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Black Diamond held no punches when cutting weight for their LiteForge Screwgate Carabiner-- they even removed the unnecessary letters in 'light'. Do you know how serious you have to be about 'light is right' to change the spelling of a word? It's been spelled 'light' since Old English was a commonly spoken language. Those folks over at BD really aren't messing around. Of course, light is right, so who are we to complain when realistically, things are headed where we want them to go? Not us! Durably hot forged, large enough for a clove hitch, and ergonomically shaped to make clipping with one hand easy, the LiteForge Screwgate is just like all your other carabiners, just a few grams lighter. Simple, familiar, and reliable-- the BD LiteForge Screwgate ties durable construction methods to a classic design without weighing much more than a feather.

  • Fitting into the 'medium' carabiner category, the LiteForge Screwgate suits a wide range of needs.
  • A keylock nose helps prevent snagging on ropes and slings.
  • Shaped and sized to accommodate a clove hitch.
  • Hot-Forged construction keeps things light.
  • Type B "Basic" locking connector.
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Sidecut   92mmx58mm
Specs Verified Yes
Gate Style Straight Screwgate
Major Axis Strength 24 kN
Minor Axis Strength 8 kN
Open Gate Strength 8 kN
Materials   Aluminum Alloy
Skimo Co Says
Usage Anchor building, general light 'n fast alpinism
Notes Large enough to accommodate clove hitch
Bottom Line An ultra-light keylock screwgate
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Questions & Reviews

Elliot D (downright abused product)
This is a nice lightweight mini locking carabiner. I use it as part of my personal anchor system when rappelling. It's a big enough carabiner to clip into most anchor stations with but small enough that you hardly notice you're carrying it.
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
Great locker. My favorite application is for a PAS because of the low profile to get in and out of the bolts. Strong. Lightweight. If you need one for anchor building I would consider the Petzl Attaché since this one is a little small to get clove hitched or if you gasp use metal on metal
For anchors.
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Jackson B (used product a few times)
Great little lightweight lockers. Take a couple larger pears up with you but err towards these to reduce weight. Not too much else to say about these, they lock up and keep you safe while also not taking up much room or adding too much weight to your pack.
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Model: Liteforge Screwgate

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