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An updated version of the Spectre 2.0, the Vega is La Sportiva's 4 buckle beef boot that has serious walkability for its class. Boasting a 60-degree range of motion, this downhill dynamo is ideal for long days in the mountains when you need mobility and support. Utilizing the same shape and shell characteristics as the Spectre, including the carbon-reinforced spine, the Vega has a few, but significant updates. Updated buckles that speed up the buckling process with micro-adjustable arms, an updated liner designed for maximum comfort, and an updated ski/walk mechanism so that it is less prone to wear down over its life. Add up these features and the Vega equals a more comfortable and durable boot from La Sportiva. Naturally, as the fashionistas of the Skimo world, the Italians could not resist but to go black-on-black with its color scheme on the Vega. Style, comfort, and impressive downhill performance all in one boot.

  • EZ-Tech micro-adjustable buckles help create the perfect fit.
  • Roomy 102.5mm last for folks with wider feet.
  • A large 60° range of motion gives comfort on the climb.
  • Adjustable forward lean to three different settings allows you to be as aggressive as you deem fit.
  • Vibram Dual Density sole maximizes grip when you are billy-goating on that rocky knife-edge.
  • Carbon-reinforced spine adds stiffness and performance.
  • Compatible with all Tech and AT bindings.
  • Updated liner designed for maximum ankle comfort.
convert to ounces
1514g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 3028g [27.5]
Buckles   4+ Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   284mm [25/25.5]
294mm [26/26.5]
304mm [27/27.5]
314mm [28/28.5]
324mm [29/29.5]
334mm [30/30.5]
344mm [31/31.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   12°, 14°, 16°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell and tongue, Pebax cuff, and carbon reinforced Grilamid spine
Liner   Vega liner
Sole   Vibram dual-compound
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring, side country
Notes Lightweight touring boot with powerful downhill performance
Bottom Line 4-buckle boot with one of the largest ranges of motion
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Peter Brechan
Is the Vega compatible with TR2 bindings. A lot of confusion at La Sportiva, but pictures of the heel indicate it might.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Peter,

Yes, the Vega will be compatible with the TR2 - any Sportiva boot of that era with the two inserts at the heel will work.
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Question from Thomas B
My Spectres are on their last legs and have been a great boot overall, sounds like the Vega is similar, is there a difference in the liner? The trend of making the liners lighter by making them colder doesn't work for me and would like to have a better picture of where this liner is on that spectrum compared to spectre. Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Thomas, the main difference in the liner as compared to the Spectre 2.0 is the "malleolus comfort design", meaning improved ankle bone comfort. It weighs 15g more, so if anything is a touch beefier.
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Question from Tyler
These are listed as 1514g for a size 27.5 and the La Sportiva Vanguard is listed as 1511g for 27.5. Is that accurate? I had expected the Vanguard to be lighter.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Tyler,

Yes, we verify all of our weights. The weights are very close. The Vanguard might shed a little weight in the shell, but the liner is substantially beefed up compared to the Vega. It is definitely meant to be a high performing, beefy downhill-oriented touring boot, and the thick liner provides lots of support, padding and stiffness in ski mode.
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Question from Steven H
Anyone in your store compare the flex between the Spectre 2.0 and the Vega? By numbers, the 2.0 is rated 115, the Vega at 125. Are they that far apart, or did LS engineer a more progressive flex in the newer boot?
Answer from Jeff
HI Steven, Numbers. Difference in flex would be tough to feel on the floor. Any differences would be in the plastic, and not sure what, if anything, they did there. I have the old version and they are rather progressive, not a problem with this boot. I believe at one point they made a stiffer tongue, before the Vega.
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thomc (downright abused product)
My 15-year old has had this for 2+ seasons. He has a high arch, and a pretty high volume instep too. He is a cautious advanced/expert skier. He uses it on piste and off, and has been extremely happy with the fit and performance. His daily driver is the corvus freebird, ~175l, 107w), my blizzard Zero G 108s in 184l, and he's also ridden voile (old, ~160 l, ~90 w, unsure of name) boards for ski mountaineering. He can rip high speed groomers, tunnel through deep powder couloirs and generally get up to anything a skier his age can, should and shouldn't. He has tried all my boots (TLT5 & 6CR, old yellow Technica Zero Gs, new Hojis) and prefers these. He likes the modularity of the 4 buckles, the adjustability of the entire setup, and will likely use them until they are too soft or the sole wears out.
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Question from Chuck
Could you share the boot sole length for the La Sportiva Vega in size Mondo 24.0? Thanks for including technical details like this in your specifications.
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Chuck,

The Vega size 24.0 has a BSL of 274mm. You can find most of the BSL data here: For some reason, the 24 and 24.5 Vega isn't on there.
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Question from Dan
How does this instep of this boot compare to last years Skorpius CR?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dan,

The La Sportiva Vega has a far roomier instep area as compared with the La Sportiva Skorpius CR Generally speaking, the fit is higher volume in the Vega than the Skorpius.

If you have further questions on boot comparisons, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Ivan
Is the Vega's tongue compatible with Spectre? I broke the tongue on my Spectre boot, but I find available only the one for Vega. Would it fit? Thanks, Ivan
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Ivan. So long as you have the Spectre 2.0, a Vega tongue should work.
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Question from Jarrett
Will these boots work on a Shift Binding?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Jarrett, thanks for your question! Officially, these boot soles are not ISO 9523 certified, so this boot is technically not compatible.
Answer from jbo
Hi Jarrett, although La Sportiva did not certify the boots, a lot of Sportiva employees use this combo so you wouldn't be jailed for doing it.
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Question from Pau;
How about the Vega for a quiver of one, resort and backcountry boot? Does the Vega work for low volume feet? It certainly has the right flex for a 70 year old 140 lb die hard skier.
Answer from Teddy Young
While the Vega might be able to split time between skinning and riding lifts, the fit may be a bit roomier than you need. To find out what might be a better fit, check out our online Boot Fitting Form!
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Dan C (used product regularly)
Offering this review as a comparison to other boots in the class, and why this one edges out many others I've tried.

Fit - Pretty roomy for the most part. I take 9.5 US street shoes, generally 26.5 in most ski boots. Sportivas just seem to fit my foot really well, and need less modding than other boots I've had.

Uphill - In a word, excellent for their class. The touring latch for the buckles works well, ROM is more than sufficient for a freetouring boot. Sole grip is fantastic, crampons fit just fine. Better than MTN Lab, equal to ZGTP and Maestrale XT.

Downhill - This is where the boot really performs. I didnt ski the Spectre, but apparently the Vega is a bit more stiff and progressive. Regardless, the Vega is a better downhill boot than the ZGTP and Maestrale XT - the flex is more progressive than the ZGTP and the XT. If I had to I could ski this boot in resort and be happy with it (but why do that to your touring gear?)

Overall, this is an outstanding boot for downhill-focused touring. It skis and walks better than many of its competitors. And it looks classy.
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Question from Doug G
Do you know what kind of ramp angle these boots have? I have a subtle morton's neuroma and need a boot that's pretty neutral w/minimal forward learn cuff angle.

Currently, I'm in a pair of 2nd generation Scarpa Maestrale RS's. I've also got a 6th toe and would need to get the toe box punched...

Any other recs for feet with: narrow heel, high arch, wide toes, morton's neuroma, and minimal cuff angle- for an advanced/expert skier?
Answer from eric
Doug-These boots dont have a big ramp but they do have a larger rockered sole. Fill out boot fitter and lets talk more about your boot requirements.
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Question from Anthony O
How does cuff height compare to the hoji?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Anthony! The La Sportiva Vega and Hoji Free in a size 30.5 have a 34cm cuff (measured from the tallest back part of the cuff to the bottom of the boot tread) whereas the Hoji Pro tour is 33cm. Let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Lorenzo C
Hi, does it have a progressive flex or a brick wall one?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Lorenzo, the vega has a progressive flex very similar to an alpine boot.
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Question from Scot
Great looking boot! Will these be TR2 compatible?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scot, yes they are! That will be a great combo.
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