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Eddy v

Eddy v




5' 11"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.00

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


Recent Posts

This is the best beacon currently on the market. It's got a huge search range, a high-resolution display that tells you exactly what to do (hopefully you're well-practiced anyhow, but having the screen instruct you in case you panic is a great backup), and great processing speed. I'm not convinced by revert to send mode, so I've turned that option off for me (something you can only do on the Barryvox S and not on the regular Barryvox). I'm not a fan of Mammut's landing strip search, so I've changed that s...
The micro traxion has become a more or less mandatory piece of crevasse rescue gear. I don't *always* take it with me on a glacier (sometimes I'll plan on just using a biner and prussik for a much less efficient progress capture), but any time I think there's even a relatively small chance of a crevasse fall I'll bring it along just in case. It weighs relatively little (though the new Nano Traxion is even smaller and lighter), is very efficient, and just gives me a lot of options for a rescue. If you regula...
Best helmet I've ever used. It's comfortable, light, protective, and has a functional goggle and headlamp attachment. I use it now for both touring and resort days. In the resort I normally wear a hood or buff under it if it's cold out (the MTN helmet isn't nearly as warm as most resort specific helmets). When touring I have the option to wear a hood underneath if it's cold, wear it as is if it's a bit warmer, or take out the ear covers if it's really warm. I love having all the options! I (thankfully) ...
The worlds most terrifying device. I've tested a few times with a backup and it's worked. But I haven't built up the courage to use it in real life. That being said, I have had it in my pack a few times when I wasn't 100% sure if a 30m rope would cut it. It's nice to have something of such minimal weight that can double your rappel length if you really need it. I do worry about it getting snagged on the way down when pulling it though, as it's a lot of extra material to get caught.
I got the Nanotech version of these for the steel front points, and additionally purchased the dyneema linking straps both for the decrease in weight and the increase in packability. Overall I'm happy with them, though I may have just gone full aluminum (or gotten Petzl Leopards) in retrospect. I really like the front attachment - it's easier to get aligned than any other crampon attachment that I've used, making these the quickest to put on crampons I've used. I made them even quicker by replacing the he...

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