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Reeven N

Reeven N




5' 10"


160 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

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For me, they feel solid. I choke down descending, and go up ascending. It really comes down to what feels natural and maybe the 125 would be more natural in your case. Cheers
Update: last tour these froze and the tail strap loosened so I was forced to bootpack. Luckily, I was optimistic of my fitness so I bootpacked. Wasn't fun but HTFU!
Great sturdy, yet lightweight, boot. After punching the shell outwards a bit (guess these are narrow boots / I have a wider foot) the fit was dialed in. First few days I had hotspots on 5th metatarsal but worked with boot fitters to resolve mentioned issue. Yes -- they are hard to get in, but the liner fits snuggly/securely and the downhill performance is second to none. If your feet get cold, this may be a liner issue as the liners are indeed lacking in warmth; however, I'm a sweaty betty (especially in...
Much more effective than brakes which are cumbersome and add too much weight to be efficient on the uphill. Paired with the Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro, these leashes are light and can be attached to numerous contact points; I attached to the lowest buckle loop.
Lightweight, glidy skin, that packs down easily and takes up minimal pack-space. Previous skins were the BD Ascensions and the Alpinists downright destroy the Ascensions in all aspects, save for the stickiness of the glue. Other than that, these skins are A+ material.

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