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Do you ever feel an uncontainable rage at photos of tightly-linked short-radius powder turns? Do your legs quiver with anticipation for the next day when you can bust out your ski torpedoes and put an end to the madness of #stackingtracks and #tightywhiteys? Do you have a habit of burdening innocent two-buckle touring boots with Booster straps and aggressive spoilers? Do you like to go big and crash bigger? If so, your ski has arrived. You don't make turns like most backcountry skiers, and the Backland 107 wouldn't want you to. Boasting enough tail stiffness to gun the ski out of the backseat and enough tip rocker to make the ski plane out of the snow at mach-looney, Atomic's 107-waisted powder weapon has the mojo to straightline Highlands Bowl and to blast down the apron of the S&S Couloir. Don't worry about crud and sun crust; the HRZN Tech tip and Ultra Power wood core will take care of that. Don't worry about hitting rocks in the runout; full sidewall construction and impressive girth will protect your pontoon boards from harm. Just worry about stopping at the bottom of the run, and not getting too upset the next time you open Instagram.

  • HRZN Tech tip shaping coupled with generous tip rocker means an unbeatable ride when you're getting totally deep.
  • Carbon backbone with Karuba wood provides the right amount of stiffness and responsiveness.
  • Atomic's Powder Rocker profile blends directional turning with the much-desired "surfy" feel.
  • Full sidewall construction makes for a durable ski with solid edge hold

Update 2021/22: New Topsheet

Lengths (cm) 175, 182, 189
convert to ounces
1505g [175]
1590g [182]
1645g [189]
Weight (pair) 3010g [175]
3180g [182]
3290g [189]
Dimensions   136-107-123 [175]
137-107-124 [182]
138-107-125 [189]
Turn Radius   17.5m [175]
18.5m [182]
19.5m [189]
Skin Fix   Round tips, roundish tail with rubber protector
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Rockered tip and tail (25%), light camber underfoot (75%)
Shape   HRZN Tech tip, medium radius, rounded tail
Construction   HRZN Tech, Carbon Backbone with Ultra Power woodcore
Core   Carbon fiber and Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Creating massive rooster-tails in powder and setting Strava descent records in crud
Notes Supportive tail is tailor-made for straightlining big faces
Bottom Line High-stability, high-speed powder ripper
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Questions & Reviews

Fred Pope (used product regularly)
I have about 80 days on this ski so far this year and can confidently say it is one of the best skis I have ever had including all my alpine skis. Most touring skis are some kind of compromise, but this one it is light enough to fly uphill and then with the right boot you can confidently drive this ski. It plows through the junk with confidence, turns on a dime and has a very forgiving and playful character. I have an inside joke that nothing skis bad on the Backland 107s. It's almost a quiver killer of a ski.
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Reeven N (used product a few times)
EXTREMELY lightweight and agile ski. A bit of chatter on hardpacked groomers, but this ski ain't meant for that.

Jeff recommended these bad boys and I couldn't be happier to tour with these. >>> frame bindings on BlackCrows Animas!
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Question from JMC
Any difference between the 2020 and 2021 models?
Answer from Julieana
Hey JMC, the only difference is the graphic, the construction of the ski has remained the same.
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Model: Backland 107

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