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The Mix formula from Ski Trab is 65% mohair and 35% nylon, a nice blend of glide and durability. The mix comes in sexy black and white and is sold by the centimeter so you can get exactly the length you need (remember you probably have two skis to cover!). Use the Trab skin parts to attach to Trab skis, or affix to other models with more standard tip and tail attachments. The glue is universal and seems to work on all continents. The material ships with a backing sheet to keep the glue fresh, which you can use to do the same.

ORDERING NOTE: These skins are sold by the centimeter (cm), meaning you should type in the Qty field the length (in cm) of skin you want for one ski “times two” for a PAIR. Unless you are making a backup skin, then just times it by one.

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Questions & Reviews

Jeremy B (used product a few times)
I'm extremely impressed by this material - after a little breaking in it has good glide, and grips very well in icy New England conditions. I've also been very pleasantly surprised at how well it packs and the weight. A set of skins for 163cm Atomic Backland 80 skis weighs in at 335g with Colltex tips and Contour tail hooks. So far the glue has been reliable, even though I've not been diligent about keeping it clean and dry. Time will tell how the material holds up to abuse from all the chunky, dirty, icy snow where I usually ski, but it's still in excellent shape after putting 25k of vert in mostly bad conditions.
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Mark H (used product a few times)
I recently assembled Ski Trab mo-mix skins (110 mm) with a BD tail kit and Kohla T-bar tip brackets (110 mm). I attached the tip bars by simply folding the skin over and adding 3 Ski Trab hammer rivets. Pretty simple, and it all works well. I only have a dozen days on them, but am really pleased so far. The traction is great, and the glide is great, seems to be a perfect balance. Note that the glide improves with use, some break in of the fibers I guess. The glue seems to be a nice balance of stickieness on the ski, but not so much that you get a hernia ripping them off. All at a great price, I'll be taking this road in the future. Side note: I cut the forward-facing tabs off of BD skin tail clips (see pic), which eliminates snagging on grass and twigs, with no change in functionality.
Reply from jbo
Hi Mark, thanks for the feedback! It really is underrated material in our opinion. For those looking for kits instead, it is known as Guide Mix from Contour.
Note most skins do have a break-in period, usually 5-10k of climbing. Racers have been known to take a skins-on, downhill lap at their resort when they need to break in a pair quickly.
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Question from Denali
Hi, Can I order around 10-12 meters of this? I need to equip several sets of skis. What is the longest continuous length you can sell me? As in, If I order 10 meters, will you send me two lengths of 5 meters? Obviously, I would prefer to have one continuous roll to reduce wastage. Thanks.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Denali. Please send an email to and we can help you out!
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Question from Aleksandr
Hello! I want to cut them lengthwise - up to a width of 78mm! For atomic backland 78ul! Can? it will be good?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out! You should be able to trim these skins for the Backland 78UL with no issues.
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Rowan K (used product regularly)
I've had these for about a year now, built with Colltex Race Tips. Great material and durable. A few bare patches here and there from rocks and sticks but you aren't skiing in Vermont if you're not hitting that stuff anyway. Not quite as much grip as your dad's Black Diamond Shag skins but enough to negotiate everything the northeast has to offer (except bulletproof ice of course). I've yet to have the glue fail, though I have to be wary of snow buildup under the tips due to the race tip setup. They rip easily both from the skis and themselves after being folded for a descent. At some point they'll need glue treatment but not yet. I store them with the skin liner they came with, no issues.
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Question from Jordan
Will you have wider sizes in stock soon? Widest part of my skis are 130mm
Answer from Cole P
Hey Jordan, the largest width we sell is 120mm which we should be getting more off the roll this fall/early winter. We can get you on a notification list if you email us at
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Becca (downright abused product)
I have had these skins for a pair of BD Helio 95's for 4 seasons now. Bought them for a ski setup for Denali, these were's recommendation for a pair of skins that were going to be durable and great glue. I can attest to both of those things, they were flawless and continue to be so in sub-zero conditions. Other than replacing some broken Pomoca hardware that broke, and refreshing glue on very tips/tails at the start of each season (with a variety of different touch-up glues) they are flawless. Perfect for the techy skinning days when you wish you had ski crampons.... with appropriate and precise edge to edge trimming. For context - all my other skins are pure mohair, I don't mind if these are the slightest bit slower. I am just the biggest fan of Ski Trab's glue also - just minor touchups and it just keeps sticking on the 6th, or 8th, or 15th lap.
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Cody B (used product regularly)
Got the 110mm width last season, cut and sewed them for some BC Navis's (102 width) that I tip notched. They ended up being 158cm long for that 178 ski. Since I'm not on the Navis's anymore they've been put into service on both some BD Helio 105's (185 length), Dynafit Stokes (102 and 172 length), and some 103 width custom skis from Peter Butler (180 length). I've been all over with them from CO dry, average Norcal/South OR snowpack, to downright PNW snain and they are working great. Only bad/ stfu skintracks have given them problems in the grip department. The PNW slop day did put a good bit of water into the glue but after doing an iron + parchment paper refresh they are back to new sticky-ness. They feel like they glide a little slower than the Trab Mohair skins (the printed logo ones). But certainly faster than the BD pure mohair that isn't made anymore, with better grip.

Would certainly buy these again for general touring!
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Hayden (used product a few times)
I purchased 360 cm of these skins to build some race style skins for my Zero G 95's. So far I have been very impressed with their glide and ease of removal as compared to my old Black Diamond Glidelite skins. Traction seems to be about the same as my old skins, if not slightly better. Hopefully these will be at least as durable as other mohair mix skins on the market, but time will tell. I did notice that when I trimmed them there was significantly less fraying and loss of "fur" on the edges of the skin. I like these skins so much, I am considering buying a second pair to use with a different pair of skis. Bottom line, this product offers a very high level of performance at a much lower price than the other comparable skin blends.
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Curly (downright abused product)
Great skins so far. They're not very fast (long hairs) but they're grippy, have thin but nice glue, and come in wide widths. I use snap rivets and 3/16in bungee from the hardware store to make my own tip attachments. I also cut tip notches in my larger winter skis to speed transitions and save weight/fuss on the attachment method. The durability of these is better than mohair I believe.
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Question from Sam
How do these compare to other precut skins like the Black Diamond GlideLite Mohair mix skis? If i'm willing to cut them, is there any reason to buy the BDs over this roll? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Sam, the material is very comparable in terms of grip and glide. The BD glue is more tacky which means harder to pull apart, but in theory they stick to your skis better (I haven't had Trab skins come off yet!).
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Question from Sam Feuerborn
Which is the widest bulk skin that you sell and for wide are they?
Answer from jbo
Hi Sam, it's typically 130 or greater but we are out of that width. We will have more 120mm Trab mix later this week.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Five Stars for an economical option to make your own Euro momix climbing skin.

I bought a precut version of these for my Magico skis last spring. I had originally bought Trab's precut 100% mohair skin for the Magico. Loved them during the winter, but I was concerned about prematurely destroying pure mohair on extremely abrasive late-spring and summer snow.

I've previously used momix skins from Black Diamond, Colltex, and Dynafit. Trab's grip<>glide balance is comparable to the competition, and very lightweight too.

Skin glue is relatively light but has performed well.
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