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Lenz Heat Socks 6.0


What’s better than 1.0? 6.0...6 times better! These heated socks from Lenz heat your entire foot (including toes) from top to bottom, and they do so in comfort with their high-quality fabric construction. Combining a high percentage of Merino wool along with slight compression you get all the benefits of wool as it mixes and mingles with some spandex to help keep the blood flowing. Since everyone has different needs when it comes to keeping your feet warm and happy, these socks can be set to one of three different heating levels. If you want even more control over the environment in your boots, these socks can be paired with the Lenz app, providing a continuous level of temperature adjustment. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can monitor and change your temperature settings at any point from your smartphone. So, where does that heat come from? A streamlined lithium battery stays out of the way, tucking into its own pouch so you can focus on your surroundings without the worry of pressure points on your legs. Because socks can be quite aromatic at the end of a ski day, Lenz made sure these are machine washable, for easy cleaning. If you need a reliable solution to fix your problem with cold toes, the Lenz 6.0 Heated Sock will do the trick.

  • Continuous heat setting when using the Lenz app allows you to change temperature on the fly.
  • 3 heat settings on battery pack to match to the needs of the day.
  • Compatible with the rcB 1200 and rcB1800 lithium battery packs.
  • Machine washable to keep the stank in check.
  • Battery tucks out of the way in the leg band for a streamlined look and feel.

Update 2022/23: Lenz tweaked these again, now calling them the Lenz Heat Socks 6.1, which is obviously better by 0.1.

Size US Men US Women EU Shoe
S 4-7 35-38
M 7-8 8-9 39-41
L 9-11 10-11 42-44
XL 12-13 45-47

*Socks do not come with batteries, they are sold separately.

Materials   50% Nylon
40% Merino
10% Spandex

Questions & Reviews

Question from Cliff
Are the Lenz 6.0 Ski Socks true to size after a number of washings?
Do they shrink like other Merino Wool socks after lots of washing?
I have a 10.5 mens shoe size - do I need the XL to accommodate shrinkage over time?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Cliff! If you follow the manufacture's recommendations for laundering, you shouldn't have issues with shrinking. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Joy
Looking and praying to see if these will be restocked in the near future. Looking to help frozen toes for this coming season.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Joy, we should be expecting some very shortly. I can sign you up for an email notification once they come in as well! Let us know if you have any more questions!
Answer from Joy S
Yes, please! I would live to be notified.
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Question from Amita
What are differences between 5.0 and 6.0 version? Which one is better for skiing?
Answer from Will M
Hey Amita!

Thanks for the question! The 6.0 is labeled as a compression sock so it'll be significantly tighter than the 5.0. Also this version is wool blend compared to the previous version being primarily nylon. The benefits? The 6.0 will create more heat within your boot simply by allowing for more air to flow around in your boot. On top of that, the wool will make them much less smelly! Both will have the heated toe cap.

For ski touring and downhill skiing, the 6.0 will be the better of the two.
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Question from Becca
Hey guys! I have a pair of Lenz 4.0 socks, and there are slim and regular versions of each size. Will you be getting slim and regular versions? Or is there just one width for these new 6.0 socks??

The regular width was too wide for my low-volume feet.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Becca, right now we won't be stocking those other widths. If you wanted to email we could chat about some potential options though.
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Question from Jon
When will these ship? Thanks so much!
Answer from Teddy Young
We hope to be getting them within the next 2 weeks, fingers crossed! If you'd like an inventory notification, send me an email at "".
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JDT (downright abused product)
I bought these socks last season and used them everyday.....including during Tuesday night racing with my snug race boots. These were a total GAME-CHANGER for me last year. I have frozen my feet so many times over the decades that my toes are severely effected by cold weather. Unlike other heated socks and chemical toe-warmers, the 6.0 socks barely take up more room than a conventional ultra-thin ski sock. The heating element only surrounds the toe box, and this is the only area where you may need to make extra room in your boot. The increase in sock thickness in the toes is still rather minimal, however. The rest of the sock is nice and thin. While one can adjust the heat directly with the battery pack button, this involves lifting up the ski pant. The better way is to use the bluetooth smartphone app. The largest battery pack should last for a full day on the lower settings. I found that all I needed was the lowest settings while touring. I increased the heat a bit more when skiing at the resort. Expensive, but this is a worthwhile purchase.
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