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The Petzl Micro Traxion has become an essential piece of hardware for modern crevasse rescue methods. This little device can be expediently used to haul a victim out with less rigging than traditional systems. It accomplishes this via a lightweight, self-contained, progress-capture pulley which obviates the need for more complex pulley/prussic combos. If you fall into a crevasse you are going to hope your partner has one, knows how to use it, and can get the job done quickly. As a bonus, it can also be employed by the victim as a compact emergency ascender in self-rescue situations where hauling is not the best option.

  • Designed for crevasse rescue, hauling, self-rescue, and as an emergency ascender.
  • 2.5kN working load, 4kN breaking strength as progress capture system.
  • Cam can be locked open so the Traxion can be used as a simple pulley.
  • Sealed ball bearings provide excellent efficiency (91 %).
  • Even works on frozen or muddy ropes.
  • For use with 8 - 11 mm diameter ropes.
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Strength Working load: 2 x 2.5kN= 5kN
Breaking strength: 2 x 7.5kN = 15kN
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum, steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Crevasse rescue, ascending, hauling
Notes Rope diagrams engraved inside pulley
Bottom Line Glacier travel necessity

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Questions & Reviews

Elliot D (used product regularly)
I'm not much a gadget guy but the Micro Traxion always lives on my harness while traveling in glaciated terrain. This device is extremely light-weight and can really help in a vast number of rescue and hauling situations one may find themselves in.
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Eddy v (downright abused product)
The micro traxion has become a more or less mandatory piece of crevasse rescue gear. I don't *always* take it with me on a glacier (sometimes I'll plan on just using a biner and prussik for a much less efficient progress capture), but any time I think there's even a relatively small chance of a crevasse fall I'll bring it along just in case. It weighs relatively little (though the new Nano Traxion is even smaller and lighter), is very efficient, and just gives me a lot of options for a rescue. If you regularly travel in glaciated terrain just save yourself the hassle and get one now. It's worth it.
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Pete (used product regularly)
These are a must have in a glacier setup. Much smaller than the old mini traxion, and beautifully easy to setup and use. CT makes one that's a few grams lighter, but sacrifices ease of use. Kong also makes a progress capture of similar weight and size for significantly cheaper, but those are amazingly difficult to use.

In continuous use situations the spikes tend to wear on ropes, a little disconcerting on rope like the rad line. But in a glacier setup this is not an issue, and I've never pushed it into simuling or some such situations where continuous use may run into problems.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
I've had a Micro Traxion since whenever it first came out several years ago, and before that the Mini Traxion.
I bought it for crevasse rescue, and have practiced with it a decent (and hopefully adequate!) amount.
The device is much smaller than one might expect from looking at the product listing picture, yet is also far more functional that one might expect from examining it at first in person.
Previously during some training courses of a more old-school orientation I practiced building various hauling systems using prusiks and pulleys. By contrast, the Traxion is so much easier, plus the officially rated efficiency for the pulley is very impressive.
I'm sure that some "real" climbers will advocate for the additional versatility of building mechanical advantage systems out of whatever you already have on your rack for other purposes. But if you're a skier who's interested only in crevasse rescue, this is the perfect device!
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