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If Dynafit made a Venn diagram of its (non-race) ski boot lineup, one circle would feature the beloved TLT8 Expedition boot, known for being lightweight, efficient, and capable of big days in the mountains. The other circle would be the Hoji Free 130 boot. These aggressive, huck-your-meat, stiff-as-a-2x4 boots have proven to be a delight for the freeriders who earn their turns (and drops.) But what about the skiers who want a little A and a little B? What would be the overlap of this Venn diagram? Introducing the Dynafit Radical Pro boot. This factory-made Frankenstein keeps the best traits of the Hoji Free but goes on a diet for a faster up. Don’t worry, the ingenious Hoji Lock System isn’t going anywhere. With one simple movement, you can switch your boots from a rock-solid stiff alpine boot with a 120 flex to a comfy, nimble 60 degrees of cuff rotation. The Master Step insert makes clicking in even easier. The cuff is Grilamid loaded with glass fibers for weight savings and increased durability. Speaking of up, the Radical Pro features heel and toe welts capable of accommodating step-in crampons. Once you’ve breezed to the top, just hit that same lever again to reverse course, and charge the mountain. The Dynafit Radical Pro allows you to bask in the glory of a great performance on the up and the down.

  • Ingenious Hoji Lock system transitions from climb to descend with the flip of a single lever.
  • Dynafit liner walks incredibly well when combined with 60 degrees ROM.
  • Master Step insert makes clicking into your toe piece a breeze.
  • 120 Flex makes this a hard charging, confidence inspiring piece of footwear.
  • Pomoca outsole provides great grip to keep you upright on that ice-covered ridgeline.
convert to ounces
1525g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 3050g [27.5]
Buckles   3+ Power Strap
Boot Sole Length   287mm [25/25.5]
297mm [26/26.5]
307mm [27/27.5]
317mm [28/28.5]
327mm [29/29.5]
337mm [30/30.5]
347mm [31/31.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, MNC
Cuff Rotation   60°
Forward Lean(s)   15°, 11° with spoiler removed
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid with glass fibers
Liner   Dynafit
Sole   Pomoca
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring
Notes Hoji Lock system has virtually no play
Bottom Line Freeride boots just found a new gold standard
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Questions & Reviews

Christof N (used product regularly)
Skied a 15,000 ft. day yesterday on these, about 9-10K heli assist, and the rest touring. I have to say, I've found what I think is the gold standard "Beef Boot" for the dedicated tourer (as long as it fits, yada yada yada, etc).

Weight came in 1450g per boot in 26.5 WITHOUT footbeds, which is 38 grams heavier than my Scarpa Maestrale RS. However, the walk mode is better/easier to use, articulates more freely, especially rearward, and the Hoji-lock system delivers in its claim to lock the cuff in downhill mode with no play, allowing for a truly progressive flex. This is the most "alpine like" feel in a dedicated touring boot I've ever felt.

I have a wide-ish forefoot (100mm+), a high instep, and a (maybe) narrowish heel. The footbox is roomy like many Dynafit boots including the Hoji Free, but the instep volume is VASTLY improved. Heel hold with a good liner mold is great. My biggest challenge in ski boots is usually avoiding the clamping pain on top of my foot. A simple foam padding on my instep before molding and I had no issues. I didn't have to pad the sixth toe area at all.

I was skeptical about the "set and forget" Hoji-lock system as every boot I've used in the past that claims something similar inevitably requires some fiddling on the transitions. I'm now a believer and will put Eric Hjorleifson and Fritz Barthel on the top of my list for Nobel prize winners and "People who have changed my life forever". I put the boot on at 7am, buckled it up like I was going to ski downhill, and all I did for the next 6-7 hours is lift the lever up, and down. Didn't even touch the power-strap. I'm still a little blown away. It's ironic that my fastest transitions are now on my heavy gear.

So bottom line this will probably replace my Maestrale RS as my touring "beef" boot. For reference, the other boots I ski are a F1 LT (light) and the standard F1 (everyday touring). My main goal in replacing the Maestrale RS was to find something that had a better walk mode, skied as strong or better, and be the same or lighter weight. The Radical Pro checks two of those boxes with aplomb, and is so much better at walking and skiing, that I find myself happily giving up the 38g per foot. Thinking about my day out on them, they didn't "feel" any heavier than my Maestrales, and I firmly believe that the improved articulation saves a lot more energy than simply shedding a little weight.
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Question from Russell
Any idea when larger sizes will be available? Looking for something like a 31.
Answer from Eric
Hey Russell, thanks for reaching out! We likely won't see any size 31 until the fall, but I just set up an inventory alert for you so you'll get an email as soon as we receive them!
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Question from walter
Do these work with shifts?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Walter, Dynafit designed and marketed this boot to be compatible with Salomon/Atomic Shifts, and they are compliant with the ISO 9523 norm.
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Question from Rob
Want to grab a 26.5. Do you know the bsl for this size?

Answer from jbo
Hi Rob, just checked, those are 297mm.
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Question from Dana K
Do you know the BSL of the 25? Or if you’ll be getting in a 24.5?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dana,

The 25.0/25.5 shell size has a BSL of 287mm. Additionally, there will not be a 24.0/24.5 shell in the Men's Radical Pro Boot.
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Question from Anthony O
Anyone know the fit of the lower boot? Is it an ankle bone crusher like the hoji? Or normalish like the TLT? Stated last?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, yes we've tried them on, definitely different than the Hoji Pro Tour and the Hoji Free. Last is wide like the Pro Tour (103ish), but much higher volume. No ankle issues noted.
Answer from Anthony O
So did dynafit do a little (big) fib on specs? They advertise as lighter than the pro tour at 1380 but you guys are measuring 1525?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, yep, heavier that hoped. The prototype pair we measured was 1475 for what it's worth.
Answer from Christof N
My 26.5 weighed in at 1450g per boot WITHOUT footbeds. Dynafit's website now states 1400g, but that's still quite the discrepancy. The good news? They ski and walk good enough I don't even care about the fudge in weight.
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Question from Coyne
When do you think these will show up?
Answer from jbo
Hi Coyne, we expect a small size run within a week.
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