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The Mezza Race is designed to accompany those operating in the upper range of their relative VO2 Max. The carbon construction is light and stiff, providing a confident platform to push against whilst keeping the swing weight of the pole low. The Nordic Shark grip is ergonomic and comfortable and pairs seamlessly with the unique CC Shark Glove, which allows an experienced user to clip in and out of the pole in seconds, significantly lessening the time spent transitioning. The nordic inspired contour grip provides reliable purchase in snow and because of its trailing design, prevents the pole from being leveraged out of the snow while pushing off. For objectives or races where speed and efficiency are required, bring along the Mezza Race from Leki.

  • Carbon construction is light with a comfortable swing weight.
  • Nordic Shark grip is comfortable and pairs seamlessly with the CC Shark Glove.
  • Contour basket helps keep the pole from being leveraged out of the snow.
  • Fixed lengths design is stout and resilient to flexion, allowing for no wasted energy.
Lengths (cm) 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150
convert to ounces
152g [130 strapless]
168g [130 w/ strap]
Weight (pair) 304g [130 strapless]
336g [130 w/ strap]
Collapsed Length   N/A
Sections 1
Grip Nordic shark
Basket & Tip Contour binding with carbide tip
Diameter 16mm
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon
Strap Shark Frame
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training
Notes The Shark Frame strap makes for fast transitions
Bottom Line Going fast
Compare to other Fixed Length Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

CDB (used product regularly)
I’m new to skimo but a long time XC skier so I love the Nordic Shark grips. I’m not sure if gripping a pole really uses significant energy but these make uphill more enjoyable for me. The only downside is that if my hands are very cold I struggle to release them one handed.
Reply from CDB
Update to this review; the hand straps are low quality and are coming apart. They leave yellow hairs all over my skins. I singe them with a lighter regularly but it continues to happen. I still love the poles and will probably just buy the matching gloves eventually, but the hand strap quality is disappointing.
Reply from CDB
This is what the straps look like after every ski and it’s only getting worse. They are unbelievably poor quality. I would lower my review to two stars based on this if I could.
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Question from Brianna R
Does the listed weight include the hand strap or is it just the pole itself?
Thank you!
Answer from Niko M
Hi Brianna, good question! We've just added both verified weights to the listing. Thanks!
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
I’ve been using Leki nordic race poles with this same attachment system now for about a decade, both for nordic and skimo. The system works perfectly for either sport, whether you want to emphasize efficient power transfer for nordic or quick transitions for skimo. Unlike some other similar systems, don’t have to worry about snow clogging any parts. However, for skimo, you do have to worry about – at or least pay attention to – the potential for a runaway pole at a transition since your pole will have a bare grip (without any strap).
This past season I bought the skimo-specific Mezza model. Shaft weight and stiffness are comparable to a high-end nordic race pole (since it is of course exactly that). The cork grip extension is generously long, so works well for choking up during boot packs or ski descents, with only a trivial weight penalty. The basket is effective in any type of snow conditions.
Only minor quibble is that the length is measured to the top of the grip extension, not the top of the part of the grip where your hand actually grips. So the effective length is a couple cm or so shorter than a nordic race pole of the same advertised length.
Extra bonus points for using these with compatible Leki nordic gloves (alpine gloves have a slightly different interface), thereby foregoing the straps for both minor weight savings and massive shock & awe value.
(Durability, I’ve been using these mainly for racing, so haven’t been through extensive torture testing yet, although of course any carbon ski pole is inherently vulnerable in any non-nordic setting.)
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Model: Mezza Race

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