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You flock to the backcountry because you don’t want to follow rules or be told what to do. Ski touring allows you to set a skintrack and go where you want. In the backcountry, there aren’t ski patrollers telling you to slow down or restricting where you can go. So, if you’re the type of skier who goes to remote places and enjoys popping off features while getting down the mountain in creative, unconventional ways - you can’t have your bindings telling you no! This is why the ATK Raider 12 has become world-renowned and will not be a wet blanket on your adventures. Its lightness is there to reassure you at the trailhead as you start your long ascent and its sturdy, freeride capabilities politely ask, “Thank you, may I have another?” after each big cliff drop. Adjustable release values top out at an impressive 12 and an optional freeride spacer keeps things stiff under the boot. Technically the 12 in the title refers to the release value, but it could also refer to the impressive, shock-absorbing elastic heel travel of 12mm. Ultimately, the ATK Raider 12 allows you to go where you want and ski how you like.

  • Choose a release value between 5-12 to match with how you like to ski.
  • Five different walk modes to ensure you have just the right height for the terrain.
  • 12mm of travel in the Elastic Response System gives you plenty of cushion for bumps and drops.
  • Easy Entry System makes stepping into your toe piece effortless.
  • Snow Pack Proof feature prevents snow buildup for a quicker transition.
  • Uphill Hardness Variator allows you to adjust toe piece locking mechanism pressure.
  • Cam Release System featured in the heel piece drives your boot into place for a more consistent vertical release.
  • Magneto Heel Flaps stabilize the heel risers so they only flip-flap when you want them to.
  • 25mm of adjustment so you can use all sorts of boots on the same binding.
  • Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, and POM materials used to make sure weight savings doesn't mean compromising on durability.

Update 2021/22: The toe piece has a new mounting pattern, with wider spacing. All bindings labeled as "2021" will have the previous 30/45 x 35 pattern.

Stock Note: If these are out of stock, check out the Hagan version.

convert to ounces
345g [97mm]
Weight (pair) 690g [97mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   86, 91, 97, 102, 108, 120
BSL Adjustment   25mm
Riser Heights   4 + flat
Vertical Release   5-12
Lateral Release   5-12
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, POM, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Optional Freeride Spacer in case you plan on going big
Bottom Line Strength to weight ratio like Hercules
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Rob
I'm trying to use these bindings with a pair of Dynafit crampons from my old skis, but I'm having trouble getting the crampons to slide in. They slide into the first slot, but get stuck trying to get into the second slot (I can force them in, but then it's hard to get them back out). I don't think I'm doing anything wrong - they were much easier to get into my previous bindings.

Any ideas? Would ATK crampons be better?
Answer from Jeff
Rob, ATK does use the Dynafit style adapter. And they usually work.
If you look, the pins that attach the mounting bar to the crampon, sometimes are a bit high, very little. Not an issue on Dynafit bindings, but can make it hard to slide in ATK. You can work it to get past that, or get an ATK crampon.
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Question from Moritz
After removing a stopper and replacing it with a break seat cover, the heel piece suddenly has one to two millimeters of play in the adjustment slide. Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn't seem right...
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Moritz,

The brake seat cover should not affect the structure of the heel turret/adjustment track at all, so that is pretty strange! If you reach out to with a video of the play you're experiencing, we can take a look and see what's going on. But adding or removing a brake should not cause any play in the heel unit!
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Question from Wu E
One more question
Should the AL09 freeride spacer be in direct contact with the sole of the shoe? It is impossible to insert a piece of paper, the sole touches without any space
Answer from Emmett I

Ideally, we like to be able to slide a piece of paper between the sole and spacer. If you haven't already, you can remove some of the shims from the spacer by undoing the small screw (T10 maybe?).
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Question from Wu E
When I change the setting from hard to soft in the toe, does it only work on the pin distance in walking mode? or skiing too? does it have anything to do with the safety of release?
I need to change to "soft" because my Tecnica Cochise shell is very wide in toe part of boots, it's hard to get the shoe out of the binding
Answer from jbo
Hi Wu, the primary purpose of the hardness variator is to adjust the toe-lock tension when skinning. It is not designed to affect the exit/entry of the boot. We have noticed in our machine testing that it does alter the lateral release value somewhat as well.
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Question from thomc
I've had ATKs preceding this model and they worked very well on Trab Magicos with older dyanfit tlt5s and 6s. I'm considering these for a larger ski (older black crow anima 184 or 190, 108 waist ~2kg a ski), and the newer boots hoji free 130s you sold me (they are great, thanks.) I'm interested in your feedback, as always, and others to look at (G3 Ion 10 or 12, etc.) especially ones I'm not familiar with (you know which I am.) Thanks, TC
Answer from Jeff
HI TC, I looked, you have the Crest model. The Raider series ups the release to 12. Gives you a second riser for double the risers positions. And beefs up the Elastic Response system.
And has the optional Freeride spacer, which will give you a solid platform for your boot. Which would really make this binding powerful enough to drive that big (and heavy) ski. We would put this choice well above an Ion 12.
Answer from thomc
Thanks Jeff, spot on as always. I will admit to considering the Cast too, but believe that may result in excommunication from the skimo tribe so will say no more...
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Comment from PRB
Took some wrestling, but I managed to get the ATK leashes attached to the ATK Raider 12 (and FreeRaider 14) in a satisfactory (to me) manner. I was completely unable to figure out how to use the little puck thing that ATK provides, as were all of the various techs/ski mechanics I talked to. The girth hitch approach requires strong fingers and some force, but it doesn't get in the way of the binding function.
Reply from Tjaard B
Not sure on this binding, but on my Haute Route, the little “puck” slides into a keyhole-groove on the underside of the toe lever, with the puck horizontal.
Reply from PRB
I think you've put your finger on the issue. The "puck" is for that Haute Route style lever rather than the Raider style lever.
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Question from Matt
How is this binding different different than the Black Diamond Helio 350? It looks like the heels may be the same but the toe is different? I recall there being a link to a document on the off branded ATK variations but I can't find it
Answer from Ian C
Hi Matt, ATK sure makes a lot of variations don't they? The Raider toe has a distinct mounting pattern, with snowproof wings and "uphill hardness variator." The Helio essentially combines the Raider heel, with its five possible riser positions, with a Crest toe.
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Greg P (downright abused product)
I've used these 4 seasons. They're great all around bindings that have performed well in a variety of conditions. They are a full featured binding but weigh under 400 grams, which was rare at the time of their introduction. They were one of the first bindings in this weight category to offer lateral and vertical heel release settings up to 12, multiple heel elevator positions, brakes, etc. They are extremely durable and contain aluminum where it's needed and grilamid plastic where it's not.

The brakes are so-so. They weren't sufficient to stop my ski from launching downhill on the type of terrain I ski, so I removed them. ATK supports this but charges $35 for the spacers you have to install if you do remove them.

The release is very reliable, but possibly overrated. I had to crank them up to 12 and set the toes to "firm" to prevent pre-releases, and I'm normally more of a DIN 9 skier.

The heel elevators missed the mark IMO. A magnetic design attempts to keep the 2 individual platforms in their desired position when flicking between them, but in cold weather the pieces just stick together and render the magnets worthless. The difference between the low elevator and the high elevator is too minimal anyways - I only ever use the high one.

The downhill performance is so-so out of the box for a tech binding. It can be made a lot better by adding the optional toe shims and freeride spacers, but that's an additional $120 on top of a $600 binding.

All in all I'd say these were "the" bindings to get when they first came out, but they've since been surpassed slightly by bindings like the Marker Alpinist 12, which has all the same features but weighs less, costs less, and doesn't require $150 worth of spacers to be a solid downhill performer.
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Comment from Tom Andersen
Hi, I have ATK FR 12 mounted on Black Crows Atris and have to say I am disappointed. Have lost one ski two times because of wind blowned snow when skiing fast. Felt no tension so was suprised when it happened. The other bad thing is that the brakes/stoppers are useless. The pins are to short so they wound not the from running down the mountain. I will remove them as soon as possible because I have theese skis for skiing.
Have Atomic Backland /Salomon MTN binding on my Black Crows Navis Freebird, and that is rock solid bindings. Should have the same on my Atris
Reply from jbo
Hi Tom, thanks for the feedback on the FR 12. We don't carry that model. The most common cause of pre-release on tech bindings is snow buildup under the wings. There are models without that particular problem.
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Question from Greg T
Will the white 20/21 91mm fit the Camox freebird? Looking to put together an all-mountain touring rig for northeast smash-a-thons (crud, corn, ice, ice, ice, powder) combined with the zero g boots. Is there an option to include the Freeride spacer with the 20/21 model?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Greg. The 20/21 can be used with the freeride spacer. Regarding the brake size, the 97mm would be the best option, the 91mm would be a bit too narrow for the Camox.
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Question from wtofd
Can the 108s accommodate a 110 ski?
Answer from Zak M
Hey wtofd, the 108mm brake on the ATK Raider 12 should stretch to fit a 110mm underfoot ski with no problem.
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Question from Michal
I am about to buy my first touring setup. I will be mainly using it in the French Alps and In Tatra mountains. I am an early intermediade skier (red runs with an occasional black piste with some wobble).
The main purpose of the tourong setup is to have something middle of the road. I wanna use the setup to go on a nice tour and wanna use it to approach a climb and descent after climbing (instead of boring walking). I doubt i will ever venture to very steep wild slopes.
I arrived at Salomon MTN Explore 88 and ATK R12. Do you guys think this setup makes sense for a guy like me? Perhaps there is a better solution for bindings (and skis)?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Michal, at first glance that sounds like a good setup. This binding is very sleek, straightforward to use, and durable at a light weight. If you wanted to talk through your options in greater detail, you can write us at!
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Question from Jack
Hi, do you know if the ATK 120mm brakes have enough wiggle room to fit a 124 wide ski? Thanks.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Jack. You'll need to stretch the brake a bit, however, you should be able to get it to work with a 124mm (though I wouldn't go much further). Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Ski7000
Hi, maybe stupid question but I'm wondering if this binding works for the ogso Thor 90 where they recommend screw dimensions 3.6 x 9.0 mm. Thanks
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out. The 3.6 x 9.0 is the drill bit the manufacturer recommends drilling the ski with. This binding will absolutely work with this ski. Please reach out at with any other questions.
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John P (used product a few times)
I have 10 days on these bindings so far and I really like them. Coming from Ion LTs I wanted something lighter but just as burly with risers and release values up to 12. These fit the bill. I am using them brakeless with the covers and I added the toe shim to decrease the pin delta. They are easy to step in and out of and the metal heavy construction inspires confidence. I really like how the crampon slot is machined out of the toe and not some little piece with screws to come loose. The heel is great. plenty of riser height even with the toe shim. no need to rotate the heel if you dont want to. They ski really well, just like any other strong pin binding. only 10 tours in so I cant comment to heavily on durability but so far so good. I would buy these bindings again.
Comment on this review:

Question from Jay Zig
Are the brakes removable or would that leave the front of the heel piece with a gaping hole?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jay, the short answer to your question is yes the brakes are removable and yes it will leave a gaping hole. ATK does sell a Brake Seat Cover to cover up that hole. Let us know if you have any more questions!
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Question from gotnoname
It sounds like it'll take a dynafit or atk crampon. Any preference or just the cheaper one :)
I read elsewhere that the risers tend to scratch/wear base of the ski boot - seems to happen to heavier skiers. Anyone else read that and can comment?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question. These will work well with either the ATK or Dynafit crampons. For more information on ski crampon compatibility, please reference this article. We haven't experienced any abnormal wear and tear on ski boots from the heel risers. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from gotnoname
I’m debating between the atk r 12 and the Salomon MTN. What I like about the MTN is that you only need to twist the heel piece 90 degress to get into flat mode. With the ATK do you have to turn it 180 to get into flat mode or 90 is enough? Is it easy to twist while you are on the ski? I’m just picturing a situation where I’m skinning up with pins facing forward and got tired of it and want to twist heel piece without getting of the ski.

Can you get crampons for these?
Answer from Zak M
Thanks for your question! With the R12, you'll need to turn the binding the full 180 degrees in order to utilize the flat mode. I personally own the binding, and while I mostly ski with the first riser covering the pins, the few times I've had to change the heel piece from flat to ski mode (with the ski on) have been painless. These will accept both ATK and Dynafit ski crampons. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Eric S
And it appears that the new new hole pattern (2021/2022) goes back to the original (2019) version?
Answer from jbo
Hah, yes Eric, it seems like it was a one year experiment...
Answer from Brett S
Hey Eric, you are correct! ATK is now back to using the wider mounting pattern.
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Question from Caz
Hey whats the Pin Height Delta on these guys?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Caz
The delta on these bindings is +11.5mm. You can find more info on pin heights and deltas here.
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