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You flock to the backcountry because you don’t want to follow rules or be told what to do. Ski touring allows you to set a skintrack and go where you want. In the backcountry, there aren’t ski patrollers telling you to slow down or restricting where you can go. So, if you’re the type of skier who goes to remote places and enjoys popping off features while getting down the mountain in creative, unconventional ways - you can’t have your bindings telling you no! This is why the ATK Raider 12 has become world-renowned and will not be a wet blanket on your adventures. Its lightness is there to reassure you at the trailhead as you start your long ascent and its sturdy, freeride capabilities politely ask, “Thank you, may I have another?” after each big cliff drop. Adjustable release values top out at an impressive 12 and an optional freeride spacer keeps things stiff under the boot. Technically the 12 in the title refers to the release value, but it could also refer to the impressive, shock-absorbing elastic heel travel of 12mm. Ultimately, the ATK Raider 12 allows you to go where you want and ski how you like.

  • Choose a release value between 5-12 to match with how you like to ski.
  • Five different walk modes to ensure you have just the right height for the terrain.
  • 12mm of travel in the Elastic Response System gives you plenty of cushion for bumps and drops.
  • Easy Entry System makes stepping into your toe piece effortless.
  • Snow Pack Proof feature prevents snow buildup for a quicker transition.
  • Uphill Hardness Variator allows you to adjust toe piece locking mechanism pressure.
  • Cam Release System featured in the heel piece drives your boot into place for a more consistent vertical release.
  • Magneto Heel Flaps stabilize the heel risers so they only flip-flap when you want them to.
  • 25mm of adjustment so you can use all sorts of boots on the same binding.
  • Alu 7075, Stainless Steel, and POM materials used to make sure weight savings doesn't mean compromising on durability.
convert to ounces
345g [97mm]
Weight (pair) 690g [97mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 102mm, 108mm, 120mm
BSL Adjustment   25mm
Riser Heights   4 + flat
Vertical Release   5-12
Lateral Release   5-12
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, POM, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Optional Freeride Spacer in case you plan on going big
Bottom Line Strength to weight ratio like Hercules
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Questions & Reviews

Calvin E (used product a few times)
Wow! What a great binding! Expensive, but worth it. Just got these mounted on a new pair of Voile Vector BC's. Skinned up Alta, took Challenger down in variable spring snow. Very sold feel, even on frozen crud. The toe springs are somehow enclosed, so they can't ice up. Also, the easiest to step toe into of any I've tried.
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Question from Eric S.
Are these the 45 by 44 mm toe mount, or the “new pattern”, 45/25 by 44 toe mount?

I think I’ve got those those numbers right.

These bindings are the Mariner Kayak of ski bindings. That is, The Best. Sadly, you can no longer buy a new Mariner. But you can buy these!
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, these are fresh in from Italy with the new (2020/21) hole pattern. Our official toe measurements are 30/45 x 35 (See here). It is different than the rectangular toe-pattern found on the "R12" bindings from 2019/20 and the rectangular "Raider 12 2.0" pattern which was a binding with front brakes.
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Model: Raider 12

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