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Caleb G

Caleb G




5' 11"


175 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

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I need some advice… My Hagan pure 10s are not allowing me to stow the brake for uphill mode. They are a couple of years old now but seem to be in good shape. For a little while I was able to reef on the brake arms a little to get the button to seat, but now I cant get either to even begin to latch. I have finally pulled them off and made sure they are clean and lubed, but this still hasn’t solved the issue… Im likely just going to buy the brake covers and go brake less but Im curious if anyone has a hack...
I want this ski so bad… I mean come on! Haven’t owned a trab ski but really love the platform (skins, construction, cool factor) … I’m just concerned with the big turn radius… looking for a solid daily driver a little more robust and narrow(er) than my backland 100s but wider and ready for more than my alp tracks 85’s. Out here in the inland northwest we often find ourselves skiing tight trees and sketchy luge tracks… so I’m really just curious if you guys think this trab ski is nimble enough for below t...
Super stoked to see you guys highlight this project! My ski partner and I ran into Conor and George years back at a trailhead when they were on another obscure prominence project in western montana. I’m so stoked to get down to Nevada this spring and see some of these gems. Rad! Keep the articles coming guys! And keep slaying the basin Conor!
I love my Titans on my skinny skis and I’m sure the vario 2 is is going to be in my shopping cart for my next binding purchase. Paired with the La Sportiva Skorpius has been nice for the step in option and I have no complaints. I’m doing my best to convert my buddies onto the trab train as I’m convinced these are an amazing innovation in tech toe technology. Curious if there is any talk or coming availability of a wider brake…? would love to see these on a 100 underfoot ski
I love my Backlands. Three years of quality skinning and skiing. I’m ready to buy some of the black (softer) tongues, mainly because I love going tongueless for our long north Idaho approaches and my gaiters are looking pretty ragged. I used some glue last year to try and stop a tare in the gaiter but after last spring they are in bad shape. So my question... apart from using tongues have you guys seen any nifty gaiter repairs... reading a prior review you mentioned using an external gaiter? Any tips woul...

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