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Need replacement Leki pole parts? This is the place. We have spare baskets and lowers if you broke one, lost two, or just want a backup or three.

Haute Route basket - Life is a little easier with the Haute Route pole basket (AKA Big Mountain Binding Basket). The shorter straight edge is a great tool for quick adjustment of the heel risers. The long edge makes scraping snow off your skis and skins a breeze. Your friends will be jealous and ask where you got them!

Aergonlite 2 Lower - Hey, it happens. We all get a little complacent (or aggressive) and break a pole. No worries, we got you covered with replacement lowers.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Don
I need a lower section for a Leki Wanderfreund. Do you have one or will a
Leki Standard SLS Replacement Lower Pole Section, work?? That is the only lower replacement I can find. Thanks.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Don,

Reach out to with a photo of your poles, and we will see what we can do!
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Question from Randall
I have a pair of Leki Makalu Ultralite and had a bit of a mishap. I need the middle and lower second for both poles. Do you carry those?
Answer from Lbow
Hi Randall,

We don't carry pole parts for the Makalu Ultralite, however, we could definitely reach out to Leki on your behalf and check to see if we can get those parts. If you wouldn't mind sending us an email to, with some pictures and a description of what you need we can reach out and see what we can turn up for you!

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Question from Ryan
Are G3 or Dynafit baskets compatible with Leki poles (like the Haute Route and similar)? Thanks!
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Ryan,

The Dynafit baskets don't really fit the Haute Route pole because the pole is threaded and the baskets are not. While the basket is the right diameter, forcing it on could damage the threads on the pole. The G3 powder baskets do fit the Haute Route poles pretty well. They rotate relatively easily but aside from that, the fit is overall pretty good. The stock basket is still the best option.
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Question from Collin Barrow
I have the HAUTE ROUTE pole set and this weekend I broke the bottom half of my pole and need a replacement. I have the top half, I need the bottom pole with the basket.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Collin,

Unfortunately, we do not carry the lower for the Leki Haute Route Pole. If you would like to attempt a DIY repair, the G3 Via Aluminum Lower from our G3 Pole Parts listing seems to fit with the lever slightly backed off. However, no guarantees on this fix.
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