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Not only can Voile ski straps hold a pair of skis together, they also come in handy for various unforseen circumstances. They've been used to hold skins onto skis when glue fails and hold boots onto feet when a buckle fails. They can also lash a broken pole together or be used to attach items to your pack. Many skiers won't leave home without a strap or two or four in their pack just in case. We think they are awesome enough to put our logo on.

Select from sizes starting from 12 inches (15g/0.5oz), which is long enough for the tips of skinny skis (it maxes out around 125mm). The 18 inch (23g/0.8oz) can also get around most ski boots. Don't bother adding one to your cart if you're buying skis, as they are included with every pair. In that case, feel free to give us a size preference in the order comments.

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Questions & Reviews

Taylor M (downright abused product)
Must-have item on every tour. I typically carry 2-3 for all kinds of emergencies. These are bulletproof and last forever too. And what better than have Skimo Co branding on the strap? Get a few different lengths and carry them on every tour!
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Elliot D (downright abused product)
What more can be said about Voile straps? These things have a myriad of uses from splinting injuries to fixing bindings to whatever you can think of. Carry as many as you can, they weigh next to nothing and you'll never know when you'll need 'em. 5 stars for an OG piece of backcountry skiing equipment.
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John P (downright abused product)
Voile ski straps are great and we all know it. The longer ones have far more uses so I only carry those. strap a boot to a ski when your binding fails. wrap a few around your ski when your skin fails. strap the tips of your powder boards together when booting the coulie. make a rescue sled. heck would likely work as a tourniquet. Just buy them!
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Centerfold (downright abused product)
What else can be said about these straps? I love having a couple just for emergencies. Like if I ever blew a knee. Have also used them when my skins won’t stick. Life savers. Always have a couple in the group you are in to get you out of a Jam.
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Ryan S (downright abused product)
I never seem to have enough of these! The long ones make an excellent backup dog collar when your dog left his at home. Used primarily for outdoor sports of all natures, these straps are indestructible and will probably save you on more than one occasion.
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Julianne (used product regularly)
You can never have too many ski straps. Usefully year round for a multitude of things. I always have at least one on me when I'm out skiing, biking, backpacking, packrafting, etc... I'm surprised I haven't seen people wearing them as bracelets yet.
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davep (used product a few times)
Blue is hawt! These replaced crappy old orange straps that I gave to someone who busted a crampon. Can't wait to use these all year long for strapping bikes to the rack, lashing bags, rope ties, and of course skis. I'll have to scrounge up some more old ones as giveaways and replace them with these beauties.
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Benski (used product regularly)
It would be unfair to say these were downright abused as they don’t show any wear about hundreds of days of use. Perfect for use anywhere you need to hold things together- we’ve used in construction projects, to hold boots with busted buckles together in races and on Expedition, and more. A few belong in the bottom of any respected Skiers pack :)
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Jim Milstein (downright abused product)
I rigged two of these straps at right angles to detect gravitational waves. Ride the wave! Why spend billions when you can improvise with off the shelf straps?
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biggb (downright abused product)
I saved a friends day yesterday when i let him borrow 2 ski straps to keep his crappy skins (brand withheld) on his splitboard. Can't have too many for so many uses.

Now if I could just figure out how to ski strap my kayaks to my truck ...
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Matt (downright abused product)
I think everyone knows that these are the business. I even carry them in the summer with no snow in sight, they're that versatile. If this is news to you, buy some.

Note that there is no reason to ever buy the shorter option. Also note that these are a dollar or two cheaper from Skimo than most places.
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Christopher W (downright abused product)
Who DOESN'T love Voile ski straps? Everything from field skin makeshift-attachment, to first aid, to attaching crampons to your pack - and a million more uses. Rugged and lightweight. Nice, inexpensive add-on item to your order, and you can always, always use more of these things. Bonus that you get a logo on them for the same price as a standard Voile strap. :)
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Travis (used product regularly)
What can't you use this for? I always ski with a couple of them—one for me and one for the fool that forgot his ;) I prefer the longer strap as it gives me room to strap my polls with the skis.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Five Stars for a ski strap with outstanding multi-use applications.

I had previously thought that Voile ski straps were the province of tele hippies (especially the types for whom falling down on every other turn was half the fun of backcountry skiing), as I favored those padded foam velcro ski straps from my alpine ski racing background.

But then I realized all the multi-use applications for these straps. In addition to all the in-the-field gear repair solutions I’ve seen, I’ve used these for great improvised splints in my Wilderness EMT module course.

Just be sure to get the longest length available, as the potential utility of those few extra inches can be worth the trivial weight penalty. And be sure to get the version with the metal buckle, which of course is the only version worthy of being rebranded by Skimo Co.
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Stano at SkinTrack (used product regularly)
This is a true skimo racing product as it fits well around less than 80mm skis. 4 stars as it is about 8 holes too short for my Huascarans ;)
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Nate (downright abused product)
What can you say about an item as useful as duct tape? I've used these for all the mentioned purposes and then some! Durability wise, I have had to retire one strap after using it to attach my blown skin to ski. It didn't fully tear, but after using the same strap 10+ times for that purpose it finally ripped a little. It still didn't fail, and I finished the tour with it holding my skin on just fine.

As far as the logo goes, sometimes I put one on my pack and walk around downtown just so other people know how outdoorsy I truly am. I find the women flock to me more when I have the ski-mo branded strap verses the standard Voile. My racing times have been 7% faster since switching, and my beard is fuller than ever. Thank you!
Reply from jbo
These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Reply from A OK
I don't know about my racing times, but I notice I'm able to shave my beard about 7% faster if a Skimo branded strap is in the vicinity, Nate.
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A OK (used product a few times)
I may have been the first person on the planet to use a Skimo Co branded Voile strap, for two uses! One, I held my skis together in an A-frame configuration throughout a long approach and exit. Solid, no problems, just as you'd expect from a Voile strap. Two, I did an in-the-field repair of my Alien 1.0 boots after they blew up on me for the third time. Wrapped the strap around the walk/ski bar, along with a skin to hold it all together and offer more support, and skied down a steep and narrow line.

The strap gets one extra star just for the coolness of the logo! Essential gear for any backcountry pack.
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