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Caleb G

Caleb G
Height:5' 11"
Weight:175 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

Recent Posts

I love my Backlands. Three years of quality skinning and skiing. I’m ready to buy some of the black (softer) tongues, mainly because I love going tongueless for our long north Idaho approaches and my gaiters are looking pretty ragged. I used some glue last year to try and stop a tare in the gaiter but after last spring they are in bad shape. So my question... apart from using tongues have you guys seen any nifty gaiter repairs... reading a prior review you mentioned using an external gaiter? Any tips woul...
Looking to pair these on some 108mm Faction skis for powder touring and some in-bounds lift skiing. I was hoping to throw them into some quiver killers so I could swap them onto a skinny Voile ski for spring traverse missions. My questions: 1. Would it be a pain to swap out for a smaller brake when I change skis? 2. Are these a flap-to-tour heel or do they require you to rotate the heel unit to access the risers (I am used to quick transitions, I noticed the Hagan Core binding u can do both) 3. Compar...
How do you like those Movement Alp Tracks boots? I’m considering the free tour boot but can’t find much info or reviews...
Does this hole pattern jive with Dynafit Speedturn 2.0? Would love to take my Session X’s to a lighter level without drilling new holes.
How do these compare to the stiffness and durability of the Atomic Backland Carbon? Really want the high range of motion with a bit better downhill performance than my Atomic boot... and something that fits into frame bindings that hopefully lasts four or five years...

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