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Christopher B

Christopher B




5' 10"


160 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year


My Skiing

Depends on conditions. Groomer ripping and tight trees on alpine gear. Cautious line choice exploring CCC cut trails and community glades on backcountry gear. Mostly in New England.

My Gear

Hagan Skis, Hagan (ATK) Bindings, Roxa Caron Boots (size 27.5) for racing

Stockli Stormriders for resort ripping with lange xt130

G3 soulfly with Onyx bindings for general BC exploring (looking for new bindings, or a whole new setup)

Recent Posts

I have size 42 alien 3.0s and I'm looking to alleviate heel slip on the uphill. Would insoles like these help? Also what size insole should I be looking at for a 42? Thanks
Hey Brett, thanks for the soldering iron trick. I got it to break down the loctite and get all the nuts out. Now that I have it apart, how to I get the bushing out of the cuff?
I have a lot of play in the cuff of the old Alien 1.0 boots (cuff seems to move up and down). I just ordered some new bushings (last two left, so will need to figure out how to replace the other two), but I'm having trouble getting the hex nut off. Any tips? Is it a 14mm or 15mm size? Also, any other tips to reduce the play in that joint? Thanks, Chris
These are my second pair or race skis, coming from the 2012/13 Orange X-Race skis. These are so improved. At speed they feel very damp, very little chatter for a ski so light. The mini-sidewall must be helping a lot. Really a fun ski for racing and training. When I've had them in ungroomed conditions, they were still a very reliable ski. Can't wait for my next day out on them.
Hello, several questions. Will the heel risers work on Hagan ZR bindings (as a follow up, my riser has been lifting while skinning and I have accidentally locked my heel while on the up, would new risers help?) Second, would the titanium u springs work on zr bindings? Thanks!

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