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Fully customizable for just about any ski on the market, you can make your own fast as funk skins with Pomoca's Free Pro 2.0 plush that is available in a variety of widths. More into skinny skis? We have you literally covered. Monster powder skis? Any skis we can't cover are probably more of a snowboard type dimension. The Free Pro 2.0 plush is incredibly fast, light and packable. The choice of those on light and fast missions in the mountains these skins are hard to beat when taking into account all the features you would want from your skins. Treat your skis right, or more importantly treat yourself to a set of Pomoca's Free Pro 2.0 skins off the roll.

  • Light, fast and packable for a complete package type of plush.
  • Customize tip and tail attachments as you see fit to match your style and skis.
  • 70/30 Mohair/Nylon mix gives you the best of both the speed and durability worlds.
  • Available in 100mm, 123mm, and 140mm widths to cover almost all skis out there.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from EddieF
When will this be back in stock? My off the roll Ski Trab skins lost all of the hairs underfoot this weekend and I'm looking to replace them to keep adventuring this spring. If it won't be for a while, do you have any other recommendations for a 78 underfoot ski?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Eddie, unfortunately we will not be getting the Free Pro 2.0 back in stock until the fall. We do sell Ski Trab Mohair Skins per cm if you're looking for a direct replacement. If you're looking for a mixed skin that has a bit more grip we also currently have the Kohla freeride Skin per cm.
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Kyle (used product regularly)
I'm addicted to these skins.
This season I've been regularly using 3 pairs of pomoca free pro 2.0 skins, and for me, they are some of the best all around climbing skins I have used. In the past I have used a lot of G3, Black Diamond, Contour, and Colltex skins in a variety of nylon/mix/pure mohair.

The highlights of these skins compared to the rest:
1. Lightweight backing (by far the lightest skins I have used)
2. Durable - 40 days of use and so far no issues with the glue, plush, or backing.
3. Goldilocks glue - it's "just right". No gooey/gloopy like other glues, but more tacky/sticky than the alternative tech that contour uses. Glue to glue pulls apart easily, sticks to the ski well, and seem to hold up over time.
4. Glide - Excellent. As good as my mohair colltex skins.
5. Grip - Pretty darn good. All you need for sane skin tracks.
6. Water repellant - These skins do not soak up water like others, so they stay lighter and are less prone to icing.
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Question from Tom Beaumont
Hey there,

I'm about to put in an order for a couple of skis worth, but thought I would check-in RE tip and tail attachments.

I've got a few sets of the G3 tips (the twin metal 'hooks') that I think are the ducks nuts for secure tip attachment. Have you guys got any experience with sewing them into the skins? Or, is there a right/wrong glue to use?

Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Tom! When we build skins, we typically use hammer rivets to attach the tip and tail hardware. You can also sew these pieces on, however, the skin glue can gum up sewing machines, so doing it by hand would be the better option. We haven't tried using glue to adhere the tip and tail hardware but we would recommend either sewing or using rivets. Please let us know if you have any more questions!
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Riff (downright abused product)
I have a season and a half on Free Pro 2.0’s and I’m pretty much going to seek them out for any climbing skin needs in the future. They are way lighter than my previous BD mohair mix, and also pack down much smaller. The glue is much easier to unstick from itself when folded than BD, a welcome feature. However, I do feel that I need to iron the glue back down flat and dry more often, and I’ve had some glue residue remain on my ski bases this season after putting perhaps 40-50 days on the skins. They are certainly not as tough as BD, I have given them small cuts on the edges here and there. Best skins ever if you can handle these tradeoffs.
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Question from Steve
When will the 123mm be in stock?
Answer from Will M
Hey Steve,

I'll go ahead and set you up with an email notification for when we get it back in stock. Thanks!
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Mikaela K (used product regularly)
I have put these skins through the wringer and they haven’t let me down. Surprisingly durable, great mix of glide and grip. Glue is top notch. Would purchase again
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Gfsdave (used product regularly)
I am a east coast front country/side country resort lapper and these are phenomenal for this use. I had these custom cut for 78 underfoot with rip tips/no tail clips coming from race kit straight skins on my other kit for comparison. Nearly as fast, super light and loads of grip for my use. Classic, perfect in my use Pomoca glue with a bit more grip than race pro grip on super firm icy up tracks and easy ski-on transitions at the top. What’s not to love?
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Question from Kristine S
are you getting more of the 100mm in stock?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kristine, we are! Likely early next week.
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Question from Wallace
Are you going to get 140mm in free pro 2.0?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Wallace,

We have a roll of 140mm Free Pro 2.0 on order. I do not have a concrete date when we will have that in stock at this time. If you would like a notification for when we get that in stock, email us at help@skimo.co.
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