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The Ski Trab TR1 is the epitome of innovation coming from Ski Trab, and that is saying quite a lot for the company with a one-of-a-kind 14-layer ski construction and an utterly unique titanium-based elastic toepiece. Yet here we are, describing another paradigm-shifting product from our ingenious friends in Bormio, Italy. The prodigal son of the TR2, the TR1 (not the TR3, that would be a preposterous name) is designed to offer the same feature set while being compatible with a much wider selection of boots. No longer do you need a specific La Sportiva boot with specific heel inserts to enjoy Ski Trab's most technologically advanced binding to date.

Unlike many bindings in the touring world, the TR1 features a lateral toe release similar to an alpine binding, helping mitigate injuries to the tibia. The toepiece is built with lateral elasticity - whereby the toe wings move synchronously for better retention – as well as an incremental clamping force that allows you to tour with the toe lever unlocked, which provides greater safety when traveling through avalanche terrain. If you find yourself skiing in a "no fall zone," the toe can still be locked out for sections where losing a ski would be catastrophic.

While the toepiece is indisputably brilliant, the heel shines just as much. Whereas the TR2 used a pair of teeth that gripped special inserts on the boot, the TR1 has opted for a full steel shelf that presses the heel lug of the boot down against the binding, exactly like an alpine binding heel. Fore/aft elastic travel on the heel track keeps the release consistent and provides force feedback to your boot as the ski flexes through a turn. Because the boot is fully clamped down against the low-profile brake, the TR1 efficiently and instantaneously transfers energy from the boot to your edges, helping you power the ski through rough terrain. Finally, the two riser levels are easy to engage and the heel can be disengaged from the boot allowing you to switch back to touring mode without exiting the toepiece. If you want a binding that is built as hard as you ski, then you’ve met your match in the Ski Trab TR1.

  • Vertical release at the heel and lateral release at the toe are adjustable between 6-13, and release the same way as an alpine binding.
  • Primary materials are aerospace-grade Ergal aluminum and steel with minimal plastic for extreme durability.
  • Incremental clamping force in the toe wings allows secure touring with the toe unlocked for avalanche safety.
  • Lateral elasticity in the toe and fore/aft in the heel makes the release characteristics more predictable and provides more feedback from the ski.
  • Low-profile design keeps your boot closer to the ski for better control and responsiveness.
  • 21mm of BSL adjustment lets you share this Italian marvel with your friends, or not!

convert to ounces
800g [102mm]
Weight (pair) 1600g [102mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   88, 102, 112, 120
BSL Adjustment   21mm
Riser Heights   0°, 6°, 12°
Vertical Release   6-13
Lateral Release   6-13
Crampon Ready   Included Option
Specs Verified
Materials   Ergal, hardened steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, free touring, resort crossover
Notes Lateral release at the toe
Bottom Line High-performance binding with a focus on safety
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Pie
Hi, how would you compare the TR1 vs the Kingpin and Shift?
Answer from Jeff
Pie,, Light years ahead.
They are most comparable to the Fritsch bindings.
Against the Shift, Lighter and easier to operate, bomber. PS, weight is less then 800g, we will post correct weight when they arrive.
The Kingpin doesn't have any more powerful of a heel hold and just a regular Tech toe. This is where the TR 1 is like the Fritschi. They have a toe with lateral elasticity and release. Unlike it, the toe wings move together laterally as the boot moves laterally. The Fritschi tip over and do not have the constant contact. And the TR 1 is done in polished aluminum, not plastic.
I have skied them and they are powerful. Its unique step in process I nailed on my first try. Those used to Trab bindings will find them easy.
They are the same as the previous TR2 , but don't require a special boot which doomed those. Skimo had tested those and the release worked extremely well.
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Question from Eric
Hey guys. Wondering if you have the hole pattern for these yet?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Eric. I just checked, and it is a bit different than the TR 2. The toe dimensions are 36mm x 28mm (width x length), and the heel is 45.5mm x 49mm, with the fifth hole centered and 74mm forward of the front heel holes.
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Model: TR1

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