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Skimo Co





5' 7"


180 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

My Skiing

Aggressive backcountry, light ski mountaineering

My Gear

TransAlp Pro boot
Daily - Movement Alp Tracks 106 177 with trab titan vario 2 adjustable
Skinny - Dynafit Blacklight 172 with trab titan vario adjustable

Recent Posts

This review is for the Pomoca Adhesive Tube (replacement glue). There aren't enough words to say how awesome this glue is. So easy to apply (small foam paint roller works perfect). Glue goes on even and makes skins like new with the best glue out there. I've redone 3 different skins and all came out as expected.
Got these pre-cut for Dyanfit Blacklight 88s. I've always been happy with Pomoca glue and mixing the Pomoca plush/glue with the speed fit tips/tails makes this a full win-win product. I've used race-style skins in the past that didn't seem to fit right, but these were spot on in width and length.
I upgraded to the Barryvox S during winter 20/21 after decades with BCA Beacons (DTS, Tracker 2, then Tracker 3). The long-range 70m search is a bonus over many. The interface is easy to use. The OFF/transmit/search locking is stellar. Using the advanced features is pretty straightfoward, as is the beacon check. I hope to never use this, but it's nice to have something very easy to use.
I'm on my second pair of these after abusing the first pair over ~3 years. This updated version fits me better than in the past, where it was only made for skinny 7 foot Euro skimobros. I'm small and wide and this version fits me perfectly now. Adjustable waist for when I need to go eat wings after. The mesh on the vents is so nice compared to those just open to the air, especially when the weather is cranking. It breathes like a dream yet keeps me warm when needed. I'll be buying these for some time to com...
I've had a Mercury Softshell jacket for a few years now and it is awesome. Durable - It's lasted through ~250 days of use or more. The pit/arm zips are awesome and easy to use. It has just the right pockets in just the right places. It's kept me warm when needed and dumps heat when moving. Love it.

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