit is perfect (medium for me) with just enough room for a thin hat underneath. It holds goggles or a headlamp with little clips, which are a nice touch. Expensive but overall a great helmet for the backcountry enthusiast.
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andrejs g (used product regularly)
Just like with every other piece of gear, I did a bit of research and ended up with this helmet. The certification, weight and looks sold me on it and without trying on others, I lucked out with the fit. So far I've only used it this year (-10ºC to +2ºC) here in the PNW and it's been great - comfy and warm when needed with the winter liner. I was able to fit it on top of a thinner beanie no problem. Love that it came with a thin sweat headband as well!
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Question from Jake
Skimo, question on sizing since I'm getting ready to put a pre-order in... it appears I'm in the middle of a medium and large. My head range is 22.2 - 23.1... With no beanie I'm at 22.2, and with a beanie I'm at 23.1. Recommendation on which size I should go? I normally all-day wear the helmet for convenience (on the skin-track and the down) so maybe the winter vs. summer liner would factor into the size? Thanks in advance!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Jake! The medium might be the most advantageous as you'll likely not want to have anything under the helmet for a majority of your skinning, and you definitely don't want to go too big. If you do get the medium, your beanie may not fit under, and it might be necessary to use the supplied winter liner for those really cold days. If wearing a beanie is a necessity, the larger size would be the best to accommodate that, however, it may be too large if you go sans liner on the warm days. Hope this helps!
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Jonathan Paulding (used product a few times)
After some research I got this helmet because of its balance of certification, weight and ventilation. Took it on a big climb today up Gobbler's Knob in the Wasatch which is a 3500' climb in warmish conditions. Decided to wear it the whole day and it was very comfortable and breathed well. I think I will use it w/o the liner and use a headband or light hat under it when its cold. The goggle strap in back is very nice. Very happy so far!
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Question from Dwight
Any idea when this helmet might be available again? I would need a large. Looks like exactly what I'm looking. Thank you
Answer from Jeff
Dwight, sorry at this time we are not planning on importing any more. Before they are gone, get the Freeride. Same helmet with a visor.
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Riff (used product regularly)
I searched around a bunch and tried on lots of the new crop of dual cert skiing/climbing helmets and settled on this one, mostly due to fit. I've got a more oval head, and the MTN lab and Sweet Ascender both left huge gaps on the sides of my head while resting on my forehead and the back of my head. Very subjective, but I was surprised how tough it was to find a good fit.
It's pleasingly low profile, so it fits in hoods and backpacks well and doesn't get in the way. It ventilates really well, and the ratchet on the headband works well with gloves. I'd say this has nailed the features I was looking for in a touring/ski mountaineering helmet.
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mbillie1 (used product a few times)
Haven't put this through the ringer yet, but super happy so far. It breathes very well (assuming you leave out the winter liner), in fact it's hard to tell the difference in breathability from my old BD Vapor, at least in winter temps. It's not terribly heavy, has headlamp clips... but most importantly, it is available in sizes for us bigheads! Honestly for 180g over the Vapor, I'll take the tradeoff for the additional certifications. And 2 dubious subjective assessments: 1 it feels much more substantive than the Vapor, and 2 it looks pretty nice.
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Question from Justin
Still getting some Red/M in at the end of the month?

Answer from Jeff
Justin, yes, Movement product is on its way. Most all should be here by months end.
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Question from Fermin
HI, I am looking at the sizes of both the male and female versions and both appear to be the same (small and medium). Is that right? Is there any other difference (apart from colour) betwen these versions ?
Thanks a lot
Answer from jbo
Hi Fermin, there is no difference other than color.
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Question from Chad M
Any chance of being able to buy a large sometime soon?
Answer from Jeff
Chad, Sorry, we are out for the season.
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