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Salomon MTN S3 Carbon Pole - 2021/22


The Salomon MTN S3 pole is a highly versatile pole that can quickly adapt to any terrain you might find yourself in. The carbon fiber construction promotes light ‘n fast movement and has an exceptionally low swing weight, even for a carbon pole. Quickly adjust the length of the poles when booting or side-hilling using the reliable tension-adjustable clamp system. The articulating baskets reduce slip-outs on packed snow and provide flotation while skinning in deep powder. If you want a high-performance pole that will handle all your needs, look no further than Salomon’s MTN S3.

  • Articulating baskets provide better grip and flotation in all conditions than fixed baskets.
  • Lightly padded, adjustable wrist-straps are easily removable if strapless is your style.
  • Long, foam grip for choking-up when side-hilling or making fast, low-angle turns.
  • Kevlar reinforcements along the lower half increase durability.
  • Easy cam-locking length-adjustment is sturdy and simple.

Update 2019/20 - A new paint job!

Update 2022/23 - Salomon redesign the Carbon S3 with an extra long grip and fixed basket.

Lengths (cm) Adjustable 100-135
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 538g
Sections 2
Grip Extended Foam
Basket & Tip Soft articulating powder baskets
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon upper and lower
Skimo Co Says
Usage Anything with two skis
Notes Padded straps are secure and also removable
Bottom Line One of the more versatile poles on the market with a low swing weight
Compare to other Adjustable Ski Poles

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Questions & Reviews

Andy (used product regularly)
Beautiful poles. Until something breaks. I lost one of the baskets. There are no replacement parts. Solomon could care less. After emailing them for 5 months back and forth, they basically admitted to not having any parts. Terrible product support.
Reply from WasatchMcQuack
Ooof. In the same boat now. Basket broke. Any luck on getting a replacement or replacing with a different basket?
Reply from Patrick C
Mr. McQuack

Sorry to hear about the troubles! I am unable to locate the basket as an item we can purchase here at the shop. If you shoot an email to we can go further down the rabbit hole to see if we can't unearth a basket for you!
Reply from WasatchMcQuack
Thank you Patrick, I'll stop by. I received the following from Amer Sports, similar to Andy - "We just received an update from our support and unfortunately, we don't have any of these baskets and won't until fall most likely." Hopefully they can address this then, and perhaps SkimoCo can get some inhouse then as well? It's a great pole, but this is a big problem because it can't be replaced by other standard replacement baskets due the "nub" that the articulating basket sits on.
Reply from WasatchMcQuack
AmerSports was kind enough to finally send a replacement set!!!
Reply from WasatchMcQuack
pic of what replacement looks like - gonna have to figure out how to get the entire pole tip off.
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WasatchMcQuack (used product regularly)
I have a version of these with the wrist-strap that pops out of the handle with minimal force, which is a must for me. After years of stick-chasing when young, I don't feel comfortable without the wrist strap, but we all know that's dangerous in the bc. The level of force required to release the strap is adjustable, which is awesome. The adjustments on the pole are super easy and stay put in the field. It took a bit to get used to the articulating basket, but it does seem nice when the ground is hard, in that the basket isn't bent against the ground. Very lightweight useful pole that ticks all my boxes for the bc.
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Dave Jones (used product regularly)
The Salomon MTN Carbon S3 pole is everything you want in a backcountry touring pole: stiff, light, beautiful swing weight. The basket pivot feature, while not essential, is something that I really got to like after just a few tours. Unfortunately one of my baskets cracked at the pivot after about one season of use. Salomon USA does not support this product and is unable to provide replacement parts. It appears to me that both customers and retailers are basically out of luck when something breaks. Skimo has a selection of nice adjustable poles, pick anything but the MTN S3.
Reply from Cole P
Hello Dave, sorry to hear about your experience. If you have any questions about your order feel free to email us at
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Model: MTN S3 Carbon MPN: L39945200 UPC: 0889645996387

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