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Do you ever feel an uncontainable rage at photos of tightly-linked short-radius powder turns? Do your legs quiver with anticipation for the next day when you can bust out your ski torpedoes and put an end to the madness of #stackingtracks and #tightywhiteys? Do you have a habit of burdening innocent two-buckle touring boots with Booster straps and aggressive spoilers? Do you like to go big and crash bigger? If so, your ski has arrived. You don't make turns like most backcountry skiers, and the Backland 107 wouldn't want you to. Boasting enough tail stiffness to gun the ski out of the backseat and enough tip rocker to make the ski plane out of the snow at mach-looney, Atomic's 107-waisted powder weapon has the mojo to straightline Highlands Bowl and to blast down the apron of the S&S Couloir. Don't worry about crud and sun crust; the HRZN Tech tip and Ultra Power wood core will take care of that. Don't worry about hitting rocks in the runout; full sidewall construction and impressive girth will protect your pontoon boards from harm. Just worry about stopping at the bottom of the run, and not getting too upset the next time you open Instagram.

  • HRZN Tech tip shaping coupled with generous tip rocker means an unbeatable ride when you're getting totally deep.
  • Carbon backbone with Karuba wood provides the right amount of stiffness and responsiveness.
  • Atomic's Powder Rocker profile blends directional turning with the much-desired "surfy" feel.
  • Full sidewall construction makes for a durable ski with solid edge hold

Update 2021/22: Topsheet received a new paint job.

Update 2022/23: Yet again Atomic updated the topsheet.

Update 2023/24: A fresh coat of paint on the same great ski.

Lengths (cm) 175, 182, 189
convert to ounces
1505g [175]
1590g [182]
1645g [189]
Weight (pair) 3010g [175]
3180g [182]
3290g [189]
Dimensions   136-107-123 [175]
137-107-124 [182]
138-107-125 [189]
Turn Radius   17.5m [175]
18.5m [182]
19.5m [189]
Skin Fix   Round tips, roundish tail with rubber protector
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Rockered tip and tail (25%), light camber underfoot (75%)
Shape   HRZN Tech tip, medium radius, rounded tail
Construction   HRZN Tech, Carbon Backbone with Ultra Power woodcore
Core   Carbon fiber and Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Creating massive rooster-tails in powder and setting Strava descent records in crud
Notes Supportive tail is tailor-made for straightlining big faces
Bottom Line High-stability, high-speed powder ripper
Compare to other Excess-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Stephen C (used product a few times)
I had the opportunity to try these out in-bounds at Mt. Baker ski area on a day when it was nuking and hardly anyone else was out there. For context, Mt Baker doesn't have "powder" it has wet cement snow, even more so than other ski areas in WA.

Whoa boy this thing is a beast. The tail is indeed stiff and you better keep your shins in your boots to control it unless you want to be taken for a ride. This is an experts-only ski IMO. Not an every-day touring or even an every-day powder ski. It is like riding a wild stallion where if you're not a master horse rider you're probably going to get bucked.

However, if you are an expert skier and you really do want to create massive rooster tails and straight line some massive runs, then I would imagine it's maybe the perfect backcountry ski. To me, this ski just felt like it wanted to plow ahead up and over the snow, even in the conditions I was in where other touring skis might have gotten stuck or tossed around to a greater degree.

So, for the right person, it probably is a 5-star ski. But for most people it might be a handful. All-in-all, I'm giving it 4 stars.
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Question from Lucas
What AT binding would you pair with the Backland 107? I like the ski, but as usual have been struggling with what binding to pair it with. Would be using as a daily driver touring ski in Southeast Alaska (I already have a dedicated lightweight touring setup and wouldn't use it in bounds either, except for occasional lift-accessible side country skiing). Appreciate your thoughts!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Lucas,

For a durable, fully featured binding with all the bells and whistles (and brakes), it's hard to do better than the ATK Raider series of bindings. You could go with a C-Raider for slightly lighter weight, or a full aluminum Raider Evo if you prefer a solid metal construction. For something lighter, without brakes, the Ski Trab Titan Vario.2 or the Plum Oazo would be a great match.

In the end, we prefer to match the binding to the skier more than the just ski. If you check out our binding finder we can dial in our recommendation.
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Question from Kirk
i have Atomic Backland 107 and Dynafit Rotation ready to mount.
looking for an advise on drill bit size to drill on the skis for the bindings. I've read here that Dynafit Rotation suggests 4.1 x 9.0mm, but that size is for skis with metal plate. Do these skis have metal place on the top or i can use a narrow drill bit like 3.6 x 9.0mm on this skis?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Kirk, the Backland 107's call for a 4.1 x 9.0mm bit, there's a metal mounting plate in there.
Answer from Kirk
thank you so much Gabriel,
i couldnt find any info regarding metal plate on backland skis. also when i was going to order a drill bit, i found this;
3.6 x 9.0mm Drill Bit - This is the bit for Atomic skis with wood cores (including Ultimates),
sounds like backland skis have wood core AND metal plate.
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Question from Mike
Looking at switching to the Backland 107 167cm from a Pagoda tour 106 171cm as a daily driver. I dont ski particularly fast, and want something more nimble, maneuverable, easier to turn. It seems like they'll probably float a bit more in pow which is a plus. What do you think?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Mike,

You are correct, the Backland 107 is a great performer in powder with a generous amount of rocker, lending itself to a "surfier" feel. With a shape and construction that focuses on being a powder-oriented ski, it does not perform as well across the variety of conditions you may encounter day to day. In not-so-powdery conditions, you may find them to be as forgiving as the Pagado Tours and with stiffer tails, at slower speeds or in terrain that requires a high degree of maneuverability, you may find that you would need to drive the tips of the skis harder than some other options. It is important to note that this exact ski is not offered in a 167cm length. For a lightweight daily driver that is both easy-going and quite nimble, I would suggest checking out the  Voile Hyper V6

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Question from Steve
How does the Backland 107 compare to the Fisher Hannibal 106? I’m looking for a high speed powder ski that can also handle variable conditions well.
Answer from Emmett I

The Hannibal is a bit stiffer and has more camber than the Backland, so I'd recommend the Hannibal for you. The Backland is more rockered and has an earlier rise at the tip, so it will float better than the Hannibal at low speeds. You could also check out the Dynastar M-Tour 99. It has a traditional sidecut, which lends itself well to skiing in less-than-ideal conditions.
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Question from Marissa
Atomic Backland 107 vs DPS Pagoda Tour 106 C2? What are your thoughts?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Marissa, the Atomic Backland 107's are more playful, energetic, and easier to release the tail. The DPS 106 is stiffer and very damp which makes them more all-mountain powder ski that can really hold an edge without washing the tails out. Both options are great in soft snow but the Backland 107's are more of a powder-specific ski, while the Pagodas can feel at home in a number of conditions.
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Question from Kyle
Looking to replace a pair of Volkl BMT 109s (186cm) with a more traditional cambered ski that can handle a long radius turn from the front seat. I found the BMT skied best from a neutral stance (like a lot of rockered skis) and wanted to get the Skimo Pro's opinion if this Atomic fits the bill for the long radius front seat driving ticket? In the past I've not liked skis with a R of < 20m, also consdiering the Blizzard 105s?? Thank you!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Kyle. It sounds like you'd get along best with either the Hannibal 106 or Zero G 105! The Atomic certainly matches your description, just not as much as either of these two skis.
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Question from Sebastian
Hello, I just purchased a pair of the Backland 107 and am currently looking for a lightweight binding specifically for touring to go with it. If anybody has any recommendations that would be super helpful. Thanks!
Answer from Ian C
Hey Sebastian, the answer to that question depends a little on which specific backcountry binding features you are seeking. If you submit a binding finder form with us, we'd be happy to get the ball rolling!
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Question from Bryce
Curious what you guys think of these compared to the Dynafit Free 107s. I’m 6’2” and 150#, leaning towards the 182s. I’m currently on Black Diamond Helio Recon 105s and am looking for something a bit lighter and easier to turn.
Answer from Ian C
Hey Bryce, both those models are turbo-powered freeride skis that can handle most backcountry conditions with aplomb. At the moment we only carry the Dynafit Free 97 but it shares the Free 107's durable construction and medium turn radius.

If you wanted to drop even more weight while retaining the hard-charging downhill performance and easygoing feel, take a look at the Voile Hyper Charger!
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Question from Andrew M
Any recommendations on Skins that fit the HRZN front end on these well? I have read that snow will get under most skins. I have read it here (above) as well as other forums. I am particularly looking for skins for the Atomic Backland 107 [189].
My understanding is that the front clip needs to be narrow enough to fit inside the rounded portions (due to HRZN). Atomic shown doesn't seem to have stock.
Any help in finding a good skin that would prevent/reduce this known issue for me and others would be great! Thank you for any direction/advice/help!
Answer from Ian C
Hey Andrew, no specific recommendations there. I have heard of this issue but rarely has it seemed to affect the actual tenacity of the skin on the ski base, more annoying than anything.
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Peter (used product regularly)
I think the description above referring to these as "ski torpedoes" and "like to go big and crash bigger" is maybe a bit of hyperbole, but these are really great powder freeride skis. I didn't want to like them so much, they're just so boring looking, but they've become one of my favorite skis ever. For how damp they are, they are *very* light. They do like big radius turns, especially in the 189cm length, which I love. Many brands do not mix lightweight construction with 185+ cm lengths, so I really appreciate this special combo of attributes.
I also had a pair of 185cm Voile Hyperdrifters (125mm waist) but I sold those because the Backland 107s floated just as well, even in deep AK powder, and the Backlands are a lot damper and handle funky snow better.

of note: the HRZN Tech tip is a stupid gimmick. The thing doesn't even touch the snow while turning, so it doesn't help anything, but it does fold the tips of climbing skins allowing snow to build up under your skins. It's frustrating. The Backland skis will be better when HRZN Tech goes away, like all useless tech features eventually do.
Carefully consider the tip attachment method for your skins if you get HRZN skis.
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Fred Pope (used product regularly)
I have about 80 days on this ski so far this year and can confidently say it is one of the best skis I have ever had including all my alpine skis. Most touring skis are some kind of compromise, but this one it is light enough to fly uphill and then with the right boot you can confidently drive this ski. It plows through the junk with confidence, turns on a dime and has a very forgiving and playful character. I have an inside joke that nothing skis bad on the Backland 107s. It's almost a quiver killer of a ski.
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Reeven N (used product a few times)
EXTREMELY lightweight and agile ski. A bit of chatter on hardpacked groomers, but this ski ain't meant for that.

Jeff recommended these bad boys and I couldn't be happier to tour with these. >>> frame bindings on BlackCrows Animas!
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Question from JMC
Any difference between the 2020 and 2021 models?
Answer from Julieana
Hey JMC, the only difference is the graphic, the construction of the ski has remained the same.
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Model: Backland 107

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