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Dane H

Dane H
Height:6' 0"
Weight:170 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:10 - 24 days / year

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What tool does dynafit recommend to install heel screws in this binding? Tiny torx key?
So I’ve done it, and the angles are good. Concept looks and feels excellent. Saves ~270g per foot! Only issue; the TR2 toe wings don’t open wide enough to make exiting very easy. The side release is still rock solid as the wings blow open when that occurs so will have to wait for on snow testing to see if hard exits from ski mode are a deal breaker. Here is a photo of the test mount though in case anyone is interested.
Are these the mounting screws required for the Hagen R01 plates?
Is the heel plate compatible with the Dynafit Expedition heel?
Sorry to ask again but I can't find where I asked the question last time! I am considering franken-binding the Expedition heel to the Trab TR2 toe. I want to use the Hagan adjustment plate. Could you tell me what the ramp angle would be like in this configuration? Thank you!


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