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Mikaela K

Mikaela K
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Durable and essential for anyone doing tuning at home. Haven’t had any issues with peeling. The quickest and easiest way to remove burrs. A must have for low tide years and anyone who ventures off trail, your rock skis will thank you
Been using exclusively mountainflow eco waxes for about a year and they work great. Nice to be able to use a lower temp, all temp blend great for all but the coldest days here in the backcountry of New England
I have put these skins through the wringer and they haven’t let me down. Surprisingly durable, great mix of glide and grip. Glue is top notch. Would purchase again
I have had my Barryvox for about a year. The range is excellent, intuitive controls, clearly built for years of use. My go to recommendation for anyone in the market right now
Picked up a pair to use with my splitboard and phantom bindings and loving it so far! I was a bit concerned the boot would be too narrow as I don’t really have a narrow foot, more medium to slightly wide but the fit is great for me

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