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Jackson B
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Big fan. I find that the 35L capacity is pretty good for just about anything I get myself into. Coming from a 30L pack, the extra 5 liters really makes a difference. I don't feel like I have to cram things into my pack when I go out now. The side zipper is a huge plus, so you can access gloves/repair kits/whatever at the bottom of your pack without removing everything on top. Two options for ski carry, strap a rope on top with the closing strap, external helmet carry, external ice axe carry (and easy to acc...
Great little lightweight lockers. Take a couple larger pears up with you but err towards these to reduce weight. Not too much else to say about these, they lock up and keep you safe while also not taking up much room or adding too much weight to your pack.
Bought this for a ski mountaineering course I did recently.... If you are planning on roping up at high altitude with skis or big boots / crampons, I definitely recommend getting a mountaineering specific harness. Save on weight and volume and don't fall off the mountain or destroy your summer climbing harness while you slip your spiky feet through little leg loops. This harness attaches easily with large items strapped to your feet because you don't slip through the leg loops to put it on. Super lightweigh...
Bought this helmet recently, really happy with it because of its triple certification (ski/bike/mountaineering). It gets a bit cold up on windy ridges with the summer foam inserts, but throw a buff on under it and problem solved. Or use the winter insert!..... Lightweight, keep your head safe, and easy elastic band to secure goggles/headlamps. Yeah headlamps with an S, as in multiple headlamps, if you're a true crusher. Love using this helmet for biking too, looks a lot cooler than my old Bell biking helmet...
I bought these a few weeks ago to become my do-it-all touring ski. I don't ever take my salomon QST's out anymore. First off, the weight is impressive. Awesome on the uphill - I even started racing on them. My first couple runs I had to get used to how stiff they are, but after a few tours I have really adapted and they feel totally smooth. *Really* surprised with how well they float in powder - much better than my Volkl Mantra's with similar waist (96mm). Holding extreme conditions aside, I can't think of ...

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