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The lightest way to get your steel on! The Irvis Hybrid crampons feature steel toes designed to hold up against rock impacts for those questionable routes. Petzl also understands that you don’t want to lug a massive crampon up a mountain, so with weight conservation in mind they paired the toes with an aluminum heel and connected the dots with the ultralight Cord-Tec linking system. That means they are also super packable, since you can just fold the crampons in half and stuff them in your pack. The Irvis Hybrids will fit just about any boot since they come with both an automatic and a semi-automatic bail system. Petzl ships them with a simple wire bail installed for ski boots, but you can also swap in the included flexible bail for TLT7s or other boots suspiciously missing a hard toe-welt. If you can’t decide which crampon you need for your purposes, the Petzl Irvis Hybrid makes it so you don’t have to! Just buy this and it will work.

  • CORD-TEC linking system is flexible and fits all boots up to around US size 13 men.
  • Also shipped with FlexLock bail for attaching to boots without a good toe welt (+25g).
  • Installed automatic bail is fast for ski boots and keeps the crampons amazingly light.
  • Comes with ANTISNOW plates installed to help prevent dangerous snow build-up.
  • Four-point aluminum heel is light and lets you go French-style up steep couloirs.
  • Six-point steel toe platform is rugged enough for big routes in low snow.
  • Protective nylon carry bag with drawstring included.
  • Certified to CE EN 893, UIAA standards.

Update 2024/25: Petzl tweaked the rear lever and toe bail to work with even more footwear. Thank you, Petzl!

convert to ounces
232g [w/o anti-bot]
267g [w/ anti-bot]
233g [w/o anti-bot 2023/24]
270g [w/ anti-bot 2023/24]
Weight (pair) 464g [w/o anti-bot]
534g [w/ anti-bot]
466g [w/o anti-bot 2023/24]
540g [w/ anti-bot 2023/24]
Points 10
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum, steel, nylon, dyneema
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, mountaineering, glacier travel
Notes Packs very small due to the Dyneema linking cord
Bottom Line Business in front, party in the back
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Chris Ware

I have a 2021 Dynafit Hoji PX boot. It doesn't have a tow welt. However, it does have a welt on the rear of the ski boot. I plan to ski Tuckerman's ravine in NH and need a crampon for general purpose ski mountaineering. Will this crampon work with my ski boots for objective such as this?

Answer from Emmett I

This would be a great option! Comes with a standard bail as well if you want to use them with standard touring boots.
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Question from norm
Has anybody used these crampons with a toe basket and a heel basket on boots without a heel welt?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Norm! Without a heel welt, the security of the crampon is significantly compromised making them difficult to trust, especially in terrain requiring crampons. Best used with a heel welt!
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Question from Nate
I’ve seen anecdotes of this Irvis Hybrid auto toe bail being incompatible with the Scarpa F1, requiring a swap to the BD wide bail or similar. On the other hand you report good compatibility with the F1 LT. Are the toe welts that different between the two boots?
Answer from Will McD
That's a great question, Nate. Because of the slightly rounder toebox on the F1, the toe welt on the inside edge is shallower and shorter (as you can sort of see in the image), forcing the angled bail forward and closer to the edge of the welt on both sides.
Answer from Nathan W
Thanks for the info! In your opinion would another crampon manufacturer be a better match for my F1s then? (e.g. the Harfangs with their two bail shapes)

Or should I just stick with the Irvis and mod the bails?
Answer from Will McD
If you like the Irvis then the bails can indeed be easily modded, and according to Petzl they are designed to be able to be bent to accommodate the shape of the toebox if the fit isn't ideal out of the box.
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Question from Andrew
Would you recommend a hybrid crampon like the Irvis Hybrid for Rainier? Or is a fully steel crampon better?
Answer from Andrew C
Andrew, a hybrid crampon will be more than sufficient for anything on Rainier, if you're just going to be traveling on snow, most folks will opt for a full aluminum crampon for the weight shavings; however, if you're going to be doing a more technical route with some moderate climbing on rock, I'd recommend going with steel front points like on the Irvis Hyrbid.
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Nils A (used product a few times)
Recently I a pair of the Petzl Irvis Hybrid crampons. Overall I'm very pleased with them. For starters, they are quite lightweight, which makes them perfect for fast-paced mountaineering. Despite my larger feet (I wear 29 ski boots), they still fit well with extra adjustment to spare, so you shouldn't have any trouble if you have larger feet too. I was also excited to purchase the accessory that makes them compatible with any shoe. I plan to tackle the Mt Whitney mountaineers route soon with them and trail runners. Overall, I would definitely recommend this crampon. It's a great investment for any mountaineer!
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Question from Clem
Will these work with NTN tele boots if I get the FIL telemark toe bails?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Clem! With the telemark toe bail, they will work well. Thanks!
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John K (downright abused product)
These are the only crampons I used the 2021-22 season. I shelled out a bit more cash on these over the Leopards because I wanted to do just a bit more spicy ice climbing to serve my ski mountaineering. The circumstance where I was glad to have the steel front points was on the Pearly Gates of Mt. Hood in winter conditions (think blue ice).

Some notes:
I'm maxed out on the shortest length (the strings are on the very back grooves) for a 278mm BSL ski boot. I did however just notice the two additional holes on the back plate to bring the heel welt arms forward, so this probably shouldn't be an issue.

Also when you first receive this binding, you should at least crank it as tight as you can on your intended boot and let it sit for a day or night as the dyneema can stretch. I've had friends whose crampons came off because they did not do this or did not get a tight enough fit to begin with (again you want it tight).

You should also probably have an extra cord juuust in case. (I had to be super ginger with them when scrambling a bit of rock).

Overall I'm very happy with these crampons, and have no excuse not to carry them as they pack up super neatly. I'm planning on continuing to use them for summer hiking, climbing, and approaches in the North Cascades with approach shoes or trail runners by buying the LeverLock Back Levers on this very site.
Reply from Teddy Young
Hey John, glad you've been loving them! If you're looking to use these crampons with approach shoes or trail runners, you'll need the Flexible Heel Piece available on our Petzl Crampon Binding Parts page.

Also, I've yet to have the cord fail on me, but if anyone needs a spare, they're available here!
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Hayden (used product regularly)
To echo what others have said here, these crampons are one of the best ski-mountaineering tools available. The capability they offer for the weight is amazing. I feel confident enough to climb up anything that I would actually want to ski down.

As some other users have mentioned, the Cord-Tec linking system is a bit more difficult to use than a standard center bar; but the advantages it affords are worth the learning curve. I'd recommend leaving the crampons on your boots overnight in order to thoroughly stretch the system out. Then, in the morning tighten the cord by two(ish) notches. This should give you a very secure and tight connection on most ski boots.

I replaced the anti-balling plates on mine with gorilla tape, and have not run into any issues so far.
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Question from Nils
Do you know if these would fit the La Sportiva Trango Tech GTX boots in size 47? Seems outside of the sizing range.

Thanks so much!!
Answer from Will McD
Hi Nils, they should definitely fit your Trango boots. The crampons are designed to work with ski boots up to a size 13 Men's, so your mountaineering boots shouldn't be a problem.
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Question from Chris
What is about the biggest BSL these will fit? My Zero G Tour Pros are 343mm.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Chris, just put the Irvis crampons on a 348mm boot sole length and fit great with room to spare! These crampons are awesome.
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Question from Dani
Do these fit a BSL of 262 (Atomic Hawx)?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Dani,
They definitely do! I've got that exact boot and these exact crampons, they fit great!
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Question from Vineet P
Howdy, I have a pair of first gen aliens that I can’t get an ideal fit with. On the right boot, the left side of the bail is snug with the toe box, but there’s a gap on the right side. Would the aluminum automatic bails from camp fix this?
Answer from Will M
Hey Vineet,

It's common practice among crampon users to actually bend the bail in a vice to make a custom fit of the crampon bail to the boot. Also, even though there is a small gap in the photo above, it won't effect the performance of the crampon & boot. You would be totally fine just leaving it as it is!
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Emily (used product regularly)
Yeah, these crampons are the ones. For a bit of extra weight, they're a lot more versatile than the all-aluminum crampons. The steel toe holds up better on rock and glacier ice, so I find these to be a better choice for Alaska. They're still small, light, and take up very little space in the pack. The adjustment system is fiddly, but once you get it set, it works. I've had no issues with these crampons, they are super secure, and not a pain to throw in the pack! I've used them both with the automatic attachment and the semi-auto. Both work great with my atomic backlands, and the semi-auto is a nice option for shoulder-season scrambles with a variety of footwear.
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Question from Adam L
Has anyone used these with Billy Goat plates? Wondering how the cord will hold up....
Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for the question! No one here has used the Billy Goats (Verts are more appropriate in the Wasatch). The Billy Goat website does list the Petzl Leopard as being compatible, but we can not speak from personal experience. Sorry we couldn't be more helpful!
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Question from Anonymous
Will these fit size 29.5 Scarpa Maestrale 2 rs?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Anonymous, the Irvis Hybrid Crampons should work no problem with the Maestrale RS.
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WasatchMcQuack (used product a few times)
Have only had a couple occasions to use these so far but they've done the job. I got them for packability and simplicity for light mountaineering with my TLT7 boot. Easy to set the cord to get a good fit and it stays snug on my TLT7. The anti-snow plates work and makes a difference IMO. I've used the also with billy goat plates and they were easy to use with them. Really nice that they pack so small in a light pack.
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Question from Eric
how do these fit with the Scarpa F1 LT?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Eric, yes the Irvis Hybrids will work with the F1 LT.
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Comment from Connor Way
Do these fit on the atomic backlands?
Reply from Will M
Hey Connor,

Yes they will! And sorry for the delayed response, looks like we forgot to answer this!
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Comment from phil
got a perfect fit with the new alien 1.1 (also new plastic alien ) with a set of camp aluminum toe bails from a old pair of race 290 crampons.
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Question from Sep
Sorry about the new thread - I couldn’t reply to a prior answer. My snowboard boots are semi-automatic crampon compatible, but are these crampons wide enough for snowboard boots?
Answer from Cole P
Sep, I measured the internal width of the toe bail and the heel support tabs which measured to 8.2cm and 6.5cm, respectively. I would measure your toe and heel of your boots and if they are within those numbers I would assume they would work.
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