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Height:6' 0"
Weight:165 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.50
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
My Skiing

everything from powder to steep icy chutes.if its got snow I will ski it. I have
skied all over the world and very close to skiing all 7 continents.

My Gear

powder days tlt6 performance, blizzard zerog 95 with speed turns. every other day dyna evo boots, atomic ultimate 78 with trab race bindings.

Recent Posts

Jon- You are correct as of fall 2020 Black Diamond is now recommends using 4.1 width drill bit on all newer skis. Ski construction can change these days without name changes. But if ever in doubt, drill a ski with a 3.6 first and see if there is metal. If there is metal, than use 4.1 to enlarge the hole.
Thomc- Glad you appreciate our compulsions! Best place for the leash is the side of the toe lever. There are some holes on the side of the lever you can girth hitch the leash too, if you must.
At first I thought the tiny little toe piece was not going to lock and unlock easily. Now after using the binding all season in all snow types I have found that the toe not only is easy to step in and out of but the lock mechanism is easy to use as well. The heel has been very simple with tons of riser options. I found rotation of the heel to be easy to rotate even with the RV value being set at 10. Making the change between flipping the flap and using higher risers very easy. With skiing in all snow the bi...
I have used these on Blizzard Zero G 105 this season and have loved them. Glue makes ripping skins off skis super easy and pulling them apart is almost effortless. The glide out of the box was great and got even better with a thousand feet of skinning. The backing material is nice and thin so packing them up for this big of ski and putting them in your jacket was super nice. Tail has never moved on me and tip is pretty standard tip buckle similar to other skins. The only thing I have found is to make sure y...
Jon- You are correct the 27.5 would be the correct size for a 28.0 F1 LT. The problem with the Pro Flex Performance is that the cuff will probably be to thick to fit in the F1 LT. The better option to take up some volume and might be the Pro Flex Evo in the same size.

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