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The Fritschi ski crampons offer quick and easy attachment for added bite on icy, technical skin tracks. The use of a rotating adapter will allow you to adjust how deep the crampon bites from all 3 riser settings. Machined teeth ensure great bite in icy-but-punchy snow, and an aluminum construction keeps things light and fast whether on your skis or in your pack.

**The crampons are sold in pairs and are only compatible with Vipec and Tecton bindings.**

  • 90mm = 342g / pair
  • 115mm = 362g / pair

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matthew
I have Blackcrows Camox Freebirds, 97mm underfoot. From other responses, it seems that you all down-rated the sizes from the BD site to the maximum waist that will work with each size, but not for the 100mm size. Will the 100mm fit on a 97mm ski?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Matthew. These will definitely fit over those Camox Freebirds with room to spare.
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Question from Ivan
What would be the right size for Atomic Backland 107, 182 length? Should it be 115mm?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Ivan, the 115mm ski crampon would be the right size for that Backland 107.
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Question from Scot H
What would be the right size for the current Zero G 95, 178 length?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Scot! The 100mm brake would match up quite well with your ski. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from charlie
do you have the 115 size in stock?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Charlie, we do have the 115mm in stock! You can select that in the "Crampon Width" drop down menu above the "Add to Cart" button.
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Question from Parker
Do they make a size that would work for a 120mm waisted ski like the Atomic Bentchetler?
Answer from Jeff
Parker, I did some looking around and here is what I have dug up. Some companies call the "large" size a 115mm, some 120mm. I also read reviews that said it doesn't fit over a 120mm ski, which explains why we call it a 115mm. Ski crampons do not bend easily or much at all, either, so don't hope to be able to bend these to fit.
Answer from Parker M
Hey Jeff, thanks for looking into that. Is there another option I could use for a wider ski? Do you think the G3 crampon would be able to fit between the toe and heel of the Vipec or Tecton, for example?
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Question from Germain
Hey guys,

Any stock available for the vipec crampons over 105mm ?


Answer from Jeff
Germain, They come in a 115mm which we are currently out of. We will reorder, keep your eye out.
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Question from Celia Thompson
How does the sizing work? I have vipec bindings mounted in a pair of K2 talkback skis that are 96mm underfoot?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Celia, the 90mm is more like 93mm, so you'll likely need to bump up to the 115mm!
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Question from Anthony P
Is the $99.95 for one crampon or a pair?
Cheers Anthony
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, the price is for a pair.
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Question from Gary
Where should I measure, to make sure I'm ordering the right size ski crampon? Ski width immediately below the toe pins, or pin-to-pin distance, or ???
Answer from Nate
Hi Gary, I'd suggest ordering your crampon based upon the stated waist width of your ski. For example, when selecting a crampon for my Atomic Backland 95, I know that I need a crampon wider than 95mm. Which means I would go with the 115mm in this crampon.
Answer from jbo
Hi Gary, the crampon fits just behind your toe piece so that is the critical width.
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Question from Fabrizio
I have a dynafit Manaslu 181 cm ski with 91 mm waist and Tecton bindings. Do you think the 90 mm crampons would fit or should I go with the 115 mm crampons?
Thanks, Fabrizio
Answer from I-M
Fabrizio, I've checked a few 91mm waist skis with the 90mm crampon and it seems to fit the skis we have. With that I would recommend the 90mm crampon. When measured the inside of the crampon measures between 93-94mm.
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Question from Gordon
A little confused regarding the listed size of the Fritschi crampon listed above. I have a pair of 114mm skis. The Black Diamond website lists a 120mm crampon. You list a 115mm. Did Fritschi change the specs later in the product cycle, or what?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Gordon, 115mm is the width at the shoulder and the teeth flair out to 120mm. At 114mm you'll be fine, 115mm is the max, any wider and the crampon won't be able to deploy fully. -Trace
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Question from Kevin
What would be the right size crampon for the Blizzard Zero G 95? Would the 95 work? 115? Thanks in advance.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, these come in 90 or 115mm, and the 90s are too skinny for the Zero G 95s.
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