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Scot H

Scot H
Height:6' 4"
Weight:200 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Awesome! I'm about at the same spot with mine and I feel the exact same way. I'm also contemplating new liners. Do you feel like you lost and ROM with the Intuitions? I've owned Intuitions before and have loved them (came stock in a previous pair of Maestrales) but I'm a bit scared that they won't tour as well as some other options.
What would be the right size for the current Zero G 95, 178 length?
I would also recommend checking out the Fritschi Tectons. I know opinions vary a bit, but I've been skiing them and the Vipecs for several years now, both inbounds and BC, and have had very good results. IMHO, they offer similar downhill performance to the Shift but are significantly lighter.
I'm a bigger guy (220# with kit), advanced skier, and like to ski fast. My last pair of dedicated alpine skis were Blizzard Cochise (which I loved). The last two seasons I've been on Head Kore 105s (w/ Tectons) as a 50/50 quiver of one. The setup has served me well but it is a bit heavy and I'm now looking to build out a lighter, touring-specific setup for longer days in the BC here in the Wasatch and elsewhere. I don't want to give up too much downhill performance, though. In terms of width, I'd like ...
I just stepped up to these from some old Maestrales (~2014). The difference in stiffness and downhill performance is incredible! And they weigh a full 20% less than the older Maestrales (1614g vs 2004g). I'm sure new Maestrales would be a more fair comparison, but I'm pretty sure the ZGTP is still lighter than them and the rest of the 4 buckle pack. If you're looking for the best performance to weight ratio in a touring boot, this has to be it. The one major downside of the boot is the the fiddlyness. ...

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