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Eric K

Eric K




6' 2"


200 lbs

Shoe Size

US 13.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year


My Skiing

Currently mostly teaching my kids, 5, 7, 10yr olds how to ski while volunteer ski patrolling at several Nee England Resorts. In bw I try to explore and maintain our lost ski resorts hoping to develop a BC patrol for our region as more and more skiers are venturing into the BC. Pre-kids I enjoyed 12 yrs of snowboarding, telemarking and AT skiing in CO resorts and backcountry based in the Gunnison Valley. I’ve also owned 5 huskies that assist me in my uphill and Nordic skijouring jaunts. Next I want to begin hut touring with friends, family and huskies in VT and the Dacks.

My Gear

2007 Solomon 1080 Gun 174cm with Dynafit TLTs and Scarpa F3s
2014 Voile Vector BC 180cm with Kreuz TTS and F3s
2003 RIDE Mountain Wide 168cm with FLOW bindings and a Solomon boots

Recent Posts

Will the Speed 90mm work with Dynafit speed turn and are they easy to remove for uphill? Otherwise, would the Kreuzspitze tech brake be easier?
I am using F3s so do I build a shim or are there aftermarket shims that fit the tele alp plate or radical toe?
Considering a frankentele setup, If I use the tele heel spacer under a GT 2.0 tech heel and on top of a Kreuzspitze adjustable plate will be too high to lock into my tech heel? I just need something to support my heel when I’m teleing in my tele alp tech toes (dynafit radical)? If so what spacer should I use on my adjustable heel plate or under the GT 2.0 to get the right height?
What’s the set back distance from the slot pin to the brake platform? Looks like it might line up with the arch of my boot if used in my frankentele set up which has the Kreuz tele alp block (don’t have the tech heels mounted yet) Would need a tall spacer on top for sure. How tall is the locking switch to know if that’d be in the way when I’m tele mode? Would like to know the entire length of the brake plate to determine enough room in case I want to mount the 40mm adjustable heel baseplate.
Will, Does this brake attach to the Kreuz telealp block crampon slot? Would like to add Meidjo Alpine Hees and have a brake inbounds. Would lock brake up if tele inbounds. Do you selk the Meidjo heel?

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