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CAMP Soft Flask

Brand: CAMP
Model: Soft Flask CAMP
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Soft Flasks are a nice hydration option since they get smaller as you deplete their contents. Thus they end up more streamlined as your get weary in the latter parts of big adventures. Easy to squeeze and re-fill, flasks take minimal effort to keep you going.

CAMP’s version, aka Soft Flask CAMP (SFC), comes in two sizes. 150 milliliters is good for gel, which is much easier to consume when mixed with water and put in a flask. The 500ml version works great for water or light mixes of supplemental powders. Together they make a great fueling team.

You can attach flasks to your pack with the SFC holder.

Size Weight
150ml (9.15 cuin) 24g (0.8oz)
500ml (30.50 cuin) 33g (1.2 oz)

Update 2019/20: CAMP increased the volume of their flasks from 150 / 500 ml to 300 / 600 ml (two separate sizes).

by Smac (downright abused product)
I like the idea of these soft flasks but the only way they don't leak is if they're kept in an upright position with no pressure on the bottles. I've used them year round and carried them in many different formats (jackets, race tops, water bottle holders on race packs, vests etc.) and they always leak unless stored very carefully. Even when stored carefully if I grab the flask it often starts leaking with pressure from my hands. The few times they've leaked minimally they're great, they hold water or product and then they compress to nothing.
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Question from Carl
Has anyone tried these in salomon race vests? Are they too wide for the flask pockets? Just considering since these are cheaper and camp makes durable kit.
Answer from Nate
I've checked these in a Salomon Skin Pro2 15 vest and the 500ml flasks fit easily.
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by Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Five Stars for the 500ml version as a substitute for a water bottle or hydration bladder.

When my training or racing hasn’t required a pack for carrying skis or anything else, I’ve instead put a couple of these flasks in my race suit or top: saves some weight, plus my close-proximity body heat prevents any icing on arctic outings. I’ve even had some success in positioning a flask so that bite valve is just barely accessible for nearly hands-free sipping like a hydration bladder/tube/valve.

The 500ml flask is also great for trail running: I start off with one of these in each hand, and then when empty they compress to almost nothing for stowing away in even the most minimalistic summer clothing pocket.

Just one caution: water can leak a bit when stowed if both the bite valve and the flask are compressed exactly the “right” way, but this has occurred for me only very slightly and very rarely.
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