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A 105mm ski just took a seat at the Zero G table. While the 108 is a crusher, it wasn’t the same lightweight construction as the 85 and 95. Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Similar resort-worthy performance as the 108, but easier to carry uphill. At 105mm wide, this Zero G is built using an updated Carbon Drive 2.0 construction. This is a layer of unidirectional carbon fiber that gives torsional stiffness while allowing the lightweight core to flex naturally. The 1.0 version gave the 0G series extreme reliability on hard snow combined with excellent durability. The 2.0 continues that reputation, with a slight refinement towards more friendly skiing in terms of flex. With ample underfoot width for float in soft and variable conditions, the 105 didn’t just take a seat at the Zero G table, it now sits at the head!

  • Carbon Drive 2.0 is a fiber shell that makes the ski stable yet flex naturally.
  • Long contact surface means the Zero Gs are ultra-reliable on firm snow.
  • Longer radius sidecut is ideal for the steeps to balance the edge hold.
  • Carbon reinforcements in the binding area ensure charging confidence.
  • 105mm width is the king of the Zero G line, perfect for soft and variable snow.

Update 2021/22: The 105 has a color update, moving to a black and orange design.

Lengths (cm) 164, 172, 180, 188
convert to ounces
1430g [172]
1495g [180]
1640g [188]
Weight (pair) 2860g [172]
2990g [180]
3280g [188]
Dimensions   132-105-119
Turn Radius   18m [164]
20m [172]
23m [180]
24m [188]
Skin Fix   Roundish tips, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Mild rocker in tip and tail, camber underfoot
Shape   Rounded tip and tails, longer radius
Construction   Partial sidewall w/ Carbon Drive 2.0
Core   Paulownia
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder, chowder, and more
Notes Upgraded Carbon Drive 2.0
Bottom Line Resort performance at BC weight
Compare to other High-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from JQB
I'm looking at this for a one-quiver backcountry skiing. I want something that will hold up in wet crud at lower elevations in the Sierra Nevada but also serve me well in tight couloirs on corn snow. Should I be worried about the turning radius?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, JQB! This ski is typically more at home arcing large radius turns down a far out apron, however, depending on the skill of the skier, it can definitely venture into tighter places as well. Because of the flat tail, stiff construction, and large turn radius, you'll work harder to control the ski in more constricted spaces vs something that has a more forgiving construction and side cut. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Answer from Cole P
Hey JQB, I wouldn't be worried about the turning radius because when you are in tight couloirs you will be sliding to scrub out speed or jump turning. The higher turning radius will allow you to make bigger turns on the apron when you're laying the ski on the side. I think this would be a great quiver of one for the Sierras!
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Question from Heather
Looking to get into touring and to move into speed riding in the PNW. Skiing since I could walk, but did a lot less (all on rented kit) having lived in the UK the last 15 years.

Am a female, 6' and about 145lbs/67kg.

In resort I tend to ski hard and fast (top I've clocked was 113 on a the Chamonix speed cam, but that was literally bombing it straight down, so a reasonable bit faster than usual), but am pretty happy with any terrain... once i build up stamina again.

Had been looking at the blizzard 105 zero Gs after renting a pair of blizzard rustler 10s last year. Then saw amazing reviews of the Atomic Backland 107s and 98s.

At the moment I'll probably be going for a quiver of one, but may build that up. Thoughts on how this compares with the Backland and sizes (or any other suggestions)?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Heather,

The Blizzard Zero G 105 is a great ski! It is quite stiff for a backcountry ski, and will hold an edge well for a powder ski in icier conditions. It has a longer turn radius, and less forgiving construction than some of the other skis that we carry.

The Atomic Backland 107 is a really solid all-around powder ski. The construction is forgiving enough to roll on edge easily, but it has enough support and energy for more variable conditions. At 107 underfoot, it will be surfy in powder.

The Atomic Backland 98 Women's Ski is more in daily driver territory than the prior 2 skis. It has a waist width that lends itself to a range of conditions, and a construction that is great in a wide range of conditions as well!

If you have any further questions, reach out to us at
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Question from Dan C
Starting to look very closely at getting a pair of these...big question is around sizing. I'm happy on Rustler 11s (188cm) for resort and shorter tours. I also have the ZG108 in the 178cm, and never felt the need to go longer. I'm 179cm tall, about 74kg.

I did demo the 180cm ZG105 briefly, and it felt like the goods. But I'm curious if I should size up to the 188cm, especially if it's mostly going to be used in powder conditions.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Dan, I dont think you will need to size up all the way to 188cm. 180cm length seems to be a good size for you for powder conditions, and if you enjoyed the way they skied during the demo seems like the right choice.
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Question from dave cleaves
looking at the blizzard zero g 105 for backcountry skiing east coast. i'm currently on the bd drifts the old purple ones,not much rocker, minimal in tip in a 176cm. i like the ski 80% of the time it does feel long when trees get tight. any suggestions in length i'm 150lbs 5'7'' worried about the 172 in that ski feeling to short and the 180's feeling to long.or i might be between sizes with this ski . thanks dave
Answer from TSB
Hey Dave, thanks for reaching out! I would say the Zero G 105 would be a great choice to replace your Drifts. You'll be stoked on the quick feel with lower swing weight when pivoting between trees, not to mention faster uphill laps! Speaking from experience, though, if you're looking for a one-ski quiver in the mixed conditions of the Northeast, I'd recommend something a little narrower, but still with the great float in powder that modern rockered platforms are bringing to the table. Check out the Blizzard Zero G 95, Blizzard's hard-charging all-arounder, and the Voile HyperVector, which has a little more old-school vibe than the Blizzards.
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Question from Travis
Are these still the experts only ski the previous model was? 15.
Answer from TSB
Hi Travis, while the Zero G 105 still sits on the slightly more unforgiving side of the spectrum, it's nowhere near as challenging to ski as the older (pre-2019/20) Zero G 85 or 95, and has less of the alpine feel of the old Zero G 108. Overall it's a more stable ski with a mix of powder-ski girth and hard-snow edge hold.
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Model: Zero G 105 MPN: 8A914000001

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