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For those days when gluttony abounds and your friends may not be so friendly, K2 brings you the Wayback 106. Built from the same bones as the beloved 88, this fat ski is a dream ride when the snow is fresh and deep. The Wayback 106 packs all the wizardry that K2 has developed in their years of ski building while remaining light enough to stack laps. With a Y-shaped titanal insert and a carbon overlay on top of a Paulownia Tour Lite wood core, this Wayback model is stiff and poppy for the hard-charging, powerful skier. It handles hardpack with aplomb and gorges on powder. When you buy a pair of K2 Wayback 106's, you'd best be spending the summer getting on your boss' good side, because you'll be calling in 'sick' more than ever before. And remember, there are no friends on a powder day.

  • Snophobic top sheet helps to keep your skis light and feathery while you're skinning, because why buy light skis if they're snow magnets?
  • Ti SpYne is a Y shaped sheet of titanal that keeps the tail supportive and the tip torsionally rigid, just how a good ski should be.
  • All-terrain rocker profile keeps the tips up in the deep stuff without over-rockering the tail, essential in a lightweight ski.
  • Paulownia Tour Lite wood core is becoming the industry standard lightweight construction.

Update 2020/21: The K2 Wayback 106 has a dazzling topsheet - same great ski we know and love, it's just going through a more yellow phase.

Lengths (cm) 172, 179, 186
convert to ounces
1455g [172]
1525g [179]
1655g [186]
Weight (pair) 2910g [172]
3050g [179]
3310g [186]
Dimensions   136-106-124 [179]
Turn Radius   22m [179]
Skin Fix   Z-Clip tip and tail holes, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   All Terrain rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Round tip and friendly, medium radius
Construction   Titanal Ti-Spyne laminate with ABS sidewall construction and full metal edges
Core   Paulownia Tour Lite
Skimo Co Says
Usage A daily driver in a good year, a powder ski in thin snow years
Notes Snophobic topsheet repels snow
Bottom Line A mid-to-stiff fat ski that is light enough to stack laps when the snow is soft
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Questions & Reviews

Chris F (used product regularly)
I'm still in the honeymoon phase but I have the 179's mounted on the line with hagan pure 10's and the k2 skins and it's been a great setup so far. Versatile and capable at a reasonably light weight. I echo what Anthony O has already written and use these in the PNW where things snow tends to be a bit heavier on a regular basis.

5 stars to Jeff for patiently answering all my questions over a 4 week period as I dialed in my target setup as well as the overall skimo crew.
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Anthony O (used product a few times)
This is a great ski that is great because it is bad at nothing, not because it excels anywhere. Ive been playing on it with speed radical toes and plum 170 heels for the start of this season. Ive found it reliable, predictable, and easy to control in a variety of conditions from neck deep blower, to icy garbage. It has a higher turn radius than some of its competitors, and while not very stiff, is no noodle either. It is capable in pow and in hardpack if you find yourself on it (i know that doesnt happen in utah). While it doesnt amaze me, i have no problems giving it a strong recommendation for skiers that may like to think they ski pow everyday, but may find other "conditions." This ski will keep you happy with its reliability either way.
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Question from Jeremy G
Hey ya'll, I'm in the market for a ski to replace my Carbon Converts as a daily, powder hunting ski. While I like light I'm willing to gain some weight in order to add versatility and stability in crappy snow (which I feel the Convert lacked). I ski around Bend, OR so 1-2 feet of medium density snow is a good day. This ski looks attractive but I'm open to suggestions. I'm 6' and 180lbs and only a moderately capable skier. If my skis leave the ground it's usually because I've messed something up, although I do enjoy small airs. I'll be skiing these with TLT7s and Helio 200 binders. Thanks for the input! You guys rock as always.
Answer from Jeff
Jeremy, Thats what we all want, skiing 1-2 feet daily. I put a few choices in comparison- 106 skis. For what you want, Versatility and stability in all snow conditions, The Zero G 105 and K2 Wayback are your best choices. I threw in the Movement LT 106 for comparison to the lightest in this category. We don't have much experience skiing the Wayback 106 yet, but the 88 is well known for skiing all condition's well. I have been on the Zero G 105 and it is also quite comfortable in all conditions too. Blizzard changed it considerably from the previous 108 which was a high speed monster.
Answer from Tjaard B
Blister has a review of these. The gist was, great, forgiving allrounder.
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