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Movement Alp Tracks 85 Ski - 2021/22

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The Alp Tracks 85 is Movement's specialty tool for the ever-changing game of ski-mountaineering. The ski is designed for those longer, steeper, and faster missions. Every Alp Tracks ski is handmade using an advanced carbon/karuba layup to keep the weight low while optimizing ski performance and control. The core construction combined with an ABS sidewall and Movement’s Race-Edge gives that extra bit of confidence for the next steep line. But be warned: even though Alp Tracks 85 is a spring dream, you may find yourself forgetting that you own other skis as the 85 is equally entertaining for early season scouting and midwinter dawn patrols.

  • ASA (ABS Shock Absorber) is situated underfoot to create a smoother and more controlled ride.
  • 5-Axis Carbon weave layup with an extra 100% carbon unidirectional carbon layup on the top and bottom of the ski provide torsional rigidity and strength without compromising on weight.
  • VA-Tech rubber + fiberglass layer absorbs vibration in the tip of the ski.
  • Ultralight Karuba wood core is selected from sustainably managed sources certified by FSC & PEFC.
  • Sintered P-Tex 5000 bases are Movement's strongest and most durable for extra longevity.
  • Movement's DPR-Ti (Double Plate Reinforcement) provide a solid binding anchor.
  • Race-Edge design puts more edge where it is needed and drops weight where it isn't.
  • Seconds - We have a few available with cosmetic blemishes and a 1-year warranty.

Update 2020/21: Movement is using an exclusive carbon layup for even better performance. Weight ticked up about an ounce per ski.

Update 2022/23: Movement gave the ski a redesign, which can be found here.

Lengths (cm) 161, 169, 177
convert to ounces
965g [161]
1020g [169]
1095g [177]
Weight (pair) 1930g [161]
2040g [169]
2190g [177]
Dimensions   115-85-99 [161]
116-85-100 [169]
118-85-102 [177]
Turn Radius   16m [161]
18m [169]
20m [177]
Skin Fix   Basic tip loop, tail clip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Light rocker tip, camber under foot, flat tail
Shape   Round shovel, tapered tail
Construction   Carbon wrap with ABS sidewalls
Core   Ultra Light Karuba Selection
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, classic touring
Notes Bonus shock-absorbing layer
Bottom Line Lightweight, high-performing ski-mountaineering tool
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brigit
I'm looking for a second touring ski to add to my setup. I currently have a pair of 0G 105s that I love but am looking for something narrower for mostly spring skiing as well as hard pack days in the mid winter. I primarily ski in Montana, tour a bit around the West, and hoping to hit some volcanos on these skis as well. These Movements really appeal to me but I worry about going all the way down to an 85 and am trying to decide whether to split the difference and get 95s, get something totally different (Backland or Salomons or maybe narrower 0Gs), or commit to a real spring ski and get the 85s. Any recommendations?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Brigit,

An 85-underfoot ski is ideal for springtime, and works quite well for lower tide days in the winter as well! Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to ski powder and enjoy it on a narrower ski as well :) These are a versatile, super lightweight option that I think would do well for your needs. The Zero G 85 or 95 would be a little bit damper on firm snow, and a little bit heavier. The Salomons and Backlands are going to be a little turnier, with the Salomons in particular being softer - if you shoot us an email at we can dive in further on these. But I think the Alp Tracks 85 would be great for you, paired with a suitably lightweight binding!
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Question from Fran
I've been skiing the Atomic Backland 85 in the backcountry for the last couple seasons around Tahoe. I go out everyday so I end up skiing a lot of breakable crust and crud. The one complaint I have with that ski is the chatter and lack of effective damping, and Im wondering if an Alp Tracks ski in a similar width would be an upgrade in regards to damping? If not Alp Tracks, would you have any recommendations for a ski with more dampening but similar weight and profile to the Atomic Backland 85?
Answer from Jeff
Fran, The components that make for damper skis are more fiberglass and denser wood in the core. So, Heavier skis.
There are 6 skis in the related products right above. The Magico.2 and MTN 86 are 2 that will be damper and still light.
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Question from Todd
What’s the performance difference between the Alp Tracks 85 and the Race Pro 85?
Answer from jbo
Hi Todd, the Alp Tracks construction is going to be more damp, durable, and ski with a rounder flex. The Race Pro construction is crazy light which is awesome, but it does get kicked around more in uneven snow.
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Question from Casey
Hey skimo!
I’m 6’4 220lbs, looking for a lighter ski to compliment my 189 Kastle TX103/MTN touring setup. Thinking about a spring corn, light mountaineering, and fitness ski.

I think I’m ok going down in length to the 178 range, but would you recommend the alp track 85 or 90 for a guy my size? Is there a big difference in how these two ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Casey, thanks for reaching out! The 85 and 90 have the same construction and feel and are not too far apart in overall shape and profile as well. The 90 has a bit more rocker and, well, width, which helps with float in soft or variable snow while being a touch worse in a side-slipping scenario with the wider tip and tail. Both would be a blast for your usage, albeit potentially on the extremely light side in comparison to your size. The K2 Wayback 88 in a 181 might be another, slightly beefier option for you.
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Question from Ben
Is a 177 cm ski too short for me? I'm an expert skier (6'2, 182 lbs, 44 years old). I need a setup for fast and light missions, mountaineering, overnight tours, etc.

I have a heavier setup for sidecountry and powder (Aramada Tracer 108s at 188 cm length) that I love. I've just never skied on anything so short.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Ben,
A 177 ski should be just fine. I'm 6'0" and 180lbs and 177 is my go-to length, though I ski down to 170. Especially for fast and light trips and mountaineering, a shorter ski will be lighter and conserve energy while also making kick turns and navigating narrow couloirs easier.
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Question from Shay O
Are these skis OK to use with telemark bindings? I know a lot of lightweight skis these days recommend against it
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Shay, thanks for reaching out! We would not recommend pairing a telemark binding with this ski.
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Question from Eric S
Considering a pair of these for my daughter. She's a great skier and strong, but featherweight. How heavy do you reckon she'd need to be to be happy on a pair of the 161s? (She's currently on old K2 Shuksanne skis, which have no rocker, size 153).
Answer from Zak M
Hey Eric, jumping from a 153cm ski to 161cm is a decent increase for sure. Without having other information like height it would be hard to say. Feel free to shoot us an email at and we could discuss some potential options!
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Question from Jim
Could you compare the performance and character of the AT 85 to the Magico.2? On paper I would guess the Movement would be a little turnier, more tolerant of a centered stance, but how do they actually ski?
Answer from eric
Jim-The Alp tracks are easy to initiate a turn and a bit softer tail then the Magico2's. I would agree with you that they tolerate a more centered stance, where the Magico's like a little bit more aggressive forward position. Magico's are also bit more damp and quiet than the Alp Tracks.
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Question from Charlie
I am 6'2" and 165lbs. How long of a ski do you recommend for a lightweight mountaineering ski like this? I feel torn between the 177 and 169.
Answer from Jeff
Hey Charlie!! Lets put it to you. If you have always skied 177+ cm skis, and prefer that, the 177cm would be good. If you are planning on using for mountaineering/couliors and want light easily maneuverable ski, the 169 would be your choice. We have a few guys(about your size) here who have this ski and all use the 169.
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Model: Alp Tracks LTD 85

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