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Greg P

Greg P




6' 2"


190 lbs

Shoe Size

US 12.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

Recent Posts

Love these skins for most applications, but I managed to destroy a brand new pair in a single spring outing where there was lots of walking on hard, refrozen corn. The mohair was completely gone from the whole middle portion of the skin. Any recommendations for a more durable skin that fits race skis? Obviously willing to add weight and lose glide, just want an alternative skin that can stand up to more abuse from nasty snow. Maybe a wide piece of Climb Pro S split in 2?
I've used these 4 seasons. They're great all around bindings that have performed well in a variety of conditions. They are a full featured binding but weigh under 400 grams, which was rare at the time of their introduction. They were one of the first bindings in this weight category to offer lateral and vertical heel release settings up to 12, multiple heel elevator positions, brakes, etc. They are extremely durable and contain aluminum where it's needed and grilamid plastic where it's not. The brakes are...
The definitive ski mountaineering axe IMO. Weighs so little as to replace featherweight tools like the Petzl Ride and Camp Corsa on easier terrain, but climbs so well as to replace heavier technical ice tools on anything shy of vertical waterfall ice and mixed climbing. If you can ski it, a pair of Petzl Gullys is probably the lightest, most efficient way to climb it. I take these mountaineering and alpine ice climbing even when skiing is off the menu as well.
Been abusing these for 2 seasons now. Pros: -Insane weight to performance ratio. The carbon cuff on these is significantly stiffer and more supportive than any other sub 900 gram boot I've ever tried. -Fasteners. Most race boots have a BOA for the lower and some kind of single-throw cord system for the upper. I have very low volume feet, and this combo always results in a sloppy downhill fit for me. The raceborg's buckles allow for a cinched-down fit. -Grilamid lower. Adds a couple hundred grams compared...
-Been skiing in these for 3 seasons now. I have a low volume, narrow foot with a medium-high arch. Sportiva footwear in general has always suited me well, but I could see how people with wide feet or other fit issues would want to go with another brand. -This boot is the most comfortable I've ever owned compared to varous Scarpa and Dynafit models. It's the only boot I've found that I can spend 8 full hours skinning in and not experience any discomfort or blisters. -Downhill performance is fantastic. On...

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