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Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo

Brand: Palau
Model: Tour Lite Pro EVO
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Palau is the liner supplier for Dynafit, La Sportiva, Fischer, and other well-known boot brands. This is because the 100% closed-cell EVA foam is highly moldable and offers great thermal retention. Being European, Palau of course didn’t forget to make their liners walk really well with strategic cutouts in the ankle and tongue-designs that don’t impede skinning. The Tour Lite Pro Evo liners are medium thickness, lightweight, with an Achilles flex zone and a Velcro closure. This model makes a great replacement for stock liners found on the SCARPA F1, Sportiva Sytron/Sideral, Dynafit TLT6/7, and other high-performance ski touring boots.

  • 100% closed-cell EVA foam is very receptive to molding.
  • Tongue-design doesn’t interfere with walking like an overlap.
  • Velcro flap-system offers better calf-wrap and contact while skiing.
  • Flex-zone behind the ankle allows for unimpeded skinning and booting.
  • 8mm thick, Medium Density is light, flexible, yet reasonably warm.
  • Compatible with TLT6, 7, Fischer Travers, F1, Spitfire and similar models.
Question from Steve
I have a 26.5 TLT7 performance that's wide for me. I've added padding along one side of the liner foot and also built up the cuff area at the lower shin and upper calf. That helped a lot to reduce shin bang and improve cuff support. Would the Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo or the Power LT be the better replacement liner?
Answer from TSB
Hi Steve, the Tour Lite Pro Evo would take up a bit more volume in the boot without changing your ankle articulation too much. The Power LT would significantly change the fit of the boot and lessen ankle articulation.
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Question from Jon G
I had some size 28.5 TLT7s that felt good width wise, but toe was bumping up a little too close for comfort. So, I traded up for a size 29. Length feels better but now a little roomy. Figured I’d have to change the liner—was looking at the intuition pro tour to fill out the space but saw you pointed someone else toward the Palau evo. Does this seem like a good fit? Would a 29.5 work? Other suggestions?
Answer from Jeff M
Jon, this liner is about as thick in the foot area. But less so in the cuff which will be better for a TLT7. If you don't have a foot bed, some Green Superfeet would help too.
Answer from TSB
Hi Jon, assuming you're using the relatively thin Custom Light liner in the TLT7 Performance, the Tour Lite Pro or Pro Evo would both be good choices -- slightly thicker than the stock but not so stiff as to reduce ankle articulation. The 29.5 should work in a 29/29.5 TLT7 shell, although it may be a bit longer in the toe box than what you have now. Check back later in the fall for a 29.0 coming our way.
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Question from Ryan a
Which of the Palau's would be most appropriate for Hoji Pro 28's. I have too much room in the forefoot on the sides. Thanks.
Answer from Jeff M
Ryan, this would be your best liner for a Hoji Palua Power LT. But we are out of your size. The Intuition Pro tour would also be a good fit.
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Question from scott S
What are the dimensions of this liner? thickness, height. Are they tall enough for a F1?

Thank you!
Answer from Jeff M
Scott, yes it is a good replacement for the F1. It is 8mm thick. Measured a 26.5 at 290 mm tall.
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Question from Scott
Which liner would be the best replacement for a Fischer Travers Carbon that would take up more volume in foot and calf, be at least the same height as the stock liner, and be compatible with the boot gaiter upon insertion and removal? Would it be the Tour Lite Pro Evo, the Power Track LT, the Intuition Pro Tour, or something else?
Answer from Jeff M
Scott, this would be your best choice. To take up more volume you would want the Intution Pro in medium. it would be a bit taller, a lot thicker and stiffer in the cuff. And you might lose a bit in range of motion.
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Question from Garrison
Hey there, my wife is looking for new liners for her Black Diamond Swift boots. The main issue with her current liners is that there is hard foam that cradles the Achilles area above her calcaneus (sp? heel bone) that makes wearing the boots very uncomfortable. She's used liners from friends boots and can confirm that the issue is with the liners not the boot shell. Can you describe the interior of this liner and let us know whether this liner has a similar construction?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Garrison. Calcaneus looks like it's spelled correctly to me! You can grammar good. This liner does not have a burly foam heel cup, so I think it would work there, but I am a little bit worried that this liner may give her another set of issues because it's relatively thin when compared to the BD Swift, so she may develop some play once it's packed out.
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