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Skimo Co





6' 2"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

My Skiing

East coast backcountry adventures, Skimo racing, occasional trips for actual ski mountaineering, Nordic

My Gear

Pierre Gignoux boots, hagan race skis, hagan ultra binding
Scarpa alien 1.0, hagan ultra, ultra binding
Fischer travers boot, fischer transalp 90, speed turn

Recent Posts

Didn't think I'd ever wear anything other than my R1, but I've been finding myself grabbing this more and more. It's a bit thinner, but fuzzier, waffle grid fleece than an R1 (grid is smaller/tigher as well). The hood is lined, which I find a bit bulky, but if you're a hood person you might like the additional warmth. I wish it was a little snugger until the helmet. I find it bulky underneath but too small to pull over. The chest pocket should be a bit bigger to get phone in and out. I have an older iphone ...
Hey guys, Any chance replacement heel forks for these exist? Thanks, -Brian
These skis are an improvement over the previous generation X-races with the square tip, particularly in firmer conditions, as they seem stiffer and can really hold an edge. They're basically a mini ultra, which is also a big improvement over the previous generation cirrus. The mini abs sidewall is great as well and should improve durability. I had sidewall separation on the older x race, cirrus, and have seen it on atomics too which are all cap construction. While I was able to epoxy them all and extend the...
I have these now on a pair of hagan ultras and my race skis. I have them on adjustment plates on both skis. The pair on the ultras have been well used. The titanium heel springs wear much faster than the steel springs on other race bindings, but they're easy enough to replace and swap out. The heel flaps have a tendency to come loose, flop, then break when you step on them. But again, easy enough to manage if you keep them reasonably tight. If you do break them, it's a quick swap out and the flaps are repla...
Looks like the mammut is easy to fill at scuba/paintball shops, or with a hand pump. Any word on the feasibility of those options with the Arva? I can't find much via google, and the Arva site says authorized dealers only (of which there aren't many).

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