Cody B

Cody B
Height:5' 11"
Weight:155 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

Mostly Sierras, Shasta, and occasional Oregon volcanos.

My Gear

G3 Findr 86's 177
Dynafit Stoke 172
Black Diamond Helio 116 186
Nordica Enforcer 2011 178
Moment Belafonte 16-17 178

Tecnica Zero G Scouts
Atomic Backland Carbon

Recent Posts

I know this is an old post, but I've skied these boots with Helio 116's at 186 with no problems in the Sierra backcountry.
Damn these are a great boot. 10/10 would buy again (as long as no long term durability issues come up) Skis better than most of the old 2000g-ish beef boots, uphills as well and even better than some 1200g boots (almost as good as Backlands with the tongues in). Keeping the clog buckles secured and the cuff buckles open yields IMPRESSIVE rom especially since it's overlap and skis amazing. The upright lean makes wonky tech binding deltas much more manageable, but if you throw them into alpine bindings it ...

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