Skimo Co





6' 2"


150 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

Recent Posts

Thanks, Anthony for asking this question, and thanks jbo for the answer. I also love light bindings, and I love damp bindings. If I am reading it correctly, the summary would be that a gapless binding will provide better vibration dampening on chattery variable snow. Of the three you mentioned (Vario 2, Marker Alpinist, and Xenic), which one provides the best dampening do you think? Would the G3 Zed be better or is it about the same? A second follow-up question: Why do the gapless binding provide better ...
I was wondering how this ski compares to the old drifters? Has anyone skied both?
Hi - I am looking for a replacement to my original Voile Vectors (180). I love the vectors and primarily use them for spring skiing (corn, sometimes firm, sometimes soft) and some during the winter when the snow is less than ankle deep. I was trying to decide between the Voile Hyper Vectors (184), the BD Helio 95 (183), and the G3 FINDr 94. I have tried a 177 Hyper Vector but it felt a bit short and sometimes chattery on firm days. Anyone have any thoughts?
I tour 100+ days a winter for work. I wanted a binding that skis well, is easy to use, is lightweight, and has a more consistent/reliable release. For a long time, that meant compromising on one or more of those features. The bindings were either light, too stiff, and have release values that change on every turn or they were heavy and awkward. Then I called the crew and they introduced me to the Ski Trab Vario 2. A binding that weighs ~500 g for the set and has a consistent release value and is ea...

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