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Telemark parts by Kreuzspitze, mostly designed for use with the Kreuzspitze tele-tech kit. Enjoy long travel with the innovative cable system that features swappable springs. Tune your stance with risers and spacers.

Tele Cable System - Backcountry heel kit with replaceable springs. Cool design that lets you swap springs to control the tension. Comes with "standard" tension springs installed. Soft and stiff springs available.

Soft/Standard/Stiff Springs - Swappable springs for the cable system. Use the Spring Wrench to change springs and dial in your feel.

Spring Wrench - Tool to open the cable cartridge and swap springs between soft, medium, or hard.

Tele Heel Risers - Simple heel pad and riser system compatible with G3 hole pattern. Riser can be operated with poles. Technopolymer and coated steel. 34g (1.2oz) per heel.

Tele Heel Spacers - Spacer that is mounted under the GT/SCTT heel pieces for use with the telemark kit. 6.5mm thick, 20g.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from mike
Re Kreuzspitze Telemark Heel pieces.
Not following descriptions. What is riser- what is a spacer?
Normally described as a heel piece. How high is the heel piece -not counting the climbing wire. can "riser" and "spacer" be combined? If so what is total height?
Answer from Jeff
Mike, The Spacer is for a tech heel piece if you want to go that route. If you aren't going for the locked heel option, then you would just need the riser. The riser will bring your heel to the level of the toepiece and give you the climbing bars.
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Question from Alex
What does the tele spring come with? Is it what is shown in the picture with the cartridge, hook, cable and heel lever? Or does it only come with a cartridge?
Answer from TSB
Alex, the tele springs are just that, springs alone. In order to have full kit compatibility you'll need to purchase the tele cable system. As usual, the liberation of the heel comes at a price!
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Question from tom
What is the height of the heel plate/riser part?
Answer from eric
Tom- Heel plate is 17mm from top of ski and the riser is 55mm from the top of the ski.
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Question from Paul Francis Lewis
what parts come with the heel kit? the springs only or springs plus heel plate/riser?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Paul,
Things are a bit confusing. The kit comes with just what is pictured, that is the riser for the toe with the part that the cables connect too. And you also need cables, risers, and a whole ski binding to complete your Tele tech kit.
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Question from Yann T
According to (, the Kreuzspitze spring cartridges have longer travel distance than other makes. Moreover, they note that the maximum travel distance varies according to spring stiffness: the 'soft' springs offer more travel distance that the 'medium' and 'stiff'. Here are my questions:
1) Do you know this to be true?
2) Can you say if the maximum travel distance for the soft springs is really 48 mm (as stated by
3) Do you know if the Kreuzspitze cartridges are compatible with Voilé rods (note: these have the same gauge and thread as the G3 Targa cables, which is really what i'm trying to use for a DIY tele-tech idea).
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Yann!
1) I haven't heard any info either way.
2) Seeing as is equally as geeky about Tele gear as we are about skimo gear, so I would definitely trust that info.
3) I don't think that they are compatible with anything from Voile.
We will reach out to Kreuzspitze to see if we can get any more info about this and will follow up if we hear anything.
Answer from Yann T
Thanks for all this. Somewhere on the Kreuzspitze website they also state that their soft springs have a 48 mm travel, so it sounds like that would be the truth. Thanks for looking into the compatibility of the rods...
Answer from Yann T
Any news from Kreuzspitze? Any way to measure the thread on their rods?
Answer from jbo
Hi Yann, we are unable to measure the travel, sorry.
Answer from Yann T
Thanks jbo, actually I was wondering if you were able to determine if a Voilé rod could be threaded into these cartridges... this would depend on the thread.
Answer from jbo
Hi Yann, we don't have any Voile rods to attempt, sorry.
Answer from Kristopher Z
I'm also curious about the compatibility. Voile rods are a standard ISO metric M5 thread. Does Kreuzspitze use an M5 thread as well? (this is actually the same thread pattern as QK and BF binding inserts, so I think you could verify but just trying to screw in the standard M5 screw used with inserts).
Answer from Yann T
If, by any chance, you have G3 Targa cables kicking around, I'd very much like to know if they can be threaded into the Kreuzspitze cartridges...
Answer from jbo
Hi Kristopher and Yann, the Kreuzspitze rods also use M5 threads, so it's probable that Voile or G3 rods would work.
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Question from Diane Friedman
I have G3 tele skis with Rottefelle bindings; I need to replace the heel lift part. Would another heel lift work?
Answer from Nate
Hi Diane, we haven't ever stocked Rottefelle bindings and no one seems to have any familiarity with them here. Unfortunately, I don't believe we can give you an accurate answer.
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Question from Jeff
Would I need the tool to attach a set of these springs to the rods on my OMG TTS bindings? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jeff! Tough to say for sure if they're compatible or not (we don't carry OMG) but if the spring cartridge is compatible with the Olympus rods then yes you'd need the tool to install them.
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Question from Kwan
Hi, can I buy just the KREUZSPITZE spring cartridges/yoke with the stiff springs without the heel lever and side rods?
If so, what is the price?
Regards, Kwan
Answer from jbo
Hi Kwan, unfortunately those parts aren't available separately.
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Question from Barrett McMurtry
I broke the heel rod off inside the KREUZSPITZE spring cartridge. I opened it up and can't access the broken piece to remove it. I would like to avoid having to buy a whole new spring cartridge assembly. Is it possible to get just the steel piece inside the cartridge that the heel rod threads into?
Answer from jbo
Hi Barrett, that is not a part that is separately available unfortunately. If it's a warranty case, I'd ask your dealer to handle it for you.
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Question from Andy M
Is any mounting hardware included with the heel spacers? If not, do I need to get longer screws/bolts to go with the GT heels and adjustment plates?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, the heel spacer kits comes with 8 16mm flathead bolts with 3mm hex heads. They will get your heels on the plates.
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