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Kreuzspitze Telemark Parts

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Telemark parts by Kreuszpitze, mostly designed for use with the Kreuzspitze tele-tech kit. Enjoy long travel with the innovative cable system that features swappable springs. Tune your stance with risers and spacers.

Tele Cable System - Backcountry heel kit with replaceable springs. Cool design that lets you swap springs to control the tension. Comes with "standard" tension springs installed. Soft and stiff springs available.

Soft/Standard/Stiff Springs - Swappable springs for the cable system. Use the Spring Wrench to change springs and dial in your feel.

Spring Wrench - Tool to open the cable cartridge and swap springs between soft, medium, or hard.

Tele Heel Risers - Simple heel pad and riser system compatible with G3 hole pattern. Riser can be operated with poles. Technopolymer and coated steel. 34g (1.2oz) per heel.

Tele Heel Spacers - Spacer that is mounted under the GT/SCTT heel pieces for use with the telemark kit. 6.5mm thick, 20g.

Question from Diane Friedman
I have G3 tele skis with Rottefelle bindings; I need to replace the heel lift part. Would another heel lift work?
Answer from Nate
Hi Diane, we haven't ever stocked Rottefelle bindings and no one seems to have any familiarity with them here. Unfortunately, I don't believe we can give you an accurate answer.
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Question from Jeff
Would I need the tool to attach a set of these springs to the rods on my OMG TTS bindings? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jeff! Tough to say for sure if they're compatible or not (we don't carry OMG) but if the spring cartridge is compatible with the Olympus rods then yes you'd need the tool to install them.
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Question from Kwan
Hi, can I buy just the KREUZSPITZE spring cartridges/yoke with the stiff springs without the heel lever and side rods?
If so, what is the price?
Regards, Kwan
Answer from jbo
Hi Kwan, unfortunately those parts aren't available separately.
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Question from Barrett McMurtry
I broke the heel rod off inside the KREUZSPITZE spring cartridge. I opened it up and can't access the broken piece to remove it. I would like to avoid having to buy a whole new spring cartridge assembly. Is it possible to get just the steel piece inside the cartridge that the heel rod threads into?
Answer from jbo
Hi Barrett, that is not a part that is separately available unfortunately. If it's a warranty case, I'd ask your dealer to handle it for you.
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Question from Andy M
Is any mounting hardware included with the heel spacers? If not, do I need to get longer screws/bolts to go with the GT heels and adjustment plates?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, the heel spacer kits comes with 8 16mm flathead bolts with 3mm hex heads. They will get your heels on the plates.
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