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Height:6' 2"
Weight:170 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
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My Skiing

East coast backcountry adventures, Skimo racing, Nordic

My Gear

La Sportiva Syborg, Trab Race Binding, Hagan X Race

Dynafit Speed Classics, Black Diamond Crossbow

Recent Posts

These skis are an improvement over the previous generation X-races with the square tip, particularly in firmer conditions, as they seem stiffer and can really hold an edge. They're basically a mini ultra, which is also a big improvement over the previous generation cirrus. The mini abs sidewall is great as well and should improve durability. I had sidewall separation on the older x race, cirrus, and have seen it on atomics too which are all cap construction. While I was able to epoxy them all and extend the...
I have these now on a pair of hagan ultras and my race skis. I have them on adjustment plates on both skis. The pair on the ultras have been well used. The titanium heel springs wear much faster than the steel springs on other race bindings, but they're easy enough to replace and swap out. The heel flaps have a tendency to come loose, flop, then break when you step on them. But again, easy enough to manage if you keep them reasonably tight. If you do break them, it's a quick swap out and the flaps are repla...
Looks like the mammut is easy to fill at scuba/paintball shops, or with a hand pump. Any word on the feasibility of those options with the Arva? I can't find much via google, and the Arva site says authorized dealers only (of which there aren't many).
I've had these now for about 6 weeks but have already put nearly 150k of vert on them thanks to a perfect spring in New England and a 2 week trip to Norway. So I've had the chance to use them in nearly every type of snow, and have skied them with Hagan Ultras and the Fischer Hannibal 94s and 100s. They drive the bigger skis surprisingly well even in challenging conditions (hot pow, crust, etc). The full gaiter is awesome and the boa cinches evenly and snuggly. The power strap and ski/walk lock are beautiful...
Update after two seasons of use. I think these were a pretty solid intro boot for me. I used them for racing and daily touring with the hagan race and cirrus skis from mid 2015 through mid 2017 seasons. After 3 seasons they're pretty beat up but still functioning. Soles have held up well even with lots of non-snow travel. At this point there's lots of play in the cuff rivots. I haven't attempted to swap them out with replaceable rivets the way folks have with pdg/tlts/evos. Not sure if it's possible. Based ...

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