Cody B

Cody B
Height:5' 11"
Weight:160 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.00
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

CO,Sierras, Shasta, and occasional Oregon volcanos.

My Gear

Salomon Minim w/ ATK Trofeo
G3 Findr 86's 177
Dynafit Stoke 172
Black Crow Navis Freebird 179
Black Diamond Helio 116 186
Vipecs shared between last 4 skis
Nordica Enforcer 2011 178
Moment Belafonte 16-17 178
Atomic Automatic 186

Tecnica Zero G Pros
Atomic Backland Carbon
Salomon XPro 120

Recent Posts

First off a comment about my star rating, it's for how I have my boots right now after some non permanent* mods. BONE STOCK these are 4 stars. Yes this is a VERY late review considering there is now the newer version with the BOA. But has a good collection of reviews for race to burlier boots so figured add to it for people looking to buy used ones. Me 5'11" 160lbs sans gear Foot has a high instep that's narrow otherwise Mods done to boots: -Replaced stock "powerstrap" with Scarpa stretch on...
Yet another small but important update. The 19/20 season boots ship with MUCH better loctite on the walk mode screws (hard to get them undone without heat and not stripping the screw head) + they include a ton of extra's with pre applied loctite.
After some more use of both the Scouts and Pros in Marker lords. The binding seems to have some geometry that doesn't always play nice with the rear and toe ledges of these boots. You can end up with dents in those ledges.
TL;DR The best value mohair roll for your mid width skimo needs. I got the 90mm width for making skimo race style skins for my G3 86 Findr's that I've tip notched. I ended up with about 145cm length skin for skis are 177cm length. Used them all winter in Tahoe, Shasta, and Oregon snow (so warmer, wetter climates) for both general touring and racing. Made them with hand sewing method using nylon thread + bungee cord + plastic disk at the beginning of the 18/19 season and did not have any durability problem...
One "long term" issue to watch out for on these boots. The screws that hold on the moving part of the walk mechanism can and will loosen on you. I was inbounds skiing with them and at lunch noticed that one of the screws was completely missing. Found another guy on TGR that this happened to as well. Definitely pull them out when you buy them and apply some Vibratight VC-3 (so as not to have loctite weaken the plastic) to the screws so you don't have this happen to you. I've enjoyed the stock liners, but s...

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