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When speed is ingrained in your DNA and you've got your eyes set on the podium, the Dynafit DNA race boot is going to be your partner in speed. Carbon cuffs reduce weight and add downhill performance which combined may end up being the difference between taking first instead of second. The Twistfit closure system gives you full control of your fit so that you can have confidence and control when you need it most. As compared to the PDG 2, Dynafit swapped the Speednose for a traditional toe welt so that the DNA accepts automatic crampons. The DNA-predecessor wasn't quite as free in the range-of-motion so Dynafit focused on creating a very efficient pivot system combined with a backless liner. A medium-volume fit aims to keep your feet happy and comfortable. Allow the DNA to integrate with your genome and bask in the podium glory with the Dynafit DNA boot.

  • Grilamid® lower loaded with carbon allows the boot to be stiff and light.
  • Full carbon cuff to reduce weight and create a higher-performing race boot.
  • Twistfit enclosure system locks over the top of the foot with precision.
  • Race lock allows one motion to lock the boot in ski mode and tighten the upper cuff.
  • Ingenious string system is easy to adjust for the proper calf tightness.

* Sizing Note: The DNA boot utilizes "race sizing," meaning that unlike other Dynafit boots the shell splits on the half-size, so 24.5 and 25 will have the same lower shell, for example. Also, due to the thin race liner, you will want a one-finger fit behind your heel when shell-fitting the boot.

convert to ounces
816g [27.0]
Weight (pair) 1632g [27.0]
Buckles   Twistfit instep, Race Lock cord on the cuff
Boot Sole Length   251mm [22.5/23]
251mm [23.5/24]
261mm [24.5/25]
271mm [25.5/26]
281mm [26.5/27]
291mm [27.5/28]
301mm [28.5/29]
311mm [29.5/30]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   10°, 13°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon infused Grilamid shell, Carbon cuff
Liner   DNA backless
Sole   Pomoca Race ISMF
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training, speed touring
Notes Single throw lever for less muss and no fuss
Bottom Line Dynafit's racing DNA at a reasonable price
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ted I.
I have the dynafit PDGs and am looking to upgrade. My PDGs fit great and I have no performance complaints. The one challenge I have with the PDGs is that when I am in walk mode and in boot high soft snow, I get a fair bit of snow coming in through the opening that exists just below the buckle. In race pants which cover the boot, this is somewhat mitigated, but in pants that are not designed to cover my boots, these seem somewhat exposed. Cold feet is one of my primary concerns on longer excursions. Would I be better off with the PDG2 and how water tight is the boot cuff in comparison (I realize all boots let some moisture in)? It looks like the DNA boot may be even more closed on the front of the foot, particularly in walk mode. Is this accurate? Any other considerations with respect to warmth / dry fit as it relates to the PDG2 versus the DNA.
Answer from Jeff
Ted, part 2. These boots will not be better then your PDG boots. These have a bikini liner, as in no cuff.
Also, the photo is 'Pre production' the gaiter is not that high. I have these boots to use mostly in the spring. They are plenty warm then and the air conditioning feels good on warm days. Again, a race pant will keep the snow out.
And they do ski amazingly well for a boot this light.
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Nels N (used product a few times)
I give them five stars for being what they are - a very lightweight race boot, that still allows for some decent performance on the descent. If you want them for something else, you probably will be disappointed. They are impressively light, and even more impressively rigid when you lock into ski mode. Looking at them, I wondered if I'd be just as well off in my nordic skate boots, but dynafit's engineering department deserves a raise.
Getting them to fit my feet took a custom heat-molded insole, until then I was getting weird rubbing and blisters on the bony prominence of the medial side of my navicular bone (a prominence I didn't know existed until I wore these). No punches or heat molds of the boot were required, thankfully. I've found if I want to favor downhill performance, I like a little more padding, which I can achieve with an extra pair of calf socks.
The transitioning system takes a bit of knot-tying and adjusting initially, but from then on is easy, simple, fast, and secure.
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Question from Velibor
Hey. What is the exact difference between two sizes in the same shell? Liner size, lines thickness, footbed?
Answer from Jeff
Velibor, There are no half sizes in any ski boots. Just one shell size. The liners are the same in this boot too. Some boots ship the sizes with a different footbed as you suggest. But you should throw those away and add a proper footbed.
Note, this boot uses Scarpa sizing, 26.5/27, but run about a size small compared to Scarpa boots.
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Question from Gabriel
Any recommendations for attaching a leash to this boot besides the zipper?
Answer from Emmett I

My recommendation would be to clip them to the walk mode cable on the cuff - ideally in a spot that won't pop your boot out of ski mode should you clip out. I'd strongly recommend against using the zipper, as they aren't meant to hold up to that kind of strain.
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Question from tiefseealge
hello, what is the biggest size of the ski boots? does it go up to 30,5 as well? thanks a lot!
Answer from jbo
Hi tiefseealge, we are expecting a 30.5 and 31 later this season. Hopefully they make it!
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Question from Chris
I have had two pair of PDGs and they fit really well. Is the DNA similar in volume and last?

Answer from Cole P
Hello Chris, the DNA's are the closest in volume and width to the original PDG. The forefoot is average width and it has an average-to-below average amount of volume. Not like the PDG2 boots.
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Question from Amy
Are there zippers on this boot similar to the Mezzalama boot?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Amy. These zippers are almost identical to those on the Mezzalama.
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Question from Vegard

i´m thinking of getting these for training and some ice climbing. Will it be possible to use a slightly beefier liner even if their set up with a bikini-ish. Probably give som more FW lean, but i usually miss that anyways. If it´s not completely out of the question, which liner would you recommend? warmth will be a priority over weight in most cases.

Also, is the nose big enough to give a secure fit with automatic crampons for proper WI5+ Ice climbing?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Vegard. The Palau Ultra Light Race Liner would work well. The 7mm could work, so long as you're willing to mold them if they are a bit tight.
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Question from Matthew Erickson
Other than weight is there any difference between the DNA and the less expensive Mezzelama?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Matthew, besides saving weight, carbon does increase the stiffness of the boot cuff to be able to drive your skis on the downhill!
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Question from Jake
This might be redundant to other questions here but I’m wondering that if now you have the boot in stock if you’ve worked on any and whether you would be able to do a sixth toe punch?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Jake, it is possible to make a bit of room in the sixth toe area under the hands of a skilled boot magician. Let us know if you have any more questions.
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Question from AARON O
Same question as above, will be really curious to see if this is easier to punch than the Alien 1.1. Also, any idea what the last width on this guy will be?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Aaron, as far we know these will be able to be punched but because we haven't worked on any yet it's pretty hard to say exactly how well they will punch. Dynafit has the DNA boot advertised as a 97mm last but like with all boots the last width will vary in each size and can't really be compared across different brands. I would say the DNA boot to be firmly in the narrow/mid-volume range for width though.
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, we received a few pair and I would say the last is more like 99-100mm. Not huge but can fit an average foot. Should be no problem to punch.
Answer from AARON O
I appreciate it thank you!
Answer from frede
Hello, on the issuu catalog of dynafit the size 25.5-26 is 281mm and the 26.5-27 is 291 mm. on your site you marked 10mm shorter than dynafit. can you check the bsl please?
Answer from jbo
Hi frede, we have verified our specs. They are shorter.
Answer from frede
thank you JB0 I found it long also on 26.5-27 at 291 ... it's much better at 281!

At first glance, what do you think of the DNA and blacklight pro combo?
Answer from jbo
Hi Frede, I haven't skied the DNA yet, but walking around in it, it feels like a race boot. Quite stiff, but maybe not ideal for skiing hard on bigger or stiffer skis. You could ride around on the Blacklight Pros no problem, but a beefier boot could get more out of that ski.
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Question from Sam
With the Grilamid shell, is it likely these boots will be able to take a punch or two without cracking, provided it's done by a pro bootfitter?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Sam, thanks for the question. Because we don't have the boot in hand yet we can't say for certain how easy it is to punch the shell. We do belive that under the eye of a skilled boot fitter it should be possible to get a little bit of room in the lower shell though. Let us know if you have any more questions!
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