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Ski Trab Heel Pieces

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These aren’t your mother’s stilettos. Ski Trab now sets the latest fashion trends in Italy, and it’s becoming fashionable to waltz around in Titan high-heels. If you’d like to keep up with the latest trends, or just get back to skiing, check out these binding heel pieces.

Gara Titan WC – Trab's lightest race heel. Ships with a titanium U-spring installed. 44g.

Gara Titan Steel – The steel race heel, available in standard 5.0mm diameter or thinner 4.5mm or 4.0 versions for lighter skiers. 53 grams.

Titan Vario – Release version of the Titan binding with more elasticity in the heel. Choose from three different spring strengths: R8, R10, R12. 77 grams.

Vario 2.0 - New 2019/20 heel. Now gapless and has 2 riser positions. ** Does not come with heel plate ** You will need to buy a heel plate for each heel unit you buy, unless you already have them, as would be the case if a heel unit (but not the heel plate) broke and you were purchasing a replacement heel unit only, then you should heal that heel with this heel!

All heel pieces come with mounting screws.

Question from Dane H
Do the race heels (titan) rotate?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Dane. The heel does rotate.
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Question from Daniel Shively
I have been skiing superlight 2 for about 50 days and recently have had several vertical releases, two on one side and one on the other. I weigh 130 and use the bindings on trab maximo 171.Boots are tlt7 perf. Bindings mounted at my local shop and the gap is in spec. I have reached out to Dynafit to no avail. If this binding failing already could I go to a trab vario rear piece and keep my superlite toes? I don’t think that I am skiing differently to cause the releases as they didn’t occur from crashing, just from hitting some heavier snow. Did not throw the ski as I keep the toes locked.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Daniel, U-Springs don't generally soften over time. More likely, there is just not enough retention in the design for you. The estimated vertical RV of the Superlite 2.0 has varied based on color and season. It's tough to know, which is why we offer our binding finder service and keep track of our inventory.

Also, when mixing and matching toes and heels, you can't expect the R value to be what's listed laterally. There is a lot of forward retention in the R12 Vario heel, but whether that's enough depends on you of course.
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Question from Brendan T
What is the difference between the Titan 4.5 and Titan 5.0? I need a single replacement heel piece since I blew out one of my old Ski Trab Race TR heel pieces.

Also, is there any reason I shouldn't replace just the one heel?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Brendan, thanks for reaching out! The 4.5/5.0 is referring to the diameter of the U-Spring, all of the TR Race heels used the 5.0 spring. As long as the other heel piece is looking good then I'd say just replace the broken one! After all, that's the beauty of individual toe and heel pieces!
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Question from Tom
What is the difference between R8, R10, R12 in spring strength in release version of . I'm a person with 75kg weight and 182cm high. Is R12 ok for me ?

Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, the release value is determined by a number of factors. You can use our RV calculator to find your charted value, then round up to the nearest R value on the binding.
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Question from Wojciech S
is this price for each one or for two pieces?
Thanks for answer & Greetings for Germany
Answer from jbo
Hi Wojciech, the heels are sold individually so you'd need two to make a set.
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Question from Eric
What are the weights of the respective heel pieces? And can you elaborate on "Flat mode sorta works at the recommended 4mm heel gap" - is this better than the non-flat-mode of the Dynafit low tech heels?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, the TR-Race weighs 55 grams and the adjustable version tips the scales at 95g. You can use the flat mode on hard, even snow, but if there is significant ski flex the heel can collide with your boot. This is true to a degree with all race bindings with a 4mm heel gap. So they are varying degrees better than a LTR heel without a flat mode if that is a feature you desire. In practice, with good articulating boots, it isn't a huge issue to do without flat mode altogether.
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