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Height:6' 2"
Weight:165 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year

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I understand the hole pattern is the same as the Ion. But, on the heel piece, is the position of the holes relative to the heel pins also the same, so that you could replace an Ion with a Zed without redrilling, and still fit the same boots? Also, given the comment about the screws having unusually small heads, are the screws short enough for the thinner skis out there such as the Völkl BMT series? If not, are there compatible screws available in shorter lengths with the same heads?
Love these skis. The performance to weight ratio is outstanding. I have the 182cm for all-around touring but would go shorter for technical stuff. The edge hold is tremendous; they carve really well, and the rocker is great for powder and variable snow. Turn initiation is very easy. The shorter turning radius of these skis is great for negotiating trees and tight spots without having to swivel the skis around all the time. Despite their light weight, I find them stable at speed, and they don't defl...
Great boot, with limits. I've used these for two seasons, with a rando race ski and with the Cho Oyu. I have the white version, 2013-2014 I believe. I previously had the TLT5 carbon cuff boot. I use them for speed touring and some mountaineering. Pros: The EVO is incredibly light; the walk mode is frictionless, and the sole shape makes walking (or jogging) feel as natural as wearing a hiking shoe. The buckle and mode lever system works well and makes for quick transitions, although I find it fiddly to a...
I paired these with the Movement Sweet Apple skis for my girlfriend. Over two seasons, she has toured on them regularly and used them at the resort maybe 10 times with no issues at all. (She weighs 105 lbs and is not an aggressive skier.) They are not the absolute lightest, but the combination of weight, function and price is hard to beat. Another reason I chose these for her, and not a race binding, is that she needs a very low release setting, and these go down to 4. She skis them on a 4 or 5, and th...
I've used these 2 seasons now on a pair of rando race skis used primarily for speed touring. They are beautifully made and work flawlessly. The fixed release "setting" has been ideal for me - in touring and a couple days of resort use they've never pre-released (including skiing moguls), but have released on a couple of occasions when needed, including a forward ejection when my skis came to a sudden stop and my body kept going. I am 6'2" and 165 lbs. The option of a flat setting is nice although seldo...

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