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Behold, the DPS empire has moved to the Far East with the Pagoda line, but the banana shapes of their previous Jamaican-reggae skis have stuck around for the trip. Longtime Skimo Co shoppers will remember our remarks on the last iteration of the Wailer 112: "the rockered profile perfectly integrated with the buttery sidecut makes skiing too easy," we concluded. "As such, we don't recommend even tempting yourself with this ski." Confounding our best efforts, the Tour1 Wailer 112 put DPS on the map for backcountry powder hogs and became a best-selling, award-winning ski year after year. The Pagoda Tour construction adds scant grams on the scale, but ups the performance to previously-unimaginable levels of deep-snow excellence. Damp, predictable, and impressively stable at high speeds, the Pagoda 112RP will keep you on top effortlessly while laying down perfect Wasatch wiggles on a bottomless day. But it's in less-than-perfect conditions that the Pagoda really stands out from its predecessor, with the added damping of the foam core, wood stringers, and 3rd Rail Technology keeping the ski stable when the 3% blower up high turns to cut-up, sun-baked mank down low. Whether you're on a hut trip to the Canadian Interior or skiing the South Face of Superior after a storm, the DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP has an almost telepathic feel and will keep your legs fresh lap after lap. DPS's Pagodas were engineered with the future in mind, while the shape and feel are staying true to their powder-loving roots.

  • The long-awaited successor to the best-selling Wailer 112.
  • Pagoda ski line has matched the best characteristics of the Tour1 and Alchemist/Pure3 lines for an easy-skiing experience.
  • Ash and paulownia stringers keep the ski light on the ascent, and very happy in the deepest of powder.
  • Aerospace-grade foam core gives an unbelievably damp feel that shines in the crud.
  • Textured polyamide topsheet keeps snow and ice off your ski when the skies open up and drop the white stuff.
  • World Cup race-grade base material leads to fast gliding skis and is well paired with DPS's Phantom 2.0 treatment.
  • 3rd Rail Technology is a stringer that combats vibration and increases stability.

Update 2022/23: DPS made minor changes to the core construction with the addition of their 3rd Rail Technology. The topsheet art has also been updated.

Lengths (cm) 158, 168, 178, 184
convert to ounces
1280g [158]
1380g [168]
1560g [178]
1620g [184]
Weight (pair) 2560g [158]
2760g [168]
3120g [178]
3240g [184]
Dimensions   138-112-122 [158]
139-112-124 [168]
140-112-125 [178]
140-112-127 [184]
Turn Radius   15m
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Generous tip rocker, camber underfoot, tail rocker
Shape   Rockered tip, short turning radius, rockered tail
Construction   Foam core with ash and paulownia stringers, 3rd Rail Technology, and World Cup race base
Core   Aerospace-grade foam with ash and paulownia stringers and 3rd Rail Technology
Skimo Co Says
Usage Deep powder touring, speed encouraged
Notes Award-winning 112 RP shape with the updated Pagoda tour construction
Bottom Line A powder ski that somehow makes powder even smoother
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Norm
I’m 5’8” 145 lbs and have been skiing the Voile V8in a 176cm ever since Voile first launched the V8. I’m a diehard Teton powder skier with an annual trip to BC. Thinking of giving this DPS tour 112 a try. Looking thru these questions it seems you folks are suggesting going a bit shorter in length to most. I’ve loved my 176 V8s so what do you think for me. 168 or 178. 168 sounds so short!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Norm, the 178 will feel similar in length to your 176 v8's, not too much of a difference there! If you're happy with that length, I'd get the 178's. Sizing down will gain you some uphill maneuverability and drop some weight, but for optimizing their skiing capabilities, longer will do it.
Answer from Norm L
Yes to optimizing! That’s what it’s about. Thanks. Now can I borrow some $$ to get these?
Answer from jbo
No problem, Norm! Be warned the interest rate is usurious...
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Question from Rares
Hi, I have 183cm and weight 88kgs, which size would you recommend ?
I want to match them with a radical pro boot
Answer from eric
Rares- I would suggest the 184cm length at least. You could go longer too if you like longer skis in general.
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Question from Mike
I am 5'3" 145 lbs. Intermediate skier, currently have a pagoda tour 106 in 171cm. A lot of people suggest going longer for powder skis, but the 171s feel like about as long as I'd want to go, so considering these in the 168cm. What do you think? Thanks!
Answer from Emmett I

168 should be perfect for a powder ski! Much longer would be difficult to manage on kick turns and in trees.
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Calvin E (used product a few times)
Warning - Since SkiMo is out of stock on the 184cm length, I ordered these skis from one of the other Utah suppliers, NOT SkiMo, and received the DPS Pagoda 112RP, though their description online read "DPS Pagoda Tour 112RP". Apparently, they don't know the difference. I will be keeping these anyway, because I believe they will be good for resort skiing with some sidecountry. To clarify, DPS makes three versions of the Pagoda 112RP, the Pagoda Tour, the Pagoda, and the Pagoda Piste. The normal Pagoda's I got are are a lot heavier than the Pagoda Tours, but have the same dimensions.
I'm using my Pagoda 112RP's in 184cm length with SCARPA Maestrale boots and ATK Crest bindings from SkiMo. They float my 200lbs very well in powder, and work remarkably well in crud and on groomers also.
Reply from jbo
Thanks Calvin, we just got more 184s, sorry for being out for a hot minute!
Reply from Calvin E
Right on! I just assumed you were out of them for the season. You never know with the supply issues these days.
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Question from Manuel
I am looking for a second touring ski next to my Black Cros Camox in 188 cm for softer days. I am 191 cm / 85 kg advanced-expert skier but don't charge hard or fast. I like my Black Crows for hard and mixed conditions but ain't blown away by their performance in soft snow, especially when the snow is on the heavier side.

For such days, I am looking for a playful ski that also is fun in less steep terrain and technical forests. The Pagoda Tour 100 RP seems to fit that bill very well while still striking me as a solid all-rounder. However, I am afraid that the 184 cm length would be a bit on the short side for me.

This makes me consider the Pagoda Tour 112 RP in 189 instead. I initially disregarded this ski since I feared it might compromise too much on all-round performance (realistically most of my touring involves some less-than-ideal conditions) and that I would find too few days to take it out for a tour. Which of the two skis would you recommend for my intended use as a supplement to my Camox?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Manuel,
The Pagoda Tour 112 are a powder ski through and through, and a really good one too. With that being said, it would not be a stranger to the less-than-ideal conditions. DPS's construction is impressively damp. The Pagoda Tour 100 RP may be better suited for firmer snow conditions but will not excel in the soft snow performance you're after when compared to the 112RP. If you're looking for a more dedicated powder ski that can handle a broad range of conditions the Pagoda Tour 112 RP would be an excellent choice and supplement the Camox quite well.
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Question from Emily
I'm a woman, 5'9", 140lbs. I ski Voelkl Kenjas as my all-mountain ski. I want these as my backcountry setup, and for deep resort days. I'm an advanced skier, but I'm not an extreme skier. What length would you recommend?
Answer from eric
Emily- You would want to ski on the 168cm length for the most versatility.
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Question from Chuck
I currently ski the RP100 tour's in 171, looking to pick up a wider ski for deep days, BC trips, etc. Do these two skis perform differently enough to justify having both?

For sizing, I'm 5'6", 135#, is 168 the right size for me?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Chuck, So happens I have both of them. Both share the same RP design so ski similar. Basically the 112 has a lot more floatation. If you feel your 100 isn't adequate and you get to ski in BC regularly, yes it would be worth it.
If you want a slightly different ski, the other SLC made ski, the Hyper V8 pictured above, is also really fun. A bit longer turn radius, comes in a 171cm that is a tad lighter.
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Question from Snaffelhound
Finally I may have talked my Wife into buying these skis, I have been on Wailers for a decade but she has resisted due to the cost. Wondering about size and binding recommendations…she likes a big ski and has been on Coombacks forever.
She is 5’3 and 120 lbs, 95% touring and never uses brakes. She is not an aggressive skier but an excellent skier.
What think?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Snaffelhound, thanks for the question. At 5'3 that would put your wife right around 160cm and unless she is used to skis that are longer in general I think the 158cm length would be appropriate.

As far as bindings are concerned we've had a number of folks pair the 112s up with something relatively light like the Atomic Backland Pure Binding or the ATK Kuluar 9 LT Binding as well.
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Question from Mike

I've been skiing the 2021 DPS Pagoda Tour 112 and the smiles I've been wearing has my girlfriend interested in a pair.

Do you think it is worthwhile to wait for the 2022/2023 model? Are the differences in skiing characteristics perceptible to a fairly average skier in mostly powder conditions (she has other skis for days when nature has not been so generous)?

If the ski is noticeably more damp that might be of interest as she likes a damp ski. But only if the ski has not increased in stiffness. If the new version were stiffer she may well prefer the feel of the prior generation.

Any real world observations on how the two generations of ski perform would be very much appreciated!


Answer from Jeff
Hi Mike, I doubt the average skier would be able to feel the difference. DPS is switching the sidewall material to an Algal based material and that is the same material used in the "Third Rail".
The Pagoda core is really damp compared to other Touring skis of this weight and plain awesome in the original and the new version.
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Question from Harold G
Hi, I am considering getting a set Pagoda 112 RP for powder touring (with the hope such thing still exists in the future).
I am a 5'8, 152lbs, expert skier that prefers slow, controlled, turns and does not send it.
Shall I go with the 168 or 178?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Harold, I think it would honestly come down to personal preference and what lengths you've skied in the past. The 178cm length would be roughly 6cm above your height while the 168cm would just be a tad shorter than your overall height, so realistically you could go with either length. If you are a more mellow skier I would think the 168cm would work out just fine!
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Jackson B (used product regularly)
The first day I used these was a late April storm day last year.. and wow, I felt like I was skiing powder for the first time. Silky smooth, easy to turn and maneuver, truly a different experience. And when you get to the bottom of the run where it's been a little more tracked out, these cruise right over all the crud effortlessly. They are quite expensive, but it's my favorite ski I've ever owned.
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Question from erik
Hi, I am doing lots of verticals, opp and down. Currently skiing K2 wayback 106, 187 cm. I
find these skiis good on most snow but is not carrying my weight (180lb, 6,2 ") in deep snow...40-50 cm or more. The tip have a tendancy to go deep. Looking for a wider and playful powderski.
Would these DPS skiis in 184 cm, carry my weight better? I am worried the are to short and not wide enough to carry me and play whith me in the deep.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Erik. Most folks with your dimensions would find the 184 to float quite well, though it should be noted that ski preference is quite individual and what works for one person may not work for another. If you're after a powder ski that is nimble, fun, and can be pushed quite hard, most would find this to be an excellent option.
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Question from Taylor
I'm 5'8"/172cm and 150 lb, looking for a lightweight powder touring ski. Would you recommend the 168 or 178?
Answer from Jeff
I can give you my personal story. I weigh the same. I got the 178cm and for me, a bit more flotation than what I like. So I would say the 168cm, If you like to sink in a bit and not skim across the snow. My 178cm still work great on really deep days and resort powder days. I just bought the Pagoda 100 in the 171cm as a lighter Pow ski, for less deep days.
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Question from Justin M
Sounds like a lovely ski. Is it too much width to be used as a quiver of one for the Wasatch? Some reviews speak to the Pagoda 112 handling crud and crust well are appealing. The short radius, rocker and damp ride sound super fun. I don’t tour every day, and I try to favor the favorable days. Coming from Bent Chetler 100’s and 120’s, boots are Hoji Tours but moving to a Free this season. Also have Alien RS boots but might move to something somewhat more stout before too long. Thanks
Answer from Cole P
Hey Justin, the Pagoda 112 is a versatile ski that performs exceptionally well in powder. For most of us here we tend to think of 100mm underfoot a more reasonable width for a quiver of one. The DPS Pagoda 100 would be a great compromise, offering great soft snow performance with a good bit of weight saving, and will perform stronger in variable snow conditions.
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Question from JMC
I've read that these ski a bit shorter than their size due to the rocker. I'm 5' 10" 160lbs (geared up). Would you recommend 178cm or 184cm for an aggressive but middle aged skier?
Answer from Jeff
Hi JMC, Yes, that's true. Just so happens that I have an older pair and am your size. I have the 178cm and personally, it is a bit more float than I prefer unless it's really deep and light or I am using it in a resort. So definitely the 178cm, Also they are about the most fun powder ski there has ever been built. And unlike most skis, the Turn radius is the same for all sizes, telepathically fast.
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Question from Steve Pague
1) can I pick these up in store at this price?
2) can you mount a set up volie switchback x2’s on them
3) if so what it the turnaround time for such a mount?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Steve, thanks for reaching out! You can select in store pickup in the checkout screen, but we do not have the jigs to mount telemark bindings. Feel free to visit our friends over at Freeheel Life!
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Alex (used product regularly)
Picked up a pair of these to be my mid winter and deep day ski. Initially I paired with the SCARPA Maestrale which is a blast but have been skiing them with the Alien RS most recently and its an amazing match. These ski crud great, the shovel handles breakable crust without issue, obviously they are awesome in any fresh snow. The short turn radius makes them super responsive and the dampness of the new construction makes them light but not pingy. I always shied away from DPS because of cost but a couple months more of saving and I think its totally worth it. Needless to say I'm a big fan.
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Luke P (used product regularly)
Another great ski from DPS. Floats on powder, handles the crud and is ridiculously light for a 112. Paired with Dynafit Superlite 150s, DPS Skins and Dynafit TLT8s. These skis turn and skin great.

Had a blast up on Molas Pass the other day. Windblown up top down to deep powder in the trees. No problem....
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Question from Louis
Do you ship dps to Canada?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Louis, thanks for reaching out! Yes, we do ship to Canada, and you should see shipping estimates in the checkout screen. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!
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