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Tuckerman Ravine sits on the eastern side of New Hampshire's Mount Washington and is home to some of New England's most iconic ski lines, from the infamous Headwall to the perennial favorite Hillman's Highway. It's also a glacially-carved cirque -- a remnant of the last ice age, when a thick sheet of ice pushed down from Washington's summit along with thousands of tons of glacial debris, creating the steep-sided steep-skiing paradise we know today. Skiers flocking to Tuckerman Ravine every spring would be right to look at Black Diamond's Cirque 84, a versatile mountaineering ski with a preference for steep and firm. Taking its cue from BD's previous offerings in the mid-fat category, the Cirque 84 uses a paulownia wood core and a hybrid sidewall/cap construction to provide a powerful and stable feel underfoot, but at a much lower weight and with a handy tip notch for quicker transitions. Whether you're dropping into a steep face at corn o'clock, or setting off on the Ortler Traverse, get a pair of Cirques on your feet and get ready to be impressed.

  • Paulownia wood core and pre-preg carbon is a proven combo for ultralight skis, and BD added a titanal mounting plate to finish the sandwich.
  • Angular sidewalls pair with cap construction to increase durability and provide a powerful, stable feel.
  • White topsheet sheds snow, even when the May sun is beating down on you.
  • The flat tail provides solid edge hold on bulletproof snow and is easy to insert into a pack loop for #booterfriday.
  • Pair with a tip-rip skin for race-speed transitions in the backcountry.
Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
920g [157]
980g [164]
1045g [171]
1110g [178]
Weight (pair) 1840g [157]
1960g [164]
2090g [171]
2220g [178]
Dimensions   112-84-102 [157]
114-84-103 [164]
115-84-104 [171]
117-84-105 [178]
Turn Radius   17.5m [157]
18.5m [164]
19.5m [171]
20.5m [178]
Skin Fix   Tip Notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   All conditions tip rise, flat tail, moderate camber
Shape   Round tip, medium radius, slight tapered tail
Construction   Ultralight Pre-preg carbon fiber layup, 5 mm beveled partial ABS sidewalls with semi-cap construction
Core   Engineered paulownia wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Steep skiing,fast and light
Notes ABS tail protector with integrated skin-clip tab
Bottom Line Ultralight machine that can pick off technical couloirs
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Questions & Reviews

Peter W (used product a few times)
I previously owned the Blizzard Zero G 85's, in the 185cm length. Those were my resort dawn patrol -> rip fresh cordoruy ski. And my spring/summer glacier rip steep corn ski. I liked them because they were stiff, light, and came in a "real" length.
The Cirque 84 is made by Blizzard, and is near identical dimensions, but it's a very different ski. The Cirque is *much* softer than the Zero G. It's a more forgiving ski, doesn't need to same level of speed to make it work, but it also won't do big turns the same way.
My Cirques are the 171cm, a lot shorter, because for me the Cirques are about cutting weight, long traverses in soft snow, skinning for skinning's sake, etc.
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Hayden (used product regularly)
Having skied on the Cirque 84's for nearly a season and a half, I have been very impressed. The two previous skis that BD has made that would compare to this ski (Helio 88 and Helio 76) were mediocre at best. Most of all, the 76 and 88 were both way too heavy for their respective sizes. Not so with the Cirque 84.

This ski feels really damp and stable for its size and weight, and in my experience their durability has been average if not better than average. Downhill performance is impressive too, as I usually do not enjoy skis this weight and size. They are excellent in firm snow, corn, and shallow powder, and have adequate performance in deeper powder and crud (what I would expect from a ski like this).

I only have two subjective gripes, the first is that I wish more skis like this were made in a slightly longer length, between 173 and 177 would be ideal, and that the graphics are boring and ugly.

That said, I would quickly recommend these skis to anyone looking for a dedicated ski mountaineering tool, who wants a mix of reliable, easy skiability in varied conditions, and low weight.
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Thomas G (used product regularly)
I bought a pair of Cirque84's to replace an older pair of Atomic Backland 78's. I find this size of ski to be perfect for spring missions, in-bounds fitness laps, and long walks in the woods, and I have not been disappointed by BD's new cirque line.

This is a "high utility" ski that offers predictability in variable conditions, good on-edge performance, and nimble movement. It is remarkably easy to pivot and jump turn with, and it is easy to handle in variable conditions. I wanted a ski that weighed a little less than the Backlands and floated a little more, and that's exactly what these are.

The ski isn't without limitations (there's a reason why we still have powder skis, right?) and it does feel a little nervous at speed - that being said, I've had it in 6" of fresh, where I found the rockered tip more than adequate at planing above the snow.

At just under 1kg, this ski is fantastic for long missions. I ski mine with a pair of Scarpa Alien RS boots, and the combination is phenomenal - responsive, fun to ski, and capable of performing well in a variety of conditions.
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TSB (used product a few times)
While Black Diamond may be much better known for their Wasatch-romping, wide-bodied powder skis, it would be a mistake to write off this climbing-world giant when it comes to skinny mountaineering skis. With the new Cirque ski line for 2020, BD has finally proved that all their years of interrogating steep-skiing luminaries such as Andrew Maclean for their ski-testing feedback didn't go to waste and that their designers have what it takes to compete with the Euro brands in the low-/mid-fat categories. Testing the new Cirque skis last spring, I was especially impressed with the mixture of precision and ferocity that the Cirque 84 demonstrated in mixed conditions, ranging from unyielding windboard to sludgy, unconsolidated mank. The ski took little input to pivot or tack around, even when paired with skimo race boots, but could hold a line traversing or straight-lining without difficulty. There's an effective balance of rocker/early rise in the tip that likes to rise up and plane out of the snow with little effort, mated to a relatively aggressive camber profile that wants to whip around from edge to edge. The tail is supportive, but not crazy stiff; you can definitely pilot the ski out of the backseat if that is your cup o' tea, much as you would with a "race-plus" ski such as the Movement Race Pro 85, but the ski can also reward a more forward/front-seat position รก la Blizzard Zero G 85.

You could go up a size for that Blizzard-esque, straight-down-the-fall-line vibe, and to pair with bigger touring boots and more powerful technique; or down a size if you just can't quit your racer sensibilities and want to mount closer to pin-line and run race boots. For this season I chose to size down on the ski to give it more of a race-ski-ish feel and to match the spiritual center of my quiver, the Movement Gold Fish/Race Pro 71. I'll be using the Cirque 84 in a 171cm paired with Kreuzspitze/Ski Trab hybrid race binding, Colltex mohair skins and Alien 1.1 boots for much of my "day to day" touring up high this winter. Looking forward to putting the ski through its paces and seeing if it deserves a place among the mid-fat pantheon.
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Model: Cirque 84 Ski

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