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Dynafit Brakes

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Moving Dynafit bindings from one ski to another often requires a brake change to accommodate the new width. Brakes can also get damaged. Please note ► "Some of the Dynafit brakes listed below the line" are priced individually so you will need two in the former case or one if replacing damage. The brakes have a few millimeters of wiggle room, so a 100mm brake will work on a ski slightly over 100mm in underfoot width.

Superlite 2.0 75mm x2 - Removable TLT Superlite 2.0 brakes, in a 75mm width for skinny skis.

Superlite 2.0 90mm x2 - 90mm all-around version of the new cool Superlite brakes.

Superlite 2.0 105mm x2 - The widest brake available for the Superlite 2.0, for those powder skis.

Speed Brake 75mm x2 - Narrowest removable 75mm brakes for Speed/Speedfit binding.

Speed Brake 90mm x2 - Medium-est removable 90mm brakes for Speed/Speedfit binding.

Speed Brake 105mm x2 - Widest removable 105mm brakes for Speed/Speedfit binding.



Radical 2.0 90mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Radical 2.0 brakes are integrated into the base plates, requiring a remount to replace. 75mm-95mm skis.

Radical 2.0 105mm w/ Baseplate x1 - 105mm version of the 2.0 brakes, which work for 90-110mm wide skis.

Radical 2.0 120mm w/ Baseplate x1 - More Rad 2 brakes, fitting wider skis from 105mm to 120mm underfoot.

Radical 2.0 135mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Phatties! These are for 120mm and wider skis. Lotus, Spoon, etc.

Radical ST 92mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Radical series brakes are integrated into the base plate, so you need the whole thing.

Radical ST 100mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Requires un-mounting the old base plate and re-mounting the new. Same screw holes at least.

Radical ST 110mm w/ Baseplate x1 - ~112mm Radical brakes that all come with anti-friction plates to make lateral release fluid.

Radical ST 130mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Fits wider-than-necessary skis! Up to about 132mm underfoot.

Radical ST 130mm Rental x1 - 130mm brake with a huge 60mm BSL adjustment range.

Radical FT 110mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Brakes for the FT also are integrated into a baseplate, these are ~112mm wide.

Radical FT 130mm w/ Baseplate x1 - You can deduce what these are from the repetitive descriptions above.

Vertical ST 92mm x1 - Mud colored 92 millimeter wide brakes that also work with older Comfort series bindings.

Vertical ST 100mm x1 - The standard Vertical/Comfort brakes in a ~102mm width, also dirty brown.

Question from Max
I have a Dynafit TLT Speed Radical that came with no brakes. It is mounted on a 2014 K2 Backdrop, 112 at the sole. What do I need to put brakes on my binding?
Answer from Nate
Hi Max, unfortunately the Speed Radical binding does not allow for brakes to be added. You could potentially convert your Radical into a Radical ST by purchasing Radical ST brakes, heel turrets, and toe plates for the Radical ST but it can be a bit pricey to do so.
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Question from Chris
Will these work with the dynafit st binding (4 year old binding)? My wife is jumping up to a wider ski and her current brakes are too narrow. Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris! There might be a few options. Will you either link a picture in the next comment or send me an email with a picture of the binding to make sure we're talking about the same thing? The reason I ask is because there are about a dozen bindings with the "ST" moniker and there were two or three in circulation at that point in time so it's important to make sure we're on the same page.
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Question from Kris
Will the Radical brake fit on the FT?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Kris! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately about 80% of Dynafit's bindings in the past 8 years have had an "ST," "FT," or "Speed" designation so it's totally possible, though very difficult to assume here because not all bindings with the "FT" designation are created equal in terms of hardware compatibility. Could you send me a picture at help@skimo.co of the binding so we can eliminate any potential confusion?
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Question from Chris Lemon
I just bought a pair of Black Crows Atris (108mm waist), and I have a pair of Dynafit Radical FT 2.0 bindings with a 135mm brake. I noticed on your site that you brakes for the Radical 2.0 and the Radical FT...which one of these brakes i will fit my bindings?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris! Sorry for the confusion there, but I'd go for the Radical 2.0 brakes for sure. The Radical FT is referring to the previous generation Radical binding which is very different in all kinds of ways from the Radical 2.0.
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Question from Owen
An anti-friction plate on one of my 110mm Radical ST bindings no longer slides properly. Can I fix this by swapping a working friction plate in from a new brake?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Owen! That could definitely work, though is probably the most expensive way to solve the issue (unless you need parts from another brake anyways). I would keep an eye on our Dynafit Binding Parts listing because usually we are stocking those spare parts though it looks like we are out at the moment. If not there then keep an eye on our Used Dynafit Parts listing as well.
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Question from Ben
Hi. Is there any way to get a 130mm brake into the new tltspeed? I see they make them that big for the rotation.
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, unfortunately not. 105mm is the widest brake for that family of bindings.
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Question from Hilary
I would like to replace my Dynafit Beast bindings that have 105 brakes on my 105 width skis. If I buy Dynafit TLT Radical ST 2.0 Bindings, can the Beast brakes be installed with them? Thank you.
Answer from jbo
Hi Hilary, Radical and Beast brakes aren't compatible. Best bet is to get a 105mm brake with the new binding. Since Radical 2.0 stock has pretty much dried up in that size, I'd look at getting the successor binding, the ST Rotation.
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Question from Bill
I have a pair of Dynafit Radical FT 2 with 105 brakes. Will that brake work on a ski that is 88 underfoot (the BD Helio 88). If not, what is involved is swapping out the brakes? Or do I just need to buy a new binding? Many thanks in advance.

Answer from eric
Bill- 105 brake width will work but you might catch the shoulders while skinning. The 90mm is the better choice. You need to remove the binding from the ski (if mounted). Then remove the heel piece from the base plate (not hard) and swap heel to the new base plate/brake.
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Question from Matt
Hi, I have a pair of the TLT Speed Bindings that I would like to mount on a pair of Dynafit Chugach skis. Are there any Dynafit Brakes that will work for this set-up? Thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Matt. Tough to say for sure as Dynafit has a handful of bindings called the TLT Speed. Would you mind sending us a picture of the binding so we can eliminate any potential confusion?
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Question from Ben
Do you have any plans to restock Radical 2.0 baseplates in 105 mm size?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, unfortunately Dynafit is out for the season.
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