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Feel free to open the throttle a little further with the Salomon Mountain (MTN) Lab helmet. The ‘Lab is certified to both alpine skiing and mountaineering standards, so you are better protected if you sketch out. Plus, Salomon was listening to its backcountry team when they explained no one will wear it if it’s heavy, cumbersome, or hot. They innovated with a new 4D EPS construction that offers alpine-like protection at a fraction of the weight. A silky Activedry Merino wool liner keeps sweat at bay and is comfortable enough to wear on the up (saving valuable pack space). The Salomon MTN Lab is the new lightweight, dual-certified, star kid on the block.

  • CE-EN1077, EN 12492, and ASTM F-2040 alpine skiing and mountaineering certifications for maximum safety.
  • Comes with a slick carry case that can be donned like a backpack.
  • Innovative EPS 4D construction offers superior shock protection.
  • Headlamp clips and goggle keeper make sure your gear stays in place.
  • Removable Advanced Skin Active Dry Merino wool liner wicks moisture and stink.
  • Forehead clearance for large alpine goggles.
  • ISPO 2015/2016 Award Winner.

Update 2022/23: Salomon has added some colorways to the Mtn Lab helmet line-up

Size Head Circumference
Small 20.9 - 22.0" (53-56cm)
Medium 22.0 - 23.2" (56-59cm)
Large 23.2 - 24.4" (59-62cm)

convert to ounces
380g [S]
418g [L]
Certifications CE 1077 (alpine skiing)
EN 12492 (climbing)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Superlight in-molded EPS 4D foam
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skiing, ski mountaineering, racing
Notes Wicking Merino wool liner
Bottom Line Well ventilated multi-certified egg protector
Compare to other Dual Certification Helmets

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dave
Hey there. My head circumference (bare) is 58cm and that’s kind of straddling both the M and L sizes. I usually only wear a thin balaclava under my helmet. Are the MTNs sized generously so that an M ( up to 59cm) will fit? Don’t want to be swimming in an L if I can help it. Thank you
Answer from Niko M
Hi Dave! I believe the M would fit you well even with a thin hat or balaclava. You'd likely find the L too big for your fit. Thanks!
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Question from Dave
Hi- is there a difference between the Salomon MTN LAB helmet and another one called the MTN PATROL?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Dave! The discontinued MTN Patrol was a heavier version of the MTN Lab helmet due to a slighter thicker outer plastic. This could have lent to a slight increase in durability. From a touring perspective, the MTN Lab is a fantastic helmet with key protective properties without carrying any extra heft. Thanks!
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Question from Frida
I have this helmet for touring, would you say it is good enough for skiing on hard piste? Or am I best off getting another helmet suitable for this?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Frida! This helmet has been certified for alpine skiing which would include hard piste. Ultimately it comes down to what you are comfortable using for this type of skiing, however through standardized tests, this helmet gets the nod!
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Colin R (used product regularly)
Great all-around ski mountaineering helmet. Fit for me was great - I mostly wear this helmet with a cap underneath and without the ear flaps. I've worn at the resort with the ear flaps and stayed warm, although I'd probably wear my resort helmet on most occasions.

I'm a bit confused about some of the comments elsewhere online about not being able to close the vents and getting snow inside when it's storming... that's what your hood is for? I don't count that against this helmet.

I honestly thought I'd notice the weight of this helmet more compared to my UL climbing helmet, but even after wearing it for hours on the uphill I really haven't. I personally think it's worth the tradeoff of weight vs protection to have a proper ski helmet for the descent.
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Eric B (used product regularly)
I really like this helmet.
It’s noticible lighter and vents way better (can keep on during short/cold/quick skins) than my Smith resort helmet. It also takes up less room in the helmet carry on my pack since the ear flaps fold down.

Most importantly it’s certified as a ski helmet (unlike climbing helmets) and looks way “less dorky” than a climbing or euro multi sport helmet.
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Question from Nico C
Hey Skimo team

Do you know if they have changed the sizes? I have the original version in black and white which I need to replace now. I tried a friend’s owning the latest version, complete black with bright green touches. Both L, and the newer one feels a lot more roomy somehow. Could it be the boa system?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Nico, which model year do you have currently? I compared a 21/22 model year that we've still got in stock to the current 22/23 model (note this was a size Small), and they seem comparable.

I'd say the surest best is to measure your head circumference to double check sizing!
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Question from Eric S
I bought one of these in size S, and it's just big enough.
But, the ear warmers are too short. It's annoying.

I'm keeping it because it fits my daughter, but I am wondering: does the size M have measureably longer ear warmer? Can you check for me!?

Just slightly longer (1/2 cm) would probably do the trick. It's otherwise a perfect helmet.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Eric, the ear flap/warmer length on both sizes is identical, sorry about that!
Answer from Eric S
Do all French people have short ears or something?
It's too bad, because in all other respects this is a darned nice helmet.
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Jared S (downright abused product)
Saved my life! I love the hard-hat certification for low-hanging branches in glades. This helmet is light, well-ventilated (I usually use some electrical tape to cover the front few vents mid-winter) and surprisingly durable. The headlamp clips actually work well too.

My POC goggles integrate with this helmet much better than my old Smith ones.
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Eddy v (downright abused product)
Best helmet I've ever used. It's comfortable, light, protective, and has a functional goggle and headlamp attachment.

I use it now for both touring and resort days. In the resort I normally wear a hood or buff under it if it's cold out (the MTN helmet isn't nearly as warm as most resort specific helmets). When touring I have the option to wear a hood underneath if it's cold, wear it as is if it's a bit warmer, or take out the ear covers if it's really warm. I love having all the options!

I (thankfully) haven't taken any big hits to the head yet, but it certainly seems strong enough. And one thing heavily in it's favor is that it's light enough that I always bring it along, even on days where a big fall seems very unlikely.
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Question from Michael Smith
Hoping to find a helmet for all seasons, is this helmet warm for inbounds cold days? I tend to mix a lot of side country skinning into a winter resort day. Looks like it will work ok for warm spring/summer days with the removable ear liner, right? Finally, is white going to be available? I think it would help with spring/summer comfort. Thanks
Answer from Zak M
Hey Michael, yes your observations on the MTN lab helmet are spot on! Most folks will just remove the inner liner and just wear a hat or buff underneath for touring days and then put the ear flaps back in for in-bounds days. We should be getting more in stock in the color white by the end of November, but I will also sign you up for an email notification as well. Let us know if you have any other questions!
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Kyle (used product regularly)
This is a touring helmet that wears like a true ski helmet, but weighs close to a climbing helmet. It occupies a sweet spot between protection and light weight.

I alternate between this helmet and a black diamond vector helmet for all of my skiing needs. For most winter days, I reach for this helmet because it has better coverage and fits better with most ski goggles. The weight penalty is small, but note that it takes up a bit more pack space. For spring skiing and skimo racing, I will still reach for a climbing style helmet for better ventilation and lighter weight, but if I had to take this along I still wouldn't mind as the ear covers can be removed.

Overall: great fit, great coverage, light weight, and versatile.
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Question from Zander
When do you plan to have more in size L in stock? Thanks!
Answer from Will M
Hey Zander,

Shoot us an email to and we'll set you up for a notification.
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Alex (used product regularly)
This is my go to helmet for skiing inbounds, it fits over a 5 panel hat really well and vents well when booting or touring. The only gripes I have is that it doesn't hold a headlamp very well and the tensioning system is a little fragile. Granted I'm hard on my gear but I did brake the attachment point where the plastic caging attached to the inside of the helmet at a singular location that's not very reinforced. I was able to super glue it but I have used it less since that happened fearing it might have other issues.
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Neil B (used product regularly)
After reading other reviews I thought this helmet might not be as warm as I'd like, however, I am glad I went with it. Well-ventilated for when I am working hard on the ups, and with the ear flap liner my noggin stays plenty warm on the coldest of days on the downs. Bonus and what sold me is the retainer for goggles and headlamp. This makes the helmet perfect for my ski tours and starting the day before the resorts open, I would recommend this helmet to anyone looking!
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Question from Steve Hindman
The middle pic with the goggles shows a tab that would appear to close the vents but the other pics do not show that. Is there a way to close the vents?
Answer from Jeff
Steve, Sharp eye. Appears that way, but it is an incorrect picture. The Mtn Lab helmet does Not have close-able vents.
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Ben (used product regularly)
I was in between the medium and large sizes and went with the medium. I like the fit, but being on the smaller end of the size range (and having a bit of an egghead) the cold-weather liner doesn’t cover my ears all the way. This is fine with me, I don’t use the ear flaps in my heavier helmet. The weight and ventilation are great for touring and skimo racing.
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Question from BFW
Looking for a lighter helmet for touring but have a huge head. The one size fits all approach from Camp and others never work for me. Smith helmets are the only ones that seem to fit with their extra large ranges coming in around 63-67cm. Do y'all know of any lighter helmets in the Salomon Mtn lab style that would wrap around a big headed human like me? I like the extra protection for impact as I tour in Wyoming/Idaho mostly. Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey BFW! Yeah, I'd have to agree with you there that One Sizes Fits All doesn't really. Dang, 63-67cm though? I think the Large maxes out at 62cm in this guy though so that's probably off. The L/XL Kong Kosmos also maxes out at 62cm.
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RobertC (used product regularly)
If you want crash protection and wear goggles, this helmet is worth the extra weight and size.

Comfortable with two liners (one with earmuffs, and a thinner liner without for warm days). Works perfectly with goggles and headlamps. Has excellent ski goggle/forehead ventilation for keeping your view fog-free on long descents or when crossing stormy ridge lines. Larger and heavier than a climbing helmet but offers superior impact protection from a crash; and better overall coverage of your temples and rear head. It has also proved durable over a long season.

I don't really notice the weight when compared to carrying my BD Vapor helmet, but when wearing goggles to ski fast I am much more comfortable in the MTN Lab helmet. Furthermore, it's great peace of mind to know I have excellent impact protection. I even wear it for resort laps on warm spring days.
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thomc (used product regularly)
Great helmet for warmer weather skimo activities. I will admit I don't always wear a helmet ski mountaineering, but when I do this is perfect. It works well with goggles, headlamp, and the venting is much better than my 20 year old Giro, which I still use for colder days in bounds, and which my son is less embarrassed by (I bought the white because while black is cool, white is cooler.) He claims I look like a mushroom. Regardless, it does exactly what I wanted, replaces skiing in an old Meteor, and addressed the fact I almost never took my Giro backcountry. 5 stars because it's not Solly's fault I look like a mushroom to a 10-year old, but his Ruroc is definitely cooler looking...
Reply from thomc
Longer term I have not used this much. In bounds I use a mips smith. Out of bounds I try not to need a helmet. If I do, it's often for climbing and/or rock fall. I'm more likely to take a Sirocco or Meteor if I want a little insurance for that missed turn / collision with tree. It's still good, I just have not had much use for it myself.
Reply from thomc
I’ve come back around to this lid. I find it grants more security than a climbing helmet, and removes the hesitation I have bringing my heavier smith mips. It has made bringing a real ski helmet along an easy decision. More a 4 star compromise of features per the above reviews but now a valued piece of kit I’m glad I held onto and use more. I run hot and have never used the heavier harness.
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Question from FREDERICK L
How are the vents open and closed? They seem fixed open to me.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Frederick, good eye! You are correct, they are fixed open. I corrected our typo indicating that there was a way to open/close them.
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