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Like its little brother, the Dynafit ST Rotation 12 is one of the few tech bindings that has met the elusive DIN standards for release consistency and performance under pressure. This is due in large part to the rotating toe piece from which the Rotation binding gets its name. The gapless heel piece is spring-loaded to reduce any change in release value throughout the flex of the ski. The toe piece sits on a rotating baseplate that works in conjunction with the burly heel-piece so if you load the skis up in a turn and the boot wanders away from the center-line, the toe piece stays closed. This means less chance of pre-release. To simplify: this version of the Dynafit ST Rotation is all black and goes to 12 so you can look good while charging with reckless abandon in chunky snow on big skis.

  • 10mm of “forward pressure” in the heel piece adds rebound to your skis.
  • Bayonet lock heel means easy servicing with total stiffness while in use.
  • Three official riser heights to adapt to the oncoming terrain.
  • Hub-Centering toe piece is notched and easy to step into.
  • Brake arms resemble a chainsaw and mean business.
  • Step-In Side Towers guide your boot into the toe pins.

Update 2019/20: The toe lever got a cool new paint job!

convert to ounces
605g [105mm]
Weight (pair) 1210g [105mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   105, 120, 135
BSL Adjustment   45mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   6-12
Lateral Release   6-12
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged aluminum, stainless steel, chromoly, carbon fiber, high tech synthetic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, side-country, even resorting
Notes Hub-centering toe and power towers make step-in easy
Bottom Line The big mountain stomper ideal for big skis, big boots, big speeds, big skiers, and doing things "bigly"
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Questions & Reviews

Question from dino
Hello- and love your site BTW
I picked up a pair of Armada Locator 104 with integrated Armada (solomon) Downhill bindings. I want to Mount an old ST rotation 10 that was on a demo ski but I dont have the plates. Are new ST rotation 10 plates available? I might want to swap boots from time to time...
And is there an issue with mounting Dynafit ST 10 to Armada 104 Locators that Previous had that integrated binding?
Answer from Jeff
Dino, The Locator skis do not come with integrated Downhill bindings. I assume they will come off. And then you shouldn't need any plates to mount the Rotations.
If you need more help, please email us pictures of your setup to
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Question from Ezri
I recently purchased a Look HM Rotation 12 binding but am struggling to find a shop that has the jig to mount the binding. By any chance, is the Look HM Rotation 12 just a rebranded Dynafit ST Rotation 12 binding?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ezri, yes it is just a Dynafit Rotation. I doubt there is a Look specific jig! If a shop has the Rotation jig that's the one.
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Question from Tele-it
Hi, I’m looking at the Dynafit ST Rotation 12 bindings but need the 105 brake. I see you have the 105 available as just the brake. If I buy the bindings can you swap out the brake or does it need to be bought separately?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tele-it, they will have to be purchased separately. We don't have many skis that need a 120mm brake...
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Question from Dan Saunders
I picked up a pair of Look Hm12 Rotation D120 bindings at a swap. Can I mount them on. 105 mm ski or do I need to get new brakes. The bindings are brand new so I could probably sell or trade the brakes. Do you have just brakes if these don’t work? Thank you DS
Answer from Cole P
Hey Dan, the 120mm brake will be a bit wide for your 105mm ski. We offer replacement Dynafit Brakes for your Rotation binding but unfortunately, we do not have a 105mm brake in stock. We are expecting to receive a bunch this fall. If you email us at help at we can get you on a notification list.
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Question from Nat
With a 98 width ski, would you recommend the 90 or 105 widths? It’s kinda right in between the two
Answer from Zak M
Hey Nat, I would go with the 90mm brakes because they do have the ability to be bent a fair amount! Let us know if you have any more questions!
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Question from Marcos
With skis that are 95 mm wide, do you recommend the 90 mm brake, or the 105 mm one? Thanks in advance
Answer from Cole P
Hello Marcos, thanks for reaching out. I recommend going with the 90mm brake as you can bend the brakes out fairly easily.
Answer from Marcos G
Thanks for your answer Cole. They bend naturally, or one has to force them a little bit?
Answer from Cole P
Marcos, you will have to bend them out manually. It shouldn't take too much force.
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Julieana (downright abused product)
I've put the Rotation 12s through the wringer this year and have been thoroughly impressed. I put this binding on a pair of Atomic Backland 107s and used that both as my resort setup and bigger backcountry setup and was blown away by how well this binding skied inbounds conditions. The power transfer is on par with alpine bindings and I actually have yet to pre-release out of this binding despite taking it through everything from icy moguls, to park jumps, to 30ft cliff drops that I only land about 50% of the time. Compared to my alpine binding that I tend to pre-release out of more than a handful of times a season, so far the Rotation 12 is proving to be far more consistent in that regard. I've honestly started to prefer skiing this binding over my alpine bindings as in addition to feeling more locked in, the boot isn't raised off the ski quite as far so I have a better feel for conditions and a faster response from the ski. I've competed in multiple FWQ events on this binding, skied any and all possible conditions on it, and found it to be unwaveringly sturdy and reliable all winter. The only thing that could possibly be improved is that when it's really cold and there's some snow built up around the heel piece sometimes it's a little hard to twist the heel piece back from walk to ski mode without taking the ski off. Good thing most of my touring partners are on Shifts anyway and even if I have to take my ski off I'm still transitioning faster than them and also still have what I'd argue is a more reliable binding for the downhill. In my opinion, this is the best inbounds/out of bounds, freeride friendly touring binding out there.
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Question from Marian
Hy guys can this bindings be paired with nordica enforcer or other skis 4200
grams for example ? I want to use this setup in resort and short to medium touring
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Marian. The ST rotation would be a good fit for that ski, especially if you value having a smoother touring experience. If you are after a binding that will feel more like a traditional alpine binding, checking out a Shift might be worth doing. While it is significantly heavier and won't tour as well, the Shift will have a better ski feel while at the resort. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Answer from Scot H
I would also recommend checking out the Fritschi Tectons. I know opinions vary a bit, but I've been skiing them and the Vipecs for several years now, both inbounds and BC, and have had very good results. IMHO, they offer similar downhill performance to the Shift but are significantly lighter.
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Question from John
Will these bindings with 90mm brakes fit a 93 width ski? (124-93-114)
Answer from jbo
Hi John, yes the 90mm brakes will deploy just fine on most skis up to 95mm wide.
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Question from Tony
Dynafit ST Rotation 12 Binding: There's a big price difference between the black and grey versions. Is there a difference other than color such as performance or features?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tony, not really. Dynafit switched from a grey aluminum toe lever to black plastic.
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Question from Mark Dybdahl

Can I buy the ST Rotation 12 toe piece separately? Dynafit headquarters is recommendation that toe piece to replace my Beast toe piece.

Answer from Jeff
Mark, we had some toes only, but are sold out. You can find Dynafit toes here - Dynafit Toes. We may again in the future. You can email us to set you up for email notification for when we do.
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Question from Michael Smith
How does G3 ION 12 BINDING compare to DYNAFIT ST ROTATION 12?
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, the major difference is the Rotation bindings have a rotating toe piece, which makes the release more reliable (removes the condition of the boot fittings from the equation). G3 would argue their toe piece has greater retention due to its geometry. Otherwise they are certainly similar!
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Model: ST Rotation 12

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