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5' 5"


130 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year

Recent Posts

I read this book as I was getting into bc skiing. It is a simple, fun, and not intimidating first book for the newbie. Allen and Mike are a great team, the goofy illustrations help break up the content and make you smile. Lots of good tips, tricks, and knowledge.
Pretty good insoles, I do wish they were a bit squishier but that is a personal preference. They are great at eating up extra room in boots. They are much better then the ones that come with your boots.
You can never have too many ski straps. Usefully year round for a multitude of things. I always have at least one on me when I'm out skiing, biking, backpacking, packrafting, etc... I'm surprised I haven't seen people wearing them as bracelets yet.
My first tech binding and so far they are pretty good. I love the light weight of them. Getting into the toe piece is still a challenge for me compared to my old frame bindings but that's a given due to tech toes needing a bit more precision when stepping in. The gapless heel piece does rub on my boots Vibram sole occasionally but not too bad. I started skinning in them without locking the toe piece and they stay put unless I slip and fall. I have noticed that the heel pieces ice up at times, I usually jus...
I received these poles as a gift this season and was skeptical at first but it didn't take long for me to love them. I am 5' 5" and have the 125cm and they are great, especially when you need to double pole. I love the multitude of foam grip options, and love that my hands don't freeze if I take my gloves off. It was a bit tricky to figure out where to put my hands when skiing but you'll figure it out after a while. The poles are pretty light weight and the colors are fun, mine are pink! They are definitely...

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