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Petzl Irvis Hybrid Crampons


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The lightest way to get your steel on! The Irvis Hybrid crampons feature steel toes designed to hold up against rock impacts for those questionable routes. Petzl also understands that you don’t want to lug a massive crampon up a mountain, so with weight conservation in mind they paired the toes with an aluminum heel and connected the dots with the ultralight Cord-Tec linking system. That means they are also super packable, since you can just fold the crampons in half and stuff them in your pack. The Irvis Hybrids will fit just about any boot since they come with both an automatic and a semi-automatic bail system. Petzl ships them with a simple wire bail installed for ski boots, but you can also swap in the included flexible bail for TLT7s or other boots suspiciously missing a hard toe-welt. If you can’t decide which crampon you need for your purposes, the Petzl Irvis Hybrid makes it so you don’t have to! Just buy this and it will work.

  • CORD-TEC linking system is flexible and fits all boots up to around US size 13 men.
  • Also shipped with FlexLock bail to attaching to boots without a good toe welt (+25g).
  • Installed automatic bail is fast for ski boots and keeps the crampons amazingly light.
  • Comes with ANTISNOW plates installed to help prevent dangerous snow build-up.
  • Four-point aluminum heel is light and lets you go French-style up steep couloirs.
  • Six-point steel toe platform is rugged enough for big routes in low snow.
  • Protective nylon carry bag with drawstring included.
  • Certified to CE EN 893, UIAA standards.

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convert to ounces
233g [without anti-bot]
270g [with anti-bot]
Weight (pair) 466g [without anti-bot]
540g [with anti-bot]
Points 10
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Aluminum, steel, nylon, dyneema
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, mountaineering, glacier travel
Notes Packs very small due to the Dyneema linking cord.
Bottom Line Business in front, party in the back.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Sep
Sorry about the new thread - I couldn’t reply to a prior answer. My snowboard boots are semi-automatic crampon compatible, but are these crampons wide enough for snowboard boots?
Answer from Cole P
Sep, I measured the internal width of the toe bail and the heel support tabs which measured to 8.2cm and 6.5cm, respectively. I would measure your toe and heel of your boots and if they are within those numbers I would assume they would work.
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Question from sep
Will these crampons fit the fitwell backcountry boots? Size 295
Answer from Cole P
Hey Sep, unfortunately we do not sell snowboard boots so I am unable to give you a confident response. I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer and ask them if their boots are compatible with semi-automatic crampons.
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doeadeer (hasn't used product)
Absolutely love the crampons AND the store. I haven't used the crampons yet, but love how light and packable they are.
Skimo does a great job in everything - quality products, fast shipping, and always top tier customer service and communication. My purchase was returned to the store without reaching me for some reason, and Will helped me out with my order. There's even a personalized note in my package. Thank you!
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Question from Max
Will these work on scarpa maestrale rs and scarpa gea?
Answer from Jeff
Max, they will fit either boot. In either auto or semi auto mode.
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Question from phil
how is the fit of the automatic toe bail on an alien 1.0??
Answer from Jeff
Phil, The toe bail does not match up well with the Alien1.0.
The Grivel Skimatic fits like it was made for the Alien.
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Question from Kristine
Does the heel lever fit with scraps alien rs? does it fit with the heel lever in the ski position?
Answer from Jeff
Kristine, Yes this crampon will work with the Alien RS boot. Sharp eye, the heel lever will not close all the way on the Alien in ski mode.
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Alex (used product a few times)
These crampons are light, packable, and secure despite the cord connector. I wore these for approximately 15 miles total of blue ice and wore through the "cord-tec" connecting the toe and heel pieces. It cut/abraded where it first makes contact with the heel piece and is sandwiched between the aluminum and boot. I have not used these much in snow, mostly blue ice walking and a tiny bit of ice climbing, so your mileage may vary depending on use case and I imagine they would fare much better by avoiding blue ice.

The heel lever also does not have a ledge to use as a fulcrum when stepping into the crampons which would be a nice touch.

I would give 5 stars for these crampons if not for the durability of the cord connecting the toe and heel pieces.
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Pete (used product regularly)
Decently light crampons. The steel toe sticks in alpine and water ice much better than aluminum counterparts. They're nice for moving efficiently in flexible shoes, because crampon fully flexes alongside the shoe unlike other brands that have a metal bar. I have heard that durability on other steel toe/aluminum heel crampons is an issue, usually they have a aluminum connecting bar which quickly gets chewed up by the steel front.

One negative is that in ski boots or other fully rigid boots the crampon toe piece pivots on stiff snow, or ice. The toe isn't held rigidly by a metal bar, but instead "swings" on the dyneema cords. They've never fallen off but it often feels like I'm close to forcing them off rotationally.
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Eric (downright abused product)
Petzl continues to knock it out of the park with their light/fast gear compared to other manufacturers. Steel front points and aluminum heels is awesome for the majority of the ski mountaineering and alpine climbing I do so these have kind of taken over as my more versatile crampons. They seem to climb great on easy ice and mixed stuff that you would use something like the BD Sabretooth or the full Irvis. Quite easy to adjust. Super packable. Light. Petzl also ships them with both strap systems which is rad!
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Question from Jim
Will the tlt7 crampon adaptor work with the irvis hybrid?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jim, yeah, absolutely! However, the included semi-automatic toe bail will work perfectly on the TLT7 and reduce total volume when it's folded up.
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