Skimo Co
Cody B

Cody B




5' 11"


160 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

CO,Sierras, Shasta, and occasional Oregon volcanos.

My Gear

TheLongRide (aka Peter Butler) Race protos w/ ATK Trofeo
G3 Findr 86's 177
Dynafit Stoke 172
TheLongRide (aka Peter Butler) 108's 180 w/ Tectons
Black Diamond Helio 105 185 (rock skis sharing the ATK Trofeo)
Black Diamond Helio 116 186
Vipecs shared between most skis
Nordica Enforcer 2011 178
Moment Belafonte 16-17 178
Praxis Protest 187

Tecnica Zero G Pros w/ Intuition Tour Pro
Atomic Backland Carbon 1st Gen
Salomon XPro 120

Recent Posts

This is the only off the shelf footbed I can use in boots due to my enormous instep height for my length (28.5ish instep for a 26.5 length foot). Super light and take up the least amount of volume while still offering support. They've gone in all 3 of my boots. Only downside is you have to be a smidge more careful when putting them in a liner so that the very thin and lightweight foam in the forefoot doesn't fold over.
Got the 110mm width last season, cut and sewed them for some BC Navis's (102 width) that I tip notched. They ended up being 158cm long for that 178 ski. Since I'm not on the Navis's anymore they've been put into service on both some BD Helio 105's (185 length), Dynafit Stokes (102 and 172 length), and some 103 width custom skis from Peter Butler (180 length). I've been all over with them from CO dry, average Norcal/South OR snowpack, to downright PNW snain and they are working great. Only bad/ stfu skintrac...
First off a comment about my star rating, it's for how I have my boots right now after some non permanent* mods. BONE STOCK these are 4 stars. Yes this is a VERY late review considering there is now the newer version with the BOA. But has a good collection of reviews for race to burlier boots so figured add to it for people looking to buy used ones. Me 5'11" 160lbs sans gear Foot has a high instep that's narrow otherwise Mods done to boots: -Replaced stock "powerstrap" with Scarpa stretch on...
Yet another small but important update. The 19/20 season boots ship with MUCH better loctite on the walk mode screws (hard to get them undone without heat and not stripping the screw head) + they include a ton of extra's with pre applied loctite.
After some more use of both the Scouts and Pros in Marker lords. The binding seems to have some geometry that doesn't always play nice with the rear and toe ledges of these boots. You can end up with dents in those ledges.

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