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Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon Boot


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It’s said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” While we don’t claim skiing a gazillion vertical feet to be a necessity, it certainly inspired innovation in the form of Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon! This boot enters a small but increasingly prominent market of truly lightweight touring boots that punch above their weight class when pushed in downhill ski mode. It all starts with a carbon-grilamid lower and full carbon cuff. The cuff’s overlap design and doubled ski-walk mechanism together lend progressive stiffness when flexed forward. At the same time, walking cuff rotation remains as sparklingly smooth as one could hope for with a boot this streamlined. Two buckles and a power strap operate at strategic points on the instep and cuff to keep skiers snugged down where it matters. Underfoot, a Vibram sole makes short work of rocky scrambles or those unfortunate skimo races requiring a vertical kilometer of running before reaching snow. Is it a skimo boot for the masses or a touring boot for the carbon addicts? You can make up your mind but either way, you'll be happy with the Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon on your feet.

  • Ski-walk mechanism incorporates a hinged lever as well as a straight shim to remove unwanted play in downhill mode.
  • Carbon-grilamid shell and full carbon-fiber cuff are music to the ears of fast and light skiers.
  • Two buckles with power strap adjust to your particular skiing style and foot shape.
  • C.A.S. liner flexes seamlessly and avoids unnecessary weight.
convert to ounces
990g [26.5]
Weight (pair) 1980g [26.5]
Buckles   2 Buckles and powerstrap
Boot Sole Length   258mm [23.5]
268mm [24.5]
278mm [25.5]
288mm [26.5]
298mm [27.5]
308mm [28.5]
318mm [29.5]
328mm [30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   75°
Forward Lean(s)   13°, 15° with spoiler installed
Specs Verified No
Materials   Co-injected carbon and grilamid, carbon cuff
Liner   C.A.S Light
Sole   Vibram
Skimo Co Says
Usage Light and fast ski mountaineering
Notes Double lock ski/walk mechanism like their beefier brothers
Bottom Line Tecnica setting the bar once again on what's possible in a touring boot
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Peter Riley
does the 30.5 size fit similar to the other Technica boots e.g. Zero G? Would like to order this boot but am limited by my (very big) foot size. I wear 30.5 or 31 in Scarpa, BSL 330 mm.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Peter,

The Zero G Peak fits pretty true to its listed mondo. If you would like help dialing in on the correct shell size, I would highly recommend filling out a boot fitter.

Keep in mind that Scarpa shell sizing is a half size offset from all other boot brands, with a few exceptions in skimo race and skimo race plus boots.
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Question from Henry
Do you think this boot could power a light powder ski like a DPS Pagoda Tour 112? Or is that asking a little too much?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Henry,

For a 1000g boot, the Zero G Peak packs a punch on the way down. However, a ski that is 112mm underfoot is a lot to ask. In really soft snow, you may be able to get away with it.

However, in variable or firm snow conditions, you will definitely feel underbooted. Also, driving a wider ski will probably reduce the lifespan of the boot. For the Zero G Peak, I would not go much wider than 95mm underfoot.
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Question from Frédérick Bourke
Hello if a have a scarpa F1 27,5 d’Houle i go with a 27,5 un thé zéro G Peak or i should size up … ?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Frederick,

The Scarpa F1 in a 27.5 will have a longer fit for length as compared with the Tecnica Zero G Peak in a 27.5.

However, without knowing your foot, I am hesitant to give a shell size recommendation. If you are on the hunt for new boots, I would highly recommend filling out a boot fitter!
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Question from will
How does the downhill performance of the Zero G Peak Carbon compare to the Scarpa F1 LT?
Answer from Jeff
Will, In this category of boots, the Peak would be the closest to the F1 LT. A tad bit softer, but also a tad more progressive flex.
Note that the fit is a good bit wider then the F1 LT, Good news for those who are too wide for the Scarpas.
Answer from justin w
So you're saying the F1 LT is stiffer than the Peak?? Im surprised to hear that. How does the cuff height compare?
Answer from Anthony O
This question is neither here nor there considering that both boots fit like polar opposites. The same skier is not going to have the option of skiing both with good fitment. One is going to fit considerably better than the other, in which case it will ski way better. Subjective measures of flex and stiffness all are secondary to fit, and I bet that if something doesn't fit you well, your perceived flex of the boot is not going to be as good as for someone who it does fit. The fact that scarpa's are not easily punched or modified also makes the fitting question a lot easier ie, The tecnica will fit more people better, and therefore ski better for most people. I bet there's going to be a fair amount of F1LT diehards that jump ship to Tecnica once they realize that they've been torturing themselves with poor quality fit.

The tecnica is narrower in the heel and wider in the forefoot. The f1 Lt is opposite. Cankle heel, pointed elf toe. I couldn't really feel a massive difference in cuff height, and whatever minimal cuff height difference is not going to outweigh how different the lowers are as far as fitment. I do think that the flex in the tecnica is more progressive in a good way.
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Question from Herb J
Does the Peak have a bootboard and is Tecnica specifying a standing ramp angle and tech fitting pin heights for those of us who are level headed or rather, footed?
Answer from Jeff
Hey Herb, Yes there is a bootboard, can't remember exactly what it looked like when I tested them. Tecnica does say they have a 3.5 degree ramp angle (not commonly given for Tech boots). Tech fitting heights is something I haven't ever seen in boots.
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Question from Spencer D
So just hazarding a guess here, but Tecnica isn't showing any love to the husky footed boy with this boot are they... Similar fit pattern to their 4 buckle? Or have you not gotten them yet?

I'm so intrigued by the race plus category but realizing that there may not be a boot for me here, with my fat ankles, high instep and wide toes. Do I just have to buy and crack transalps every season? My radical pros fit well with work (and walk and ski surprisingly well without the tongue), but where's the sport in just skiing, when you could be boot tinkering too?

And is the new blacklight boot a TLT8 kinda volume? a PDG2 kinda volume?

Thanks y'all
Answer from Cole P
Hey Spencer, I agree that Tecnica is not favoring high-volume feet. Compared to Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro they will feel roomier, especially over the instep. The Dyanfit Blacklight boot will be the best bet for a wide boot in this category. The Blacklight and TLT X are not as voluminous as the TLT 8 and PDG2 but are still favoring wider feet and higher insteps. If the Dynafit Radical Pros fit you well then the Dynafit Blacklight or TLT X will be great options.
Answer from Spencer D
Thanks cole :) appreciate it. good to know that Dynafit remains in the mix.
Answer from Tjaard B
I have a tall instep, and they are quite comfy over the instep. The Zero G Tour Pro(4 buckle) never were, despite extensive mods.
The toe box is also much better shaped for me, with the big toe having length and room to the inside of its tip. The Zero G Tour had a more pointed toe box that crushed the front/medial side of the tip of my big toe.
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Question from Adam
How would you compare the downhill performance of this boot to the Salomon S/Lab MTN Summit?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Adam,

In a comparison of the Tecnica Zero G Peak Carbon and the Salomon S/Lab MTN Summit, The Zero G Peak Carbon has the edge on the way down. It is the stiffer boot, and can handle a wider range of ski waist widths. If you have further boot comparison questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Ryan
Can you please suggest a flex rating for this boot? How does it compare in flex to the Zero G Tour Pro? How much stiffer is it compared to the Zero G Peak (without full carbon cuff)? Thanks!
Answer from Cole P
Hey Ryan, the Zero G Tour Pro is a very stiff free touring boot and really can't compare to the Zero G Peak Carbon since they are in very different classes. In general touring boots can be difficult to state a flex rating for multiple reasons. The Zero G Peak Carbon is a boot that hikes incredibly well and for how well it tours the Peaks will deliver on the down. With that said I would not recommend skiing the Peaks on a daily basis with skis over 100mm underfoot and will prefer narrower skis. While the Zero G Pro Tours can handle the widest of boards. The carbon cuff will provide significant lateral stiffness to the boot but is similar in the flex pattern to the non-carbon Peak.
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Question from eric b
Any preliminary thoughts on what size to order for someone who already runs the Zero G Tour Pro? E.g., if one wears a 25.5 Tour Pro, what would you recommend for the Peak?

Thank you!
Answer from Ian C
Hey Eric, most likely you will remain in the same size to get the length you need. However, other elements of the boot fit different from the Tour Pro so there is no guarantee that it will work out of the box! As always, if you'd like to dive into bootfitting details you can write us at
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