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Scott A

Scott A




6' 2"


200 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:


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Although this model is out of production, has wire/buckle vulnerabilities, and it is not as stiff as the Carbonio versions of TLT 7 & 8, is it still warrantied by Dynafit? Is it the same lower shell as the TLT 8’s?
In time of COVID, I need a plug and play liner for Hoji Pro Tour 28.5. Need as much width last as stock Custom Lite liner.
Thank you Jason for the straight scoop. I got those numbers from Cripple Creek BC website. I hope to put in an order for these soon from you guys at Skimo!
Sorry, a bit confused: Are you saying the Speed Fit Pro (at 103mm last) but on the older TLT6 form, whereas the PdG2 is 101mm last but a bigger toe box? In other words, comparing lasts across models is problematic and not reliable...?
Thanks TSB for getting me started on my search. I am needing the broad forefoot last of the Hoji Pro tour at 103.5mm. My research has now honed in on the Dynafit Speed Fit Pro with a 103mm last. My goal is to lighten up for spring and summer tours, but keep a wide last. Please check my numbers, I think I save about a pound per boot going with Speed Fit Pro vs. Hoji Pro Tour. Should I keep my 28.5 size?

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