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Brian O

Brian O




6' 0"


166 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year


My Skiing

My Gear

SkiTrab fan and user of burly ultralight backpacking gear for ski traverses.

Recent Posts

Thanks Gabriel. Hi Ben, If the combination of Gara and a Vario.2 adjustment plate, ticks most boxes, I don't think I'd go for a slightly better but heavier original Vario Adjustable heel piece. The mentioned combo seems just too similar. I would go for a Vario.3 that drops the bulk of the Vario.2 but keeps its features. I guess the adjustable plate could be slimmed and simplified. And the brakes could use a trim too. That, and it's hard to imagine Ski Trab reverting back to an old product. They seem to ...
Dear Skimo Co. With all that Ski Trab has previously figured out, this binding is tempting as a replacement or even improvement on the Alpine binding. You name "resort crossover". What do your tests show? On your page, you highlight the likelihood of an ACL tear with an Alpine bind or the likelihood of a tibia fracture with an alpine tech binding. Pick your poison. How does this binding fit into that context? Considering the "Two dimensional binding release en...
Hello Skimo Co, Has any one used the Gara bindings on Vario.2 adjustment plates to reach some kind of compromise between features and weight? With that combo, one'd have the fore-aft elasticity with a smidgeon (1-2mm?) of lateral elasticity. You could even throw on the clunky brakes, if you fancy. If so, what was the feedback? Thanks!
This review is for the non-carbon version. This boot fit my feet and fit the bill for my project go fast and light on skis, where I could, from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide last winter. I am 6', 166lbs, usually carried a 11-30lb pack. I skied skis from 171cm to 178 in length 76-90mm in width. I removed the power strap to save weight, but never felt like I didn't have enough boot to drive my skis. I skied lots of soft snow but also a fair amount of hard snow on steep slopes. I like the du...
This is a great spring ski. I have about 17 days on this ski, on snow ranging from wet powder to various crusts, corn, and deep slush. It's also a keeper. I am 6', 166lbs, usually carried a 11-25lb pack. I bought this ski used in 171cm length and put the SkiTrab Gara on it. This ski tracks pretty well in variable snow and hard, rough refrozen snow. It is also very light and nimble. The relatively soft tip helps the ski surface and the relatively stiff tail provides reassurance on hard snow, but may feel a...

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